HDFC Bank Interest Rates 2024: HDFC Special FD Offered 7.7% interest

HDFC Bank is currently running a fixed deposit scheme exclusively for senior citizens. This scheme offers a maximum interest rate of 7.7% for deposits below Rs.2 crores.

Can you help me find out how long this scheme will be available for? Additionally, I would like to know what the interest rate is for general customers. Also, if I deposit Rs. 5 lakh, could you please tell me the amount I can expect to receive upon maturity? Let’s explore these details together.

HDFC Bank Interest Rates 2024

HDFC Bank is the largest private sector bank in the country and offers high interest rates to attract deposits. It is a great option for those who want to earn more returns for their money. Currently, HDFC Bank is offering a maximum interest rate of 7.20 percent on fixed deposits of value below two crores.

Customers can earn interest rates ranging from 3 per cent to 7.20 per cent on deposits with maturity tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years. Senior citizens can earn even higher interest rates, ranging from 3.50 percent to 7.70 percent, with an additional 50 basis points interest rate provided on all tenures.

HDFC Bank Intrest Rates 2024
HDFC Bank Intrest Rates 2024

HDFC Interest Rates 2024 for Special FD

The bank is currently offering special fixed deposits for deposits below Rs. 2 crore, with a tenure of four years and seven months or 55 months. These deposits offer the highest interest rates available.

General customers can receive a maximum interest rate of 7.20 percent, while senior citizens can avail of a maximum interest rate of 7.70 percent through this scheme.

How much return can we expect if we deposit Rs. 5 lakh?

Suppose a customer wants to deposit Rs. 5 lakhs in HDFC Bank’s 55-month special tenure scheme. They can easily check the amount they will receive after maturity by using the online FD calculator.

Currently, general customers are offered an interest rate of 7.20 percent on this scheme. Based on this rate, if a general customer deposits Rs. 5 lakhs, they will receive more than Rs. 1.90 lakhs as interest, making a total of Rs. 6.90 lakhs after maturity.

For senior citizens, the interest rate is 7.70 percent. If they deposit Rs. 5 lakhs, then they will receive Rs. 2.07 lakhs as interest after maturity, making a total of Rs. 7.07 lakhs. However, it is important to note that the interest income may vary based on bank charges and other taxes.

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