iPad Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

Apple has become a multinational organization providing unique products worldwide. The discount is offered on specific products from Apple. The offer calls for more customers, increasing the income.­ Apple favors students by offering discounts on products like iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Music with free Apple TV Plus.

Apple’s back-to-school offer running from June to October annually is also availed to students. One can access the Apple student discount at Apple Education Store in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. In the UK, UNiDAYS is linked with Apple to help with student verification status. Apple products include iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Home Pods, accessories, and software.

iPad Student Discount

Apple iPad student discount avails a 10% discount to students, teachers, and staff in educational institutions on products purchased from Apple Education Store. The education discount offered to students and education workers cover the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini.

Getting Apple discounts doesn’t guarantee the lowest price on Apple’s products: users can find cheaper deals via a third party by checking Apple guides. Apple talks about Apple Education Pricing, which saves most money on Apple products. One must be of age sixteen or more and doesn’t necessarily need to be a student.

iPad Student Discount 2024
iPad Student Discount 2024

On purchase, Apple limits customers to one desktop, one Mac mini, one MacBook, two iPads, and two accessories per year. No formal status verification process exists for students or teachers in the United States. In the UK, students or teachers must register with UNiDAYS for verification.

How to get Apple iPad Student Discount

After proving eligibility, one can get an Apple student discount by visiting Apple Store for Education to verify your details, depending on where you live.

Process of getting Apple iPad discount in the USA

Students in the US should follow the steps below to get an Apple iPad student discount.

  • Go to Apple’s US Education Store.
  • Select the iPad you want to continue.
  • Provide your delivery details to check out.
  • Apple requests evidence that you are a student by charging an additional fee.

Tips on how to get an Apple iPad Student Discount in the UK

Registration with UNiDAYS is required to get a discount from the Apple Education Store in the UK.

  • Navigate to the Apple’s UK Education Store.
  • Register on the student discount website UNiDAYS or Student Beans as an alternative service.
  • Type in your email address, password, institution name, subject of study, years of study, and course length.
  • Sign up to access Apple’s student discount.

Procedure on how to get an Apple iPad Student Discount in Australia

In Australia, logging in or the student ID is not mandatory, but Apple can request to see the evidence for eligibility at an additional charge.

  • Open Apple’s Australian Education Store.
  • Now, log on from the university network.
  • Provide the student ID to prove eligibility.

The Apple Student Discount offers users other alternatives if they want to avoid filling out the forms. One can reach Apple by calling 0800 048 0408, visiting a physical Apple store, or using the web chat facility.

How to Apply for Apple iPad Student Discount 

Students or teachers can apply for an Apple iPad student discount using the procedure below.

  1. Launch into the Apple Education Store (US, UK, or Australia).
  2. Now, verify your status via UNiDAYS after being prompted to do so.
  3. Tap the “Verify Status with UNiDAYS” button.
  4. For registered users, press the sign-in tab to input your credentials, like email ID and password.
  5. Unregistered applicants should create an account by providing personal details like name, school, address, etc.
  6. The applicant is returned to the previous page for the application.

Who is eligible for Apple iPad Student Discount?

Apple student discount is entitled to three categories of people who include:

Students in further or Higher Education

Apple Student offers discounts to students of 16 or more years of age. The students should be enrolled in a further or higher education institute like a college or university. Student ID is needed for students already enrolled in university or college to prove qualification.

Students who still need to start their course and need ID should provide their acceptance letter. UK students need to register through UNiDAYS to qualify for the discount.

Student’s Parent or Guardian

Parents or guardians of students in higher education qualify for the IPad student discount on purchasing Apple devices.

Education workers

Teachers, lecturers, and all non-teaching staff, including administration, PTA executives, and home teachers, can get an Apple student discount. Documentation of work is required to prove eligibility.

In the US, ID is optional since Apple entrusts people. Workers in the UK need to register through UNiDAYS like students.

How to Verify Student Status for Apple iPad Student Discount

Apple employs no formal process in ascertaining the status of teachers and students in the US. However, students and teachers in the UK must follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings on your iPad.
  • Proceed to Subscriptions.
  • Press the Apple Music Membership tab.
  • Progress to verify your student status.
  • The user receives a redirection to the UNiDAYS website.
  • To verify eligibility, students should follow the prompts. Successful verification returns the user to an Apple student to continue with the subscription.

Does Apple Offer iPad Student Discount in 2024?

Apple student discount offers a free Apple gift for purchasing an eligible iPad as a promotion. The offer runs from June up to October 2024. The discount is accessed via Apple Education Pricing Discount.

Does Apple offer iPad student Discounts to high school students?

No. Apple only accepts high school students once they’re over 16 years and have been enrolled in college.

Is there a limitation on the purchase of iPads by Apple?

Apple student discount allows customers to purchase only two iPads per year.

How does a student prove eligibility to acquire an iPad Apple student discount?

To verify eligibility status, the student should provide official dated enrollment proof latest report card showing the school’s name, student, and current year/semester. Valid non-photo student ID having name/ date, existing school transcript, tuition bill indicating school name, student, and current year/ semester.

What is the Apple iPad student bonus for 2024?

On purchasing a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro, or iPad Air, a $100 Apple gift card bonus is offered.

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