Skylo Direct-to-Device Service Launches in US & Canada

Skylo Technologies has recently launched a new satellite network service in collaboration with Viasat and Ligado. The service provides non-terrestrial network (NTN) communications in the contiguous United States and Canada.

Skylo users can enjoy satellite connectivity on any compatible device when they are out of range of a cellular network. The partnership with Viasat and Ligado was announced in March 2023, paving the way for the official launch of Skylo’s satellite network service.

Skylo Direct-to-Device Service
Skylo Direct-to-Device Service

Connect without Cellular range

Skylo has recently launched its services in the United States and Canada to provide seamless and inclusive connectivity to families and businesses across the region.

The company is proud to offer its NTN solution, which is based on Release-17 standards of 3GPP, and uses Skylo’s Radio Access Network (RAN) for ‘direct-to-device’ NTN services. This solution leverages existing satellites and spectrum from providers to offer a better user experience.

As carriers integrate with Skylo, their users’ devices can roam onto satellite networks, eliminating the need to physically switch from cellular to satellite. Now, users can easily send text messages as they usually do while connected via Skylo.

Collaborate with Partners to Expand Skyo

Skylo, a company based in California, has collaborated with major global chipset companies and module makers to eliminate the need for hardware modifications.

They have also certified mainstream 5G modems that use the Rel-17 NB-NTN waveform. Through the Skylo Certification Program, device manufacturers can certify their devices on Skylo’s network. Skylo’s network can serve billions of devices worldwide using fully licensed and globally harmonized satellite spectrum.

This spectrum is dedicated to direct-to-device services, which makes Skylo the most affordable and scalable NTN service provider. The service is available as an additional service to existing plans for a single bill through Skylo’s partner carriers and managed network operators.

Skylo Technologies offers services that allow smartphones and IoT cellular devices to connect directly over existing satellites. This means that Skylo’s network can support smartphones, cars, and IoT devices worldwide.

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