How to Restart Apple Watch

Restarting an Apple Watch fails to remove the information or settings but instead returns the watch to a usable condition. The Apple Watches rarely lose control, but if you find that they do, restart it immediately and reset it to factory settings when every other option fails.

When your Apple Watch fails to respond for any reason, there are a few solutions you may do. You may utilize several restart options to make your Apple Watch react or reconnect to your iPhone. The more comfortable modification allows you to completely reset your Apple Watch when only a few things aren’t working properly.

Force restarting your Apple Watch is a more hard option that can only be tried as a last restart. This post will go through all of your options.

How to Restart Your Apple Watch

This approach may be utilized on your Apple Watch when an option or app isn’t operating properly. This just allows you to restart your watch and enable everything to load anew. Application upgrades may regularly cause difficulties with connectivity and refreshes from your iPhone to your Watch, so this is a great method to ensure things operate properly again. Depending on the operating system installed on your Apple Watch.

Restart Apple Watch
Restart Apple Watch

Follow the steps below to restart your Apple Watch running watch.

  1. Disconnect your Watch from its charging socket.
  2. Then, press the button’s flat part on the other side of your watch when the Power button appears in the upper right-hand corner of your Watch display.
  3. To begin the shutdown procedure, click the Power button.
  4. Switch the Power Off slider to the left.
  5. Now you can wait for your Watch to restart; the Apple logo will appear first. Stay quiet and wait for the watch to restart completely.

How to Restart from the Settings menu

You may also restart your Apple Watch using the settings menu by following the below steps.

  1. Click the Settings application on your Apple Watch.
  2. Slide to the bottom and choose the General option.
  3. Scroll down and select the “Shut Down” option. Drag to the right on the “Power Off” slider.
  4. Press the side button once switching off your Apple Watch until the Apple logo is displayed.
  5. When the Apple logo displays, leave the side button, and the watch you are using will restart.

Force Restart your Apple Watch.

Force restarting your Apple Watch must be done as a last option only if it has stopped responding. When you’re updating your watch OS, do not forcibly reboot your Apple Watch. When you’re able to see the logo of Apple and the status wheel, let your watch stand while you charge it until the update is complete.

  1. Continue pressing and holding the flat side of the button and the digital crown for a minimum of 10 seconds to reset your Apple Watch forcibly.
  2. After that, leave the two buttons and wait for your watch to restart; at this point, you will observe the Apple logo.

Why isn’t my Apple Watch showing the menu?

Swipe up on the Apple Watch not working; then you can follow 6 Ways to Repair It.

  • Reboot your Apple Watch.
  • Slow swipes are an option.
  • Unpaired and reconnect your Apple Watch.
  • Modify the face of your watch.
  • Look at the screen for cracks.
  • Please contact Apple Support.
  1. How can I reset my Apple Watch manually?

    Simply press the side button down once you see the power button in the top-right part of the screen. Hold down the Digital Crown button when you see Remove all data and settings. Click the reset button once and then once more to confirm. Wait for the procedure to complete before resetting your Apple Watch.

  2. How can I reset my Apple Watch if it is not powered on?

    Hold the side button and the Digital Crown together for at least 10 seconds up to when the Apple logo shows.

  3. Is it safe to force restart Apple Watch?

    You will just forcibly restart your Apple Watch when it is not working. If you are updating your watch OS, do not forcibly restart your Apple Watch. Once you’ve observed the logo of Apple and the activity wheel, keep your watch only and turn on its charger until the update is complete.

  4. How can I access the Apple Watch’s Settings menu?

    Launch the Control Centre and Slide up on the watch face. Simply press and hold the bottom of the display from other displays, and slide up. Please keep in mind that you are unable to use Control Centre from the Apple Watch’s Main Screen. However, use the Digital Crown for access to the watch face or start an application before launching Control Centre.

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