How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

We have much innovation from the Apple Company all over the world, like Smart mobiles, and Smart Watches, and they are very high in technical value. Because of their worthy technical values, they always sit at high prices.

Even though they are a very worthy and high price, they won’t work without charging. Sometimes, we may forget the chargers in urgent situations, which makes us uncomfortable.

But in this aspect, we are very lucky even if we forget the charging chargers. We have various methods to charge our Apple Watches such as using USB Power Bank, Solar Charger, Hand Crank Charger, Wind-Up Charger, iPhone Charges etc. With these options, you can charge your Apple Watches without chargers.

Is It Possible to Charge the Apple Watch without A Charger?

Please observe the flowing procedure to charge an Apple Watch without a charger.

  1. Take off your Apple Watch from your wrist to charge.
  2. Later Plug in charging cable into a USB port or a USB power adapter.
  3. Next, on the Charger’s concave side place the back of the watch. 
  4. Then the back of your smartwatch must be linked with the magnets of your Apple charger.
  5. Later a green lightning bolt signal will appear on your smartwatch screen when it is set and aligned correctly.
  6. Lastly, you will find your Apple Watch reaching a cent per cent of charging within two to three hours.
  7. Then, pluck out the cable or adapter from the charger.

Note: All models have the same charging communication points as Apple watches. This means that any single charger can be used to charge any Apple watch.

Charge Apple Watch Without Charger
Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

Now, Apple Watches can be charged without a charger by using a USB power adapter and a Lightning to USB Cable.

Please watch this procedure to know if the Apple Watches can charge without a charger.

  1. Look for linking your Lightning to USB Cable to the USB power adapter.
  2. You need a wall electric socket to plug the adapter into.
  3. Then connect the cable to the port on the right side of the watch case in case it is a 38mm model watch.
  4. Then connect the cable to the port on the right side of the watch case in case it is a 42mm model watch 
  5. Finally, you can see on the watch screen the charging symbol when it is charging.

Note: Apple Watches can be recharged too by plugging them into the USB port of the computer with a Lightning USB Cable.

Use the Hidden Port to Charge your Apple Watch

As we know the high technical values and the capability of the Apple brand. Generally, we never heard about a hidden or secret port in a hardware system. The Apple Company announced they have arranged a secret or hidden port in the Apple Watches.

It is nothing but a six-pin charging port closed in the little notch(a slight cut in an edge or surface in the shape of a V or a circle)that connects the wristband to the watch. Normally it is placed for multiple purposes like sending data of the hardware problems to Apple and for quick charging than the regular charging base.

Alternative Apple Watch Power Chargers

Here are some different types of alternatives or other chargers used for charging your Apple Watches when they are running out of charge.

Read the following about other chargers and get the knowledge.

USB Power Bank: A USB power bank is a great accessory to charge your Apple Watch on the go. You will need a Lightning to USB cable to do so.

Solar Charger: A solar charger is one more wonderful environment-friendly feature to charge the Apple Watch when you are looking to charge an Apple watch without a charger. Place your watch under the sunlight and allow the solar charger to do its work.

Hand Crank Charger: A hand crank charger is an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry situation and need of charging watch ASAP. Just turn over the handle to do its charging job.

Wind-Up Charger: Using a wind-up charger in critical conditions is a great idea. It will give enough power when you have just turned on this Wind-Up Charger.

For more information, please follow the reference by Apple.

  1. Can I use an iPhone charger to charge my Apple Watch?

    Yes, an iPhone charger can be used too to charge your Apple watch. For this you just need to have the Apple Watch adapter that is available together with your watch. on the back of your watch Simply plug the adapter into the charging power port and the other end into a USB port on your computer or phone charger.

  2. Is it possible to charge my Apple Watch with someone else’s charger?

    You can charge your Apple Watch with an iPhone 6s charger but not possible with all kinds of chargers. An iPad Pro charger cannot be useful to charge your Apple watch. Chargers can be chosen according to the models of the Apple watches.

  3. Will the Apple Watch come along with some changes?

    Of course, it comes with the same charges but not in cent per cent. But the primary thing is to need to keep it charging until it reaches up to 100% when it is used for the first time. To charge the watch, use the magnetic charging cable to attach it to a power socket source.

  4. Can I Charge my iPhone with an Apple Watch charger?

    You can charge your AirPods and your iPhone can be charged by using an Apple watch charger. To charge it, use the spare USB-A port at the back to plug in an Apple Watch charger.

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