Is CarPlay Not Working? Here’s the Fix

Apple’s CarPlay takes your iPhone into the car’s multimedia system. When your car supports CarPlay, you won’t have to develop the specifics of a new and mainly unnecessary operating system to find your way or play music; in its place, an easier version of iOS displays on the main dashboard.

It’s a safer and easier way to drive, even when CarPlay doesn’t appear to be operating properly. Simply connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car if the car supports CarPlay through a USB cable.

You will receive an alert on your iPhone requesting to connect you remotely. When it still does not work, try connecting another USB cable to a different USB port if you have one.

Apple CarPlay Not Working

When using your phone while driving is restricted in many countries for clear security causes Apple created CarPlay, which may route apps and media to your car’s navigation system, enabling it easier to access apps hands-free. The iPhones quickly start charging, however, Carplay does not function, which is a quite regular issue.

And it probably adds to the emergence of several different problems in the user’s communication with the car. Apple Carplay can fail to operate properly because many car makers are just trying to include more current technologies such as Apple Carplay in their cars.

Causes for Apple CarPlay Not Working

There are many reasons that Apple CarPlay can fail to work or can stop running no matter how it has worked in the past. These represent a number of the many common reasons for Carplay not working on your car’s media player. A few of the most likely causes of Carplay not working are listed below.

  • Problems with app connection.
  • Incompatibility problems.
  • The iPhone was not detected.
  • Your iPhone is running an older version of iOS.
  • Your car does not support CarPlay.
  • Your iPhone’s Carplay function is disabled.
  • Siri is turned off on the iPhone.
CarPlay Not Working
CarPlay Not Working

How to fix CarPlay Not Working issues

There are many situations in which CarPlay fails to work after having been correctly set up. So that you’re clear on the possible reasons for Car Play not working, we will have a look at a few helpful methods.

Check that CarPlay is Turned On

When you’re using CarPlay for the first time or have used it as many times, one of the main things to verify is that the feature is activated on your iPhone. This might be a simple fix if your CarPlay stops working.

Below is how to resolve Apple CarPlay not functioning by activating it

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and click the General option.
  2. Select the CarPlay option.
  3. Select your car from the My Cars section and or click and hold the voice control key on your steering wheel to begin setup and pairing.

When your iPhone and the car have been linked correctly, check that CarPlay is not deactivated in Screen Time. Below is how it’s performed.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time option.
  2. Click the Content and Privacy Restrictions option and then click Allowed Apps.
  3. Choose CarPlay and turn it on by sliding the switch to the right.

Check that Bluetooth is Turned On

When your iPhone works iOS 9 or above and your car enables wireless connectivity, you can utilize Bluetooth to connect with CarPlay. If Car Play fails to link in this situation, there will be a few more things to verify until your iPhone is able to work with the CarPlay system.

  1. Click on the Settings tab and click the Bluetooth option.
  2. Check for a Bluetooth On/Off indication.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth by clicking on it and changing the toggle button.

Activate CarPlay if your iPhone is locked

If it happens to you once that it all began off properly, but after a short time Car Play stopped operating quickly and unexpectedly. In such a situation, it looks like the option is turning off when your iPhone locks. Here’s how to verify and change it.

  1. Go to the Settings option and then select the General option.
  2. Select CarPlay.
  3. Select the car you want from the list of linked cars.
  4. Switch the Allow CarPlay When Locked switch on.

Look into Siri’s Settings

Siri has to be activated for CarPlay to work, as the feature is mainly controlled by voice commands while driving. Follow these steps to easily resolve the car’s play not functioning issue.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Click the Search and Siri options.
  3. Select the following options, Continue listening for “Hey Siri” tap the side button for Siri, and enable Siri as locked.

Verify the USB Cable

However becoming more popular, wireless CarPlay continues to be not enabled by many motor vehicles that require the use of a USB cable to pair with your iPhone. This method is also not secure, so if Apple CarPlay is not working when connected in, try the following steps.

  1. Verify that both sides of your iPhone are securely plugged in.
  2. Check sure the USB cable connection is in useful shape. If you find any damage, replace the cable.
  3. Check a different USB port in your car; it’s acceptable that your car needs the iPhone to be connected to one particular port in order to connect.

Restart your iPhone

The “restart” button is the best solution to all technical issues. This technique allows for the recovery of incorrect data, failed applications, and related data waste. This takes a couple of seconds but was shown to solve many strange problems.

After verifying that all important settings are correctly set up, connections are in place, and your phone has been charged but CarPlay is not working, you’ll need to look into the restart process. For a restart of an iPhone X or after that, press and hold both the side and volume down buttons together.

When you are using a previous version, continue to hold the sleep or wake button before the power off indicator shows.

Restart CarPlay or link to a New Device

This is reasonable that your CarPlay connection got damaged as time passed, causing CarPlay to stop functioning. There is a means for recovering the connection in this case. Here’s how this is finished.

