How to Open EPS File

Encapsulated or protected PostScript file is frequently referred to as an EPS file. A PostScript is a program and a bitmap picture format, both provided inside each EPS file. The program delivers guidance for designing or drawing the image file.

Through the utilization of formulae from mathematics that hyperlink locations within a graphic file, this generates a graphic that is a vector. As a result, vector image files have been saved in EPS drawings.

To create logos, which means artistic pieces of art, and highly adjustable or scalable photographs, graphic artists employ vector graphics software programs. You can boost photos thanks to the vector structure without concern about pixelation.

You can create enormous and printed visuals like billboards by applying vector graphics design. Developers or Designers transport image information between double different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows using the EPS format as the standard drawings file structure.

EPS files may utilize the file extensions .epsf or .epsi instead of .eps.

What Is an EPS File?

Enclosed or Encapsulated PostScript is the acronym of a particular file with the EPS file extension or format. Generally speaking, drawing programs rely on them to demonstrate how to produce images, drawings, or layouts.

For clarification on how the vector image is constructed or drawn, they can have text as well as graphics, but in addition, they frequently have a bitmap preview image “encapsulated” therein.

Initial releases of the AI format had their foundations in EPS. The ‘.EPSF‘ or ‘.EPSI‘ filename extensions may be additionally applied to encapsulated PostScript files.

How to Open an EPS File?

EPS files can be accessed in Adobe Photoshop. To modify the vector representation or graphics without suffering any pixelation or blurred image complications, you must first open the EPS file as a smart object that can be edited.

On the other hand, the aforementioned app doesn’t permit you to make changes to the opened EPS images or photos. It might be helpful to transform an EPS image to PSD format before opening it in Photoshop if you want to modify or edit it.

How to Open an EPS File Using Adobe Photoshop?

Various methods are given under to open an EPS File using Adobe Photoshop.

By using SmartObject, you can access an EPS File in Photoshop.

  1. Launch the Photoshop application or program.
  2. Select a file from the “File” menu, then pick “Open As Smart Object.”
  3. In the window that opens the dialogue box, pick the EPS file, identify it, and press the “Open” tab afterward.
  4. Find a high resolution or quality within the “Rasterize Generic EPS Format” popup or dialogue box, and then press “OK.” The EPS picture will be displayed through Photoshop.

You can open or access an EPS File in Photoshop by using Place.

  1. Activate the Photoshop program or application.
  2. When the “File” menu arrives, choose “Place.”
  3. In the dialogue that appears box, identify the EPS file, open it, and after that, press the “Place” tab. The EPS image or picture comes into Photoshop as an effective or smart object.
  4. Editing, Resizing, and modifying a vector image without affecting its quality can be performed by presenting it as a smart object. Further, you can utilize the filters feature and other image-editing capabilities or options.

How to Open an EPS File Online

You can quickly look at EPS files by submitting or providing the file online. The 20MB file size limitation only applies to the online version; it cannot be applied to the non-online or offline version.

Whenever the software program has accessed the image, you can alter it by rotating, resizing, zooming, fitting, panning with the mouse, and translating it into an alternate format like a saved as a jpeg file.

  1. Browse the EPS Viewer homepage or homepage at
  2. Press the “+ Select file…” option to include the EPS file.
  3. Determine your file, then upload it. The bar that displays the progress will indicate to you the uploading condition or status.
  4. The software program provides the image whenever the transformation is accomplished.
  5. You can change the image by using the icons that appear in the viewer box’s lower-left region corner.

How to Open EPS File on Windows?

  1. Go via the internet and download the offline version of EPS Viewer.
  2. Press the open icon in the offline EPS Viewer program’s foremost or top left section to browse documents.
  3. Replace the file extension of PostScript Files *.PS with Encapsulated or protected PostScript *.EPS in the “File of type” provided information or input section.
  4. Browse to your EPS file, and tap “Open.” The program will project the photograph or image in the following way.
  5. Applying the buttons at the bottom of the screen allows you to rotate and zoom in and out or in/out on the photograph or image. Also, you can directly customize the image’s dimensions, such as height and width.
  6. Press and hold the button between the “Open file” button or option and the “Width” input box in the upper left corner of the screen to save the image that has been downloaded or opened.

How to Open EPS File using Google Drive?

Google presents at-no-charge online storage of data services called Google Drive. The service syncs the customer’s desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices with safeguarded or saved files, images, and other items.

15 GB of space free of charge is allocated. It provides a simple to check out and access EPS files. You require a Google account to gain access to your Google Drive if you’d like to take advantage of this alternative or option.

