How to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Getting the ‘Google keeps stopping’ message is something many people face on Android phones. It can pop up unexpectedly when installing apps, browsing the web or using Google search. It is when your Google apps suddenly close, which can be frustrating. But do not worry; there are ways to make it work smoothly again. Clear

How to do Hanging Indent on Google Slides

Google Slides is an online tool for making presentations. It helps you create and share slideshows that look great. When you make slides, it’s important to make the text neat and easy to read. One way to do this is by using a hanging indent. A hanging indent is a style where the first line

How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs

Chrome has become famous for the range of possibilities and flexibility it enables. Compared to other browsers, it presents capabilities and functionality. But the boost in popularity has caused many people to experience issues with missing essential sessions, websites, and research with lost or dismissed Chrome tabs. Even experiencing many issues, Chrome has its own


Girl Voice Changer? Top Female Voice Changer to Sound Like Woman

People may now have more fun online given the availability of voice changers. You may easily modify your voice in real time to sound like a woman by using a voice changer with female voice effects. There are multiple girl voice changers available, each with its own set of filters and sound effects. A female voice

How to Use Dark Theme in Google Bard

Google Bard now supports a Light or Dark theme. Because of this new feature, Google Bard is now easier to use at night or in full darkness. The dark mode theme uses a black backdrop and light lettering, making it easier for the eyes. As a result, the user’s appearance becomes more attractive and present. Google

How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs

Making a brochure on Google Docs is a way to create attractive and professional-looking documents for marketing or sharing information. Google Docs is a free online tool that helps you write and design your brochure. It has many features that let you customize your brochure’s appearance. You can add tables and pictures and format the

How to Delete All Promotions in Gmail at Once

Gmail does an adequate job of recognizing some emails you obtain as promotions. These messages or emails can’t be instantly recognized as spammers but are certain advertisements or additional kinds of advertising emails. You might find yourself fascinated with a number of these, but it’s also nice to simply put away any that you do

How to Use Google Authenticator

You can make use of the Google Authenticator, which is an awesome inexpensive tool, to make sure the accounts you have on the internet are protected or secured. Another procedure can be implemented into logging into your account through this two-factor authentication approach to add an extra level of protection or safeguarding. Hackers or social


Turn off Google Assistant! How to Do it?

In our daily lives, Google Assistant is used for anything from taking notes to organising meetings. But, there are situations when the Assistant is more annoying than helpful. This simple guide will explain how to disable or turn off Google Assistant on an Android smartphone or tablet. Turn Off Google Assistant Google Assistant is a

Inspect element – Secure Browser Saved Passwords from Stealers

Secure your Passwords from stealers by using Inspect element, browser extinctions, auto run apps and settings, if you have saved passwords in web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and etc… Every Browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc, hides your passwords to protect your passwords from stealers, many people save their

Recover Deleted Messages from Any Android Devices Easily

Deleting a very important message by an accidental tap on your Android device or by a factory reset setting on your phone can be very disturbing. Regardless of how you delete the message, there is still hope of recovering it… Your Android phone will not delete a message from its memory once you have deleted


Free Games on Google, Let Play Google Games Online & Offline for Free

Because Google is a massive combination of computer goods, it includes a multitude of hidden features and games. There is something for everyone, from IT geeks to casual customers. I’ve attempted to include all of the fascinating and hidden Google games in one article so that you may have fun in short bursts. Google Games


How To Set ‘Hey Google Open Assistant Settings’

Google Assistant is one of the best and well known digital assistants for help at digital platforms or markets. Users can perform different types of jobs simply with their voice commands to its wide range of options. This kind of fast features Google Assistant can be downloaded and installed on your Android phones and also


Takeout Google, How to Download Google Data at

With Google recently establishing storage restrictions for Google Workspace accounts, IT has enabled Google Takeout to facilitate moving and/or downloading your extra data easier. This method also allows you to save crucial files and emails. Takeout Google Takeout is a Google Workspace local service that allows users to download data as .zip or .tgz files.


How to Sign Out Google Account’s

A Google account is now necessary to access any applications on Android phones by registering with the Google Play store, and it is also extremely advantageous to individuals who have a Laptop/PC and Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. It’s most important to sign out if you check your emails or access google services

google my activity delete

How to Clear Search History in any Browser

When we search or browse online at various web browsers and devices for various reasons, whether personal or professional, the online search history we acquire may quickly accumulate. When this happens, your computer may become slower and your system performance may suffer as a result. And if you value your privacy, allowing your personal information