How to Edit a Pdf file on iPhone or iPad – Easiest Way

The finest file format for use in business is a PDF, and editing and manipulating these files is becoming more and more necessary to finish significant tasks. The desire to work with files and documents while on the road is increasing along with the popularity of remote work. As a result, it is now necessary to change the text on PDFs everywhere people are working, not only in the office. The finest free PDF editors for the iPhone and iPad are highlighted in this simple guide.

Edit Pdf on iPhone

PDFs are the ideal business document type, but the text has historically been impossible to change without lengthy processes or expensive tools. With the rise of remote working comes an increased requirement to deal with files and documents on the go.

As a result, text on PDFs must now be edited not only at the office but also wherever individuals work. This issue has been solved by PDFelement for iOS, a flexible app for iPhone and iPad that offers simple and efficient editing capabilities for all your text-related PDF needs.

How to Edit Pdf on iPhone

The Markup tools may be used to modify a PDF in combination with the new PDF capabilities. How to add a blank page, complete a form, and more is shown here.

  1. Choose Files on your iPhone.
  2. Next, start a PDF document.
  3. The thumbnail page display is accessible by swiping right from the left side of your iPhone.
  4. The edit menu will appear if you press and hold on to a tab.
  5. After that Insert Blank Page by tapping it.
  6. Next, click the + symbol.
  7. The features may be added to your PDF document by tapping Text, Signature, or Magnifier.
Edit PDF Files
PDF Editor

How to Edit PDF on iPad

  1. Start by opening your browser and going to the Edit PDFs with Comments page.
  2. Choose a file by pressing the button. The location of the file, whether it is on your computer or on the cloud, will be requested of you.
  3. After clicking the file you wish to upload, log in. You may modify your PDF using a number of options that are provided. The resources at your disposal let you.
  4. Text that has been highlighted or added.
  5. Strikethrough or italicize text.
  6. Using a freehand pencil tool and a range of colors and thicknesses.
  7. You can sketch anywhere.
  8. You may download or print your document after closing the file.
  9. You may send the file to others by email or link using the “Share” button.

How to Edit PDFs with iPhone and iPad using Files App

The iOS Files app’s built-in capabilities include several basic PDF editing tools. Tap on the PDF file to open it after downloading or uploading it to the Files app.

  1. Load a PDF in the Files app on an iOS 15 device.
  2. The thumbnail page display, which would also appear immediately on an iPad, may be viewed by swiping right from the left side of your iPhone.
  3. To access the edit menu, touch or click twice on a page.

The page you’ve chosen will be at the top of the new edit menu, and then

  • Copy: the page copy will be added to the file at that location.
  • Rotate left: The page will turn to the left as a result.
  • Rotate right: The page will turn to the right as a result.
  • Insert Blank Page: By doing this, a blank page will be added where you may put whatever you need to.
  • Insert from File: You may add a different file to the open PDF if it’s already there in the Files app.
  • Scan Pages: Instead, this will insert whatever you need to scan into the PDF in the appropriate location.
  • Delete: this removes the selected page.
    • Can use Markup tools if you want to add a blank page, complete a form, or do any of these things.
    • To save your modifications, press Done.

How to Edit PDF on iPhone Online

To make comments to a Document online, simply follow these simple steps:


  1. From your iPhone or online storage (such as Google Drive or Dropbox), upload a PDF file.
  2. The control panel of the PDF editor may be used to scroll across pages.
  3. Use the tools in the appropriate menu to edit PDF. There are routines for undo and redo.
  4. When you’re prepared to save changes, click the “Export file” option.
  5. Get the revised PDF here.


Google Drive is yet another choice for importing PDF documents into Google Docs. Moreover, it has integrated OCR (optical character recognition), which pulls information from photos.

  1. Sign in to Google Drive at
  2. To find the PDF file you wish to