  1. Go to Google Apps appears like a dotted box icon in your screen’s far upper right corner to log in to your Google account and get to your Google Drive.
  2. To add the EPS file to your Drive, use the “+ New” button in your screen’s far upper left area.
  3. To bring in your file, pick “File upload” and search for it within.
  4. You can double-click the EPS file to open it once it has been placed or saved to your Drive. If you’re observing a white, blank screen, move down; the photograph or image should appear in the viewing screen’s lower left corner.

How to Open EPS File using Adobe Illustrator?

A graphics or drawing program used to handle images with vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator, which is a program. The program offers additional features for drawing, manipulating, or modifying photographs or pictures. This software that wants a membership helps you to view EPS files.

  1. Activate the Illustrator software application from Adobe at
  2. Browse to the “File” menu and pick “Open.”Identify and acquire the EPS file in the dialogue box, then click or press the “Open” tab.
  3. The program itself will display the EPS file.
  4. The graphical or vector image can be adjusted to whatever you want, and the file is available for saving.

How to Open EPS File using CorelDraw 2020 Suite?

A professional or specialized application for drawing and modifying vector illustrations or images is the CorelDraw 2020 Suite. The software contains multiple states of effective tools for manipulating or modifying photos.

  1. Introducing the CorelDraw 2020 Suite application or program.
  2. Tap “Open” through the “File” menu.
  3. Identify and pick the EPS file in the dialogue box, then press the “Open” tab.
  4. The program itself will display the EPS file. This file can be altered or edited and saved.

How to Open EPS File on Mac using Inkscape

You can look into EPS files with Inkscape, a free professional or competent graphic design software. For resulting in and manipulating graphics, the software provides an extensive set of capabilities, featuring a capacity to add text, adjust colors, group and ungroup objects of desire, and do other vector editing functions or operations.

It is a cross-platform application that permits opening files with the .svg and other extensions. The displayed EPS graphic or image can be downloaded in various formats or sources.

  1. Download the program by visiting the Inkscape homepage or website at
  2. Configure the Inkscape program or application.
  3. Tap the “New Document” button or option on the “Time to Draw” tab to bring up a blank drawing panel or screen.
  4. In the highest left corner, pick the “File” tab and choose “Open.”
  5. Move to the “File of type” participation or input area in the dialogue box and pick Encapsulated PostScript, which is .eps.
  6. Search for your EPS file, and tap “Open.” The “PDF Import Settings” dialogue box will present an overview or preview of the EPS picture or image in the corner on the upper right.
  7. Tap the “OK” button while letting the settings be left. Inkscape has rendered the EPS picture on the present or active document.      

How to Convert an EPS File

Zamzar is a simple conversion tool that can be performed. The file can be converted for no cost into JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and many other categories or formats in your browser. Alternative programs comprise FileZigZag, which permits saving data to ODG, PPT, HTML, and other document file varieties.

To convert EPS to BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, and TIFF, install EPS Viewer. Through their File > Save As menus, the Illustrator and Photoshop programs can modify a currently opened EPS file. If you want to transform that format to a PSD file or one of many additional formats, including PPM, RAW, ICO, TIFF, or DXF, Photopea is an adequate option.

A different approach offline EPS converter you can employ is Filestar. Go to the EPS Capabilities or Skills page for an extensive overview of the exported formats that EPS supports structures. This program supports both Mac OS and Windows.

  1. Are EPS images considered bitmaps or vector files?

    Although regular vector document formats primarily contain vector files, EPS files may consist of bitmaps, vectors, or combinations.

  2. What are the features that differentiate EPS from SVG?

    There are numerous distinctions between EPS and SVG files. EPS is typically employed for printing and has a PostScript programming that defines how to organize or display the photograph or image. Meanwhile, SVG is a document in XML with straightforward indexing, browsing, and compression—essential features or options for graphics used on the internet or web.

  3. Is an EPS file an illustration or a vector file?

    EPS is a vector format that unites points across a picture employing mathematical execution. Vector photographs can be altered or resized without affecting sharpness or quality. Printing promotional products like billboards and other advertisements is where they are most commonly exploited.

  4. Would Photoshop Correct or Edit EPS Files?

    An EPS format in raster format can be accessed in Adobe Photoshop; however, you cannot modify the picture within it. Managing or editing EPS files necessitates graphics programs like Adobe CorelDraw, Inkscape, Illustrator, and GIMP capable of dealing with vector photographs or images.

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