How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Zoom is an application that allows you to hold online meetings and collaborate with others. It’s comparable to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It is accessible with many types of desktops, Android and iOS devices, and specific Chrome books. While most Zoom meetings happen just once, you can choose to store them for later. The app has an option for recording a Zoom conference.

When you are the meeting host, press the meeting button to start a new session to record a Zoom meeting on your desktop or laptop. When the meeting starts, a ‘Record’ button will appear at the bottom of the session window. To begin recording, choose this button or use the Alt + R command.

Once the host begins recording, a little message in the top left corner of the screen will appear to indicate to everyone that the recording has begun. If you are a participant, you may tell who is presently recording the meeting by looking at the person’s list.

Ways to Record a Meeting in Zoom

Zoom meetings may be recorded in two methods. One method is to record locally, while the other is to record on the cloud.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting
How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Local Recording

Zoom provides an option to save recordings on your computer or smartphone. However, its functionality is not as smooth compared to other remote platforms. In contrast to other platforms, Zoom uses the internet to collect video and audio from the participants’ devices.

Recordings can only be made with proper authorization; if they are saved locally, the host will not receive them. Therefore, participants must transfer their locally recorded recordings to the host, which can be challenging. Using Zoom to store files locally has specific limitations.

Local recording is only supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux PCs, not mobile devices. After recording, the file is stored on your smartphone by default. These recordings are stored in the Zoom folder within the documents folder on your PC.

  1. Start by setting up a Zoom meeting. 
  2. Press the ‘Record’ button at the opening of the meeting or any time you want the recording to get started.
  3. Then click ‘Record on this Computer.’ After the meeting, you may pause or stop the recording by clicking the ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ buttons.
  4. When you forget to stop the recording manually, it will stop working after the meeting.
  5. After the meeting, a new window showing the recordings.mp4 translation progress will open. When this window closes, the recording will be accessible.

Cloud Recording

Zoom includes a cloud recording option that saves recordings to the cloud. This feature is available only to customers of Pro, Education, Business, and Business. With local recording, the service is accessible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, providing a monthly fee and a good value.

After recording a session, you may download and share the recording file from the Zoom cloud like a manually saved recording.

  1. Make a Zoom meeting and choose record at the start of the meeting, or anytime you want the recording to begin.
  2. Choosing to record to the cloud.
  3. The recording can paused or stopped at any time within the meeting by using the Pause or Stop buttons.
  4. Once the recording is not stopped, it will stop when the host ends the meeting.
  5. Once the recording has been transferred to the cloud, an email with a link to access it will be issued.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Both types of Zoom recording procedures are relatively similar. To start recording a Zoom call, click the “Record” icon at the bottom of your screen. A notification window will appear and ask if you want to save the recording to your computer or the cloud.

Choose your preferred option and begin recording. A red light symbol will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen to indicate that the recording is in progress. You have three options for managing your recording, and you can pause or stop the recording at any time by pressing the respective button.

Activate Automatic Recording

  1. Automatic recording is also available with a Zoom account. When doing so, go to the Zoom online connection and change the recording settings.
  2. Locate and press the blue ‘My Account’ button in the top-right of the main page.
  3. Click on ‘Settings’ from the left-hand menu, then click the ‘Recording’ option.
  4. Next, you will find the option to turn on Automatic recording in this menu. Drag the slider to the right to enable automatic recording.
  5. Afterward, you may find two options based on your Zoom account subscription: ‘ Record on the local computer’ and ‘Record in the cloud.’ Select the one that best matches your needs.
  6. When you have a subscription, you may additionally manage recording options for particular people and teams.

Simple Zoom meeting recording

Zoom’s app has several recording possibilities. Additionally, if you log in using the Zoom online portal, you can find extra settings to customize the recording method. You may turn your smartphone into a high-quality Zoom webcam when you want to improve video conferencing quality. Cloud recording is provided for premium customers, removing the requirement to interact with local storage management.

How can I record a Zoom meeting?

When hosting a Zoom meeting, you may record it by clicking the Record button in the Zoom window’s menu bar. But as a conference participant, you can record a meeting if the meeting host has granted you recording capabilities.

Is it possible to record a Zoom meeting on the phone?

Yes, Zoom meetings may be recorded on both iPhones and Android devices. You may quickly record a Zoom meeting within the app if you are the meeting host or have recording authorization. The processes for recording without authorization change across Android and iPhone devices.

Why does Zoom have no recording button?

Zoom sessions can only be recorded with the host’s approval. When you cannot find any recording options in Zoom, that indicates the host has not been granted. To record the Zoom session, you need to get permission from the meeting host. They can change the settings so that you can record the session.

Is it possible to record a Zoom meeting without permission?

Yes, you may record a Zoom conference without the host’s permission if you use third-party meeting recording apps in your Zoom meetings for a safe and automated video recording experience.

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