Why Won’t My Apple Watch Turn On? Here’s the Fix

There may be plenty of reasons behind our Apple Watch not turning on. We can resolve it by following some kind suggestions, such as checking the battery, choking the watch charger and the charger cable, applying force restarting, putting off the power reserve mod, putting off the curtain of the screen, and turning on the watch again.

Sometimes, some hardware issues also might be a reason for not turning on your watch, and as well as you can also get help from Apple Watch customer care support or you can contact the professional hardware of the Apple Store.

Apple Watch Not Turn ON

When you are trying to charge your Apple Watch but not succeeding then may need to understand that there is an issue with your Charger cable or Charger adapter. It might happen because of your cable being broken finding a faulty charging cable or being damaged in charging cable or because some hardware issues are caused by not turning on the issue of your Apple Watch.

You can solve this problem by checking battery life, checking the charger adapter, applying force to restart, and using other charging adaptors and cables.

Apple Watch Not Turning ON
Apple Watch Not Turning ON

How to Fix the Apple Watch Not Turning ON Issue

Make Sure of the Battery: This is the most familiar basic reason to verify your Apple Watch is not turning on. Because of the dying battery, the Apple Watch will not turn on sometimes even if you tried it in many ways.

Test your Apple Watch charger: In such cases, now and then, we have to check out chargers also. Sometimes, your chargers also might be caused by not turning on your Apple Watch.

So, connect your watch to its charger to get charged with its own charger cable. Still, it is in the same mode of condition, then you try with different charging cables and chargers to power the Watch. With this activity, you might know whether it is your own charger problem.

Apply Force Restart on your Apple Watch: Applying a force restart on your Apple Watch is also a useful option to resolve the problem of not turning on your Apple Watch.

The following instructions can lead you to apply force restart on the Apple watch.

  • For up to 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold both the smaller side button and the bigger, circular Digital Crown together.
  • Whenever the Apple logo displays leave the buttons and look forward for some more seconds. By doing this, the watch turns on and efficiently functions again.

Put off the Power Reserve mode feature: Turning on Your Power Reserve mode setting saves your watch battery’s power. But you can display only the time in this mode. And the unlock mode of the watch will remain the same.

  1. To put off the Power Reserve mode feature.
  2. Press and hold up to 7 to 10 seconds to the Side Button thinner and oblong.
  3. Then displays the Apple logo on the screen
  4. Finally, the watch will reboot into its usual mode.

Put off the Screen Curtain mode: Sometimes, Your Apple Watch screen face looks dark even if it is functioning in a normal way. It is why because of turning off the Screen Curtain mode in your watch. In this mode, it allows only to deal with voice.

To put off this, the Screen Curtain mode:

  1. On your iPhone, go with the Apple Watch app.
  2. Follow the General tab.
  3. Knock on the Accessibility and knock on VoiceOver.
  4. Lastly, snap the screen curtain off button, which will be seen on the left.

Apple Watch Won’t Charge?

When your Apple Watch floats with a message on the screen that charging with this accessory is not encouraging to power, or it is not charging, you mean to have some clarification regarding your Apple Watch not charging with the accessories that you are using to charge.

Even after a few minutes make an effort to reboot the Apple Watch and if it yet not successful in turning on, then it is the issue with your charging cable or wire. The cable could be broken, damaged, or faulty. Test whether the Apple Watch will turn itself on by changing it or applying a different charging cable.

How to Fix Apple Watch Won’t Charge

When your Apple Watch shows a message that charging with this accessory is not supporting power, or it is not charging, you’re supposed to understand that your Apple Watch is not charging with the accessories that you are using to charge.

The flowing steps will help you to resolve when your Apple Watch won’t charge.

  1. Have a confirmation that you are charging the Apple Watch with Quick Charging USB-C Magnetic or Charging Cable of Apple Magnetic which come together with your Apple Watch.
  2. Ensure that, into the USB Power Adapter, you inserted or plugged in the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable. Later, into the power outcome, plug the adapter.
  3. Keep the charging wire that came along with your Apple Watch if you apply a third-party charging stand.
  4. Take off completely if any plastic wrap if you find both sides.
  5. Check that both the back of your magnetic charger and Apple watch are.
  6. A green or yellow flash of lightning bolt ought to be visible on the display of the watch when the charger’s magnets are correctly situated in connection with your Apple Watch on modifying the settings of your Apple Watch’s back on the charger.
  7. Have a trial of using the various Quick Charging Cable of USB-C Magnetic or Magnetic Charging Cable of Apple Watch and various USB Power Adapter, in case your Apple Watch is out of charging situation. You have to wait for fewer minutes for the lightning bolt to display after beginning to charge your Apple Watch device.
  8. Still, if your Apple Watch is out of power or charging situation then you have to use the feature that forces it to restart.
  9. Do the force to restart, at least ten seconds keep pressing and holding the side button and Digital Crown or till displaying the logo of the Apple watch.
  1. Why is my Apple Watch not Updating?

    It’s likely that your Apple Watch isn’t upgrading due to an issue with connectivity, insufficient power, or not sufficient storage. Review the connections and storage capacity to sort out an Apple Watch that isn’t upgrading. Reboot your Watch and the connected iPhone to activate the update if it won’t activate.

  2. Why my Apple Watch is dying so fast?

    The most current version should have a range of about 18 hours between charges, but a number of factors might influence this forecast. Check what processes in the background might be using your battery, or imagine switching to the low-power option on your gadget. For details on finding out how to check the battery life of your Apple Watch, see this guide.

  3. May I Charge My Apple Watch Overnight?

    Yes. Apple says that the charging process of the Apple Watch is secure.

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