Bank Of Baroda has Launched New Services in 2024. Let’s Know

Numerous banks are adopting new services to stay competitive in the market, including government banks, which have traditionally been slower to adopt innovative services. Recently, Bank of Baroda, a top public sector bank, introduced seven new services for their current account holders.

Each of the current account packages has been designed to offer specific banking services according to the needs of different business segments. The new current account packages are BOB Women Power, BOB Smart, BOB Lite, BOB Platinum, BOB Gold, BOB Diamond, and BOB Rhodium.

Bank Of Baroda New Services 2024
Bank Of Baroda New Services 2024

The bank’s MD and CEO, Devdatta Chand, officially launched these new services. The launch event was attended by Shefali Verma, the Indian women’s cricketer and the bank’s brand ambassador, along with the bank’s executive directors and CVO. The bank’s official website has complete information on these new services.

  1. BOB Light: Designed for individuals and small businesses, this account comes with a VISA Merchant DI Debit Card and Soundbox QR, and requires no minimum balance.
  2. BOB Women Power: It targets female entrepreneurs. Additionally, a free Soundbox QR is included for QR code generation.
  3. BOB Smart: This account is specially designed for individuals who frequently engage in digital transactions. Additionally, it includes a Soundbox QR and Visa Merchant DI Debit Card without any charge.
  4. BOB Gold: It is aimed at small and medium sized businesses. 10 Soundbox QR Free as part of this. MPOS/POS both come free.
  5. BOB Platinum: Small and medium-sized businesses can now receive 20 free Soundbox QRs and access MPOS/POS 4 for free.
  6. BOB Rhodium: The product is designed for medium and large businesses. It includes 30 free Soundbox QR codes and 8 free MPOS/POS.
  7. BOB Diamond: It is designed for high-level businessmen and is suitable for e-commerce companies and large traders. With this offer, you can receive 50 free Soundbox QRs, while MPOS/POS can get 10 free.

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