MacBook Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

Unlock incredible savings in 2024 with the Apple MacBook Student Discount by using the back-to-school offer. Elevate your academic experience with the latest MacBook models at unbeatable prices for Students in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Seamlessly blend productivity and style while enjoying MacBook’s advanced features and sleek design.

Apple’s exclusive student discount makes it easier to access cutting-edge technology without straining your budget. Whether you’re a student or an educator, take advantage of this limited-time offer to enhance your learning journey. Embrace the future of education technology while enjoying significant cost savings.

Apple provides back-to-school discounts on various products to students, including iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Music, which includes free Apple TV Plus. Certain Macs and iPads also come with free Airpods.

MacBook Student Discount

The Apple MacBook student discount is accessible to persons aged 16 or more and the deal is accessed on the Apple Education Store and saves up to $200 on Macs for students. The student discount is availed to students, students’ parents, teachers, and workers in educational institutions.

MacBook Student Discount 2024
MacBook Student Discount 2024

Students save money on Mac products by using Apple Education Pricing. The customers have limitations on the Macs they can purchase. Apple allows students to purchase one desktop, Mac mini, and notebook yearly. Apple Mac devices available to customers include MacBook Air with M1 or M2 chip, iMac, MacBook Pro (13, 14, or 16 inches), Mac mini, and Mac Studio.

How to Get Apple MacBook Student Discount

Getting an Apple MacBook student discount is based on verification of status, depending on the country you live in. Users access the Apple Education Store after providing eligibility evidence.

How to Get an Apple MacBook Student Discount 2024 in the US

Students in the US use the following steps to get an Apple MacBook student discount.

  1. Launch into the Apple’s US Education Store.
  2. Next, progress to the MacBook you want.
  3. Fill out your delivery details to continue.
  4. Provide your qualification details to Apple at an additional fee.

How to Get an Apple MacBook Student Discount 2024 in the UK

In the UK, students or teachers must register with UNiDAYS to access the Apple MacBook student discount.

  1. Open the Apple’s UK Education Store.
  2. Register your student discount portal on UNiDAYS or Student Beans.
  3. Provide details such as email address, password, institution name, subject of study, course length, and year of study.
  4. Now, sign up for the Apple MacBook student discount account.

How to Apply for Apple MacBook Student Discount in Australia

In Australia, students don’t need a student ID to prove eligibility, but Apple may request eligibility evidence at an additional charge.

  1. Move to the Apple’s Australian Education Store.
  2. Use the university network to log in.
  3. Type in the student ID as the eligibility evidence.

How to Apply for Apple MacBook Student Discount

Applicants should use the following steps to access the Apple MacBook student discount.

  1. Navigate to the Apple Education Store (US, UK, Australia).
  2. The new webpage will prompt you to verify your status through UNiDAYS.
  3. Progress to verify status with UNiDAYS.
  4. Registered users should sign in by keying in details like email ID and password.
  5. Unregistered users should create accounts including personal details like name, school, address, etc.
  6. The applicant receives a redirection to the previous page for the application.

Who is Eligible for the Apple MacBook Student Discount 2024?

Eligibility for Apple MacBook student discount 2024 is availed to the following.

Higher/Further Education Students

Students age 16 or more and enrolled in higher education like college or university qualify for the discount. The students should also own a valid student ID. After sixth form enrollment, students should sign up for the discount in college or university.

Students Parents

Parents of the students who are eligible also qualify for the deal. This applies when the parent buys the MacBook devices for their children, not themselves.

Education Workers

People working in educational institutions, PTA, or PTO should sign up for the discount. The workers should provide documents to prove their working position.

How to Verify Student Status for Apple MacBook Student Discount

Verification of status on Apple MacBook student discount lies under the following categories.

Students Department

Students must provide the current student ID indicating the student’s name, school name, valid dates of the year/ semester, and a photo. Alternatively, the student can provide a valid photo ID and the current enrollment evidence showing the following:

  1. An official non-photo student ID having name and date.
  2. The current tuition bill or school transcript shows the school name, student, and year/ semester.
  3. Official dated enrollment proof.
  4. Latest report card including school name, student, and the current year/ semester.

Students below 18 years of age, enrolled at higher education institutions (ineligibility applies to K-12 students), and lack valid latest student ID must avail of a valid photo ID.

  1. The latest non-photo student ID has the name and date.
  2. Official letter from the educational institution’s registrar.
  3. Official report card showing school and student name.
  4. Course schedule or tuition bill of the student indicating the valid date and educational entity’s logo or seal.
  5. Current school transcript with school and student name.

The Teaching Staff

Members of the teaching staff must avail themselves of the following items.

  • Valid photo ID.
  • Employment evidence at a qualified institution with the latest institution paycheck stub and official letter on school letterhead.

Home Teaching

People undergoing homeschooling should provide a valid photo ID and one copy among the following.

  • Membership card from the Home School Legal Defense Association.
  • Current book/ curriculum receipt.
  • A current home school letter of intent was sent to the local school district.
  • Home School Charter School membership card.

Does Apple Offer MacBook Student Discount in 2024?

In 2024, the education pricing discount is available throughout the year, as well as the back-to-school promo. The offer runs from June to October in the US, and July to October in the UK and Europe.

For more information please visit the official Apple Back to School or Student Discount. Education portal at

How many Macs can students buy using a student discount?

The Apple Education Store limits students on how many Mac devices they can purchase at a discount per year. The students can only get one desktop, Mac mini, and notebook.

Which Mac products does the student discount apply to?

Apple MacBook student discount applies to the MacBook Air (M1 or M2 chip), MacBook Pro (13, 14, or 16 inches), Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Studio.

Does the Apple MacBook student discount offer a bonus in 2024?

When students purchase an iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, they get a $150 Apple gift card. They also get a $100 Apple gift card for a Mac mini.

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