Stock Market: Listing IPOs in this Week

This week is an exciting time for stock market investors, as six companies are going public with the aim of raising a total of Rs. 500 crores. Additionally, ten companies will be listed on the stock market this week.

The excitement of initial public offerings (IPOs) will continue in the domestic stock markets. Six prominent companies will be offering a completely fresh issue with the aim of raising these funds at the maximum price.

The coming days will be quite busy as these companies raise funds and the ten new listings hit the market.

BLS E-Services

BLS E-Services, a digital service provider, is all set to launch an IPO subscription on the 30th of this month. The subscription will remain open until the 1st of February. The price range of this public issue is set at Rs. 129-135. The company aims to raise 310.9 crores by issuing 2,30,30,000 fresh equity shares at a maximum price of Rs. per share during the IPO.

Megatherm Induction

Megatherm Induction, a company that produces heating and melting products, is going public with its initial public offering (IPO) on January 29. The subscription period will close on January 31. The IPO price range has been set at Rs. 100-108. The company aims to raise Rs. 53.9 crore by issuing 49.92 lakh fresh equity shares.

Harshdeep Hortico

Harshadeep Hortico, a company that produces and supplies pots and planters, is set to commence its initial public offering (IPO) on January 29th. The company plans to sell 4,242,000 equity shares, with an expected collection of Rs. 19.09 crore. The company has established a price range of Rs. 42-45 per share.

Mayank Cattle Food

Gujarat-based oil company Mayank Cattle is going public with an IPO on January 29, 2021, for 1,944,000 equity shares, with a price range of Rs. 108 per share.

Baweja Studio

Baveja Studio, a commercial film production company, is launching an initial public offering (IPO) to raise Rs. 97.2 crore on January 29. The IPO share price range has been set at Rs. 170-180 by the company.

Gabriel Pet Straps

The company plans to start accepting subscriptions for its public issue from January 31, with a mobilization target of Rs. 8.06 crores. The price range for this IPO is set at Rs. 101.

Top 10 IPO Listing Companies in This Week

  1. This week, ten companies will be listed in the stock markets. Among them, ePack Durable IPO will be listed on Tuesday, January 30th.
  2. Qualitech Labs IPO was listed today, January 29th.
  3. Euphoria Infotech’s IPO, Constelec Engineers IPO, and Addictive Learning Technology’s IPO will be listed on January 30th.
  4. Brisk Technovision’s IPO and Delaplex Limited’s IPO will be listed on January 31st. Nova Agritech IPO will be listed on January 31st.
  5. Phonebox Retail Limited’s and Docmod Health Technologies’ IPO will be listed on February 2nd.

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