How to Use Photoshop’s AI Generative Fill Tool

Adobe Photoshop recently released a new tool called Generative Fill, which uses AI technology called Firefly to help users enhance their photos in exciting ways. This tool allows users to easily extend photos, add or remove objects using simple text prompts and gives more control compared to other tools like Content-Aware Fill. By integrating Generative Fill into Photoshop, Adobe has made AI picture editing accessible … .

How to Remove Yourself from a Group Text on Android & iOS

Removing Yourself from a Group Test is necessary sometimes; most of the time, the group tests create disturbance with nonstop alerts; at that time, we have thought to self removing you from the group. In as many cases as there are three other users in the conversation and everyone is using an iPhone or iPad, you can leave a group text message. If anyone who … .

How to Make Google Docs Landscape

You might not want the page’s portrait orientation when making a document in Google Docs. Pages are frequently displayed by default in portrait orientation. Even so, you may always modify the orientation if you’d like to set up a Google Doc in landscape format and modify the page size. This simple guide explains how to make a landscape on google docs using Windows PC, Laptop … .

How to Download Images from Google Doc

When you right-click an image on a web page, you may choose to download it to your device. Many text editing programs also have simple choices or buttons for downloading pictures. In Google Docs, things are a little different. Saving photos from a Google document is a difficult process. Docs Images Download by Publishing to the Web Google Docs’ publish to web option allows you … .

How to Turn on Google AI Generative Search

Google has officially launched “Generative AI” for search, and you are able to sign up to receive immediate access to this fresh user experience, as discussed in this guide. Generative AI is an innovative feature that places the power of artificial intelligence at the top of the list of search results, collecting a lot more effort out of searching so that you will be capable of learning about … .

How to Get Bard AI in Google Search Results

We are going to take you through many ways to include Bard AI in your search result experience in this detailed guide. You may boost your search for knowledge trips by accessing an entirely new level of smart replies with Google Bard AI. We’ll now get started and look at all of the ways to get Bard AI to appear in Google search results. Understand that … .

Delete Apps on Apple Watch? Here are the Steps

Deleting apps on an Apple Watch is easy. It helps you clean up your watch and make it work better. You can download many apps, so removing the ones you don’t need is important. This frees up space and makes your Apple Watch run smoother. To delete an app on your Apple Watch, you can do it directly on the watch or through your iPhone. … .

How to Change MacBook Folder Icons & Colors

Changing the icons and colors of folders on your MacBook enables you to personalize the overall look of your Mac and enhance its visual appeal. This customization allows you to effortlessly recognize and locate particular folders on your desktop or in Finder. While macOS doesn’t offer a native feature to change folder icons or colors, several alternative approaches and third-party tools can help you achieve … .

How to Set up a Hanging Indent in Word

Each paragraph’s initial line is placed against the margin using a hanging indent, and each subsequent line is indented. When you add bibliographies in Microsoft Word, hanging indents will be used to conform to the criteria of specific sorts of academic writings. However, hanging indents can be used for any purpose, as they let you emphasize the beginning of each new paragraph for clarity. How … .

How to Apply the Hanging Indent in Google Docs

In the formal sector, Google Docs has gained a reputation as the modern equivalent of word processing software. Hanging indents are a formatting technique that isn’t often used while managing documents, although it has a wide range of practical applications. This feature’s use is still unclear with the word processing platforms now available. This article offers a thorough tutorial on effectively using hanging indent in … .

How Factory Reset a Windows 11 PC/Laptop

Your confidential data and most Windows settings are kept when you reset the PC or Laptop, helping you get started with an entirely fresh reinstallation and update of Windows. The fresh installation might boost your device’s surfing experience, security, battery life, and capabilities in certain cases. For users who opt to start with a brand-new Laptop or PC, there is this alternative to choose from. Both … .

How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs

Chrome has become famous for the range of possibilities and flexibility it enables. Compared to other browsers, it presents capabilities and functionality. But the boost in popularity has caused many people to experience issues with missing essential sessions, websites, and research with lost or dismissed Chrome tabs. Even experiencing many issues, Chrome has its own features to handle it when your browser quits or crashes … .

How to do Hanging Indent on Google Slides

Google Slides is an online tool for making presentations. It helps you create and share slideshows that look great. When you make slides, it’s important to make the text neat and easy to read. One way to do this is by using a hanging indent. A hanging indent is a style where the first line of a paragraph starts at the normal position, but the … .

How to Pay with Google Pay

Google Pay is a type of electronic wallet and online payment system created by Google. It enables users to conveniently make purchases online or at physical stores using their smartphones or other compatible devices. Google Pay offers a range of benefits, including quick and secure payments with just a few taps, eliminating the need for physical cash or credit cards. The “Pay with Google Pay” … .

How Much Data do I have left? Check Your Data Usage

Smartphones enable you to track your mobile data consumption. It is a standard feature on Android and iPhone that operates completely out of the package and is also quite simple to set up and use. When you’re new to Android and asking how to use this specific function, you’ve come to the perfect find. Here’s a step-by-step guide to checking your mobile data utilize on Android and iPhone. … .

How to Make Google your Default Search Engine on Any Browser

Using Google as your preferred search engine allows you to utilize for all of your web search queries. In case you don’t have Google configured as the standard search engine in your web browser, you could be using anything else. Every time you search for something on the web.  When you’ve set up Google as the default search engine on your chosen browser, you may search directly from the … .

Spotify Icebergify, How to Get your Spotify Iceberg

Spotify is a podcasting and digital music player that you may use to access millions of tracks from content producers all around the world. This program contains free functionalities for all users as well as paid extras that they may utilize. Additionally, you get a three-month trial period for Spotify Premium, during which you may explore a variety of benefits not offered by the free … .

How to Use Google Bard in Docs

Machine learning algorithms are used by Google’s “Bard” text-generation tool to produce natural language content. It is made to assist users in producing high-quality text for a range of tasks, including article writing, producing material for social media, and even writing poetry. This user manual will go through Google Bard’s use. Benefits of Google Bard Using on Docs Improved Writing Quality: By proposing grammar fixes, … .

Google Pay Not Working? Here’s the Fix

Google Pay offers an easy solution for two people to transfer funds or receive money. There are times in a world that are constantly shifting when a user might run into certain issues with their Google Pay App. In actuality, the Google Pay not working issue is somewhat common. That occurs for many kinds of reasons, including issues with your internet connection, an insufficient account … .

How to Change the Default Search Engine on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and etc

Each of the web browsers has an independently provided default search engine. Your browser will begin to direct you to the site it recommends when you try to search in the URL bar. Every web browser has an included default search engine to make it simple for users to do searching on the internet. In particular, Edge utilizes Bing, whereas Safari iOS and Chrome use … .