How to Unpair Apple Watch with or Without iPhone

You should probably back up your Apple Watch and unpair it from your iPhone if you’re experiencing problems, selling it, or upgrading your wearable. We’ll look at a few ways to unpairing Apple Watch if you have your watch in the sections below, as well as how to do it if your iPhone is handy.

The Apple Watch is reset to factory defaults when unpairing it from your iPhone. The watch is deleted throughout the procedure, but your iPhone automatically creates a backup. One of the reasons it’s crucial to keep your Apple Watch close to your iPhone while doing the next steps is this.

Unpair Apple Watch with or Without iPhone
Unpair Apple Watch with or Without iPhone

Steps to Unpair Apple Watch Using iPhone or iPad

  1. Before beginning, ensure that the Watch and iPhone/iPad are nearby.
  2. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, then choose “My Watch” before choosing “All Watches.”
  3. Unpair Apple Watch by selecting the “Info (i)” icon next to the name of your Watch, then “Unpair Apple Watch,” and finally, “Unpair [your Watch’s name].”
  4. If your Apple Watch has cellular or GPS functionality, you may now decide whether to maintain your plan (meaning you’ll be re-pairing the two devices later) or cancel your plan (meaning you won’t be re-pairing them again).
  5. When asked, enter the linked Apple ID’s password and choose “Unpair” to make your choice official.
  6. Hold off until the unpairing process is complete. While a backup is being produced, this might take some time.

Unpair and Erase Apple Watch without iPhone

  1. Press the Erase All Content and Settings button under General > Reset on your Apple Watch.
  2. Whenever asked, enter your password.
  3. Select whether to maintain or cancel your cellular plan for GPS + Cellular models.
  4. Remember your strategy if you wish to sync your Apple Watch and iPhone once more.
  5. Removing your plan will prevent you from pairing your iPhone and Apple Watch again. You might need to speak with your carrier to terminate your cellular service if you don’t intend to pair it with another watch or iPhone.
  6. To confirm, choose Erase All. By doing this, you return your Apple Watch to its default settings.
  1. Is it possible to use iCloud to unpair my Apple Watch?

    No, using iCloud directly won’t let you unpair an Apple Watch. The Watch app on your linked iPhone or the settings on the Apple Watch itself must be used to start the unpairing procedure.

  2. Does removing an Apple Watch’s connection delete all data?

    Yes, removing your Apple Watch from your iPhone or the watch will wipe all the data on the device. Settings, applications, and private information are all included. While connecting, you may restore your Apple Watch to the same or a new iPhone if you have a backup.

  3. What happens if I disconnect my Apple Watch from my phone’s cellular plan?

    The cellular plan connected to an Apple Watch that supports cellular connectivity will be immediately canceled if you unpair the device. If you link the watch with a new iPhone or restore it to the same iPhone, you might need to contact your carrier to renew the plan.

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