  1. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay.
  2. Tap after selecting your car from the list. Forget About This Car
  3. Restart your car and your iPhone, and then reconnect them.

Disable USB Restricted Mode

USB Restricted Mode is an iOS technology that secures user information from USB device hackers. After a particular duration of time, this option destroys the USB data connection automatically. If you enable this function on your iPhone, this will stop a constant connection and leave you, and then your CarPlay maybe not work.

The following are ways to disable USB Restricted Mode when Apple CarPlay fails to work when you connect to your device.

  1. Click on the Settings option on your iPhone.
  2. Select Face or Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. If required, enter your password and press Allow Access When Locked.
  4. To disable USB Restricted Mode, click USB Accessories and change the switch.

iOS Update

Check the user manual for the car you have for details on ways to execute updating the software. To upgrade your iPhone to the newest version of iOS, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings menu and click the General option and then click Software Update.
  2. If a new version is available, select the Download and Install button.
  3. Type your password and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Allow time for the update to download.
  5. Select the Details option.
  6. Then, choose the Install Now button.

Contact Apple Support

When you’re continuing to have issues connecting, or you think you’re experiencing problems with how CarPlay works. If you are still having trouble connecting to Carplay, visit the Apple Support Center for help. You’ll need to contact Apple Support to see if they may help you

Phone Charging but Carplay Not Working?

Once you know why your CarPlay isn’t working, let’s go into the solutions, so that you may find many kinds of methods that easily fix the problem.

Verify the Compatibility

Having a Car and an iPhone does not quickly connect you to the work. Multiple reasons may cause the issue of phone charging but no Carplay functionality. Your car does not enable Apple CarPlay. Further, CarPlay is not working since you may be in an unsupported location. You must wait till the car maker and Apple are successful in providing this feature to your location.

Check your iPhone’s Connectivity

Your vehicle and device must be linked through USB or Bluetooth. You must guarantee that the mobile device is not in Airplane mode when wirelessly connected. All wireless connections are disabled when in Airplane mode. To use CarPlay, you must also activate Mobile Data and Bluetooth. You may also try switching mobile data and Bluetooth to see if it works.

Allow CarPlay when the Screen is Turned Off

If your CarPlay fails to work after you switch off the screen, you may not have provided the necessary permissions. You can fix this problem by granting CarPlay permission. To get to the appropriate setting, follow the instructions described below.

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. Then, under My Car, click on CarPlay and choose your vehicle.
  4. To give permission, select the Allow CarPlay when locked option.

Deactivate USB Connectors

However, disabling or enabling this function may have an impact on your CarPlay while connected through the USB connection. To disable it, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to your device’s settings.
  2. Go to Face ID and Passcode.
  3. When your device asks you to provide the Passcode, submit it.
  4. Turn off USB Accessories in the Allow Access When Locked section.

Allow your Phone to Cool Down

This is normal for your device to become hot while using your phone in the car. However, because you are using CarPlay with the charger connected, it requires more power and will get warmer. After a while, your device can overheat, causing it to disconnect from the iPhone. Allow your iPhone to rest for a few minutes before reconnecting.

How to Fix Apple Carlay Not Connecting issue

You can fix the Apple car play not connecting issue, then you must reconnect your car play connection for follow the given below steps.

Re-Connect your CarPlay Connection

You might have previously set up CarPlay wrongly, it may not operate. As a result, you must reset it and set it up again. This allows you to resolve the issue and return to normal operations. To activate CarPlay, follow the steps given below.

  1. You must enable Bluetooth on your device.
  2. After that, go to the Settings option.
  3. Select the General option.
  4. Go to CarPlay Now, wait a moment, and then select your vehicle and then select the option you want.
  5. Click your vehicle, and then select Forget This Vehicle.
  6. Choose your particular code
  7. Next, choose to Allow CarPlay synchronization.
  8. Then you can observe that a six-digit code appears.
  9. Then, select Apple CarPlay.
  1. Is it possible to utilize Apple CarPlay without a USB cable?

    Yes, accepting your iPhone runs iOS 9 or newer and your car supports wireless CarPlay.

  2. How can I get CarPlay to work when plugged in?

    Connect your iPhone to the vehicle’s USB data connection using the Lightning cable USB-C, depending on your model. Then unlock your phone. When Apple CarPlay is ready for usage, the Apple CarPlay symbol on your vehicle’s touchscreen becomes green.

  3. Is an application required for CarPlay to work?

    CarPlay does not require any applications to work. The main requirements are an iPhone 5 or later version and a car that supports CarPlay.

  4. How do I make CarPlay work?

    Check that your stereo is set to a wireless or Bluetooth setting. After that, on your iPhone, navigate to the Settings option and Wi-Fi and check that Wi-Fi is as well on. Check that Auto-Join is enabled on the CarPlay network. Then go to the Settings menu and click the General option, then click CarPlay and choose your vehicle.

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