How to Setup Important Emails for Never Go to Spam

It is important to make sure that important emails are not mistakenly marked as spam and end up in the spam folder. Although spam filters are meant to catch unwanted emails, there are times when they make mistakes and flag legitimate emails. This can be frustrating, especially if you are missing important messages from work,

Google ‘Results About You’ to Remove your Personal info from Google

Google introduced the Request for Personal Content Removal from Google Search to Secure Your Privacy by Removing Your Personal Information from Google with the “Results About You” Tool. In today’s world of computers and the internet, our private information is all over the web. People can easily find it using search engines like Google. Google

How to Check SSD Health in Windows 11

It is important to check that your SSD is functioning properly on your Windows 11 PC or laptop. Over time, SSD performance may decrease, which can slow down your system or cause it to fail. Checking the health of your SSD is crucial to identify any issues. By doing this, you can verify if all

How to Fix Microsoft Family Safety App Not Working Issue

Microsoft Family Safety is a free app for parents to protect their children in the digital world. You can use this app on your computer, Xbox, Android phone, or iPhone. It helps parents ensure their kids are safe using the internet. This Microsoft Family Safety app can also help you create safe and healthy digital

How to Fix Royal Mail Tracking Not Working Issue

Royal Mail is a UK-based company that helps you send letters and packages. They also offer a tracking service known as Royal Mail Tracking, which allows you to track the location of your mail or package. To use this service, you will need an identification number consisting of 12-27 characters. You can find this number


How to Record Calls on Your Phone

Nowadays the ability to record phone calls has become crucial in our communication-driven world. It provides individuals and businesses with the convenience of recording and preserving conversations. Whether it’s for memory retention or to ensure accurate record keeping, the feature has become more accessible to smartphones. Users can easily record outgoing and incoming calls with


How to Use Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Instagram allows you to combine pictures in a single Instagram Story. A single photo may not always be able to communicate your required message. There are multiple ways to add many photos together on Instagram, whether you want to show family memories, vacation pictures, or advertise your business. You can select up to ten videos

How to Fix iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS 17

Standby mode on the iPhone is an introduced feature in iOS 17 that aims to extend battery life by reducing background activity when the device is connected and charging. By enabling Standby mode, the iPhone automatically adjusts CPU performance, limits background app refresh, and reduces network activity. This results in battery savings during overnight periods.

How to Fix Srttrail.txt BSOD Error in Windows 11

SrtTrail.txt BSOD error means Startup Repair Trail Blue Screen of Death error. It can also be known as the MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD error. The Srttrail.txt BSOD error in Windows 11 can be a real headache. If your screen looks like a blue screen that pops up and says your computer has a big problem and needs

How to Enable Copilot on Windows 11

Copilot is an integrated artificial intelligence assistant in Windows 11 that enhances productivity and creativity. By working alongside Bing Chat and ChatGPT plugins, Copilot eliminates the need for app switching or allows you to stay focused and in your flow. With Copilot’s assistance, you can obtain answers, find inspiration, and discover solutions for your questions,

How to Download and Install the Windows 11 Update

The latest update for Windows 11, also known as version 23H2, is a significant improvement made by Microsoft to enhance your PC experience. This update introduces various concepts that utilize artificial intelligence and offers a modern look, better security, and enhanced performance. Windows 11 is an operating system that comes with several activities and applications.

How to Turn Off Contact Sharing in iOS 17 on iPhone

Contact sharing on an iPhone can be useful when exchanging information with others, but sometimes you may not want to share your details with everyone. In the iOS 17 update, Apple introduced a new feature called Name Drop which allows you to easily send or receive your contact information by placing the top of your

How to Fix High CPU Usage by Modern Setup Host in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s computer system. It comes with a modern look and new features. But sometimes, like older versions of Windows, it can have problems that slow down your computer. One common issue is when the “Modern Setup Host” uses a lot of your computer’s power, making it run slowly.

‘Delete Me’ to Safely Removing Your Personal Data Online

Delete ME is a subscription service that automatically removes your personal information from being sold online. In today’s world, sometimes our personal information can end up on the internet without our permission. This can include things like our social media profiles or information from public records. Having this information online can make us unsafe for

Best Places To Go For New Year In The USA [2024]

New Year is a grand gala around the globe and is one of the long anticipated holidays ever. The world over celebrates the big day with much pomp and glory. While each location has distinctive elements for the New Year, the United States of America stands above all with its unique setup in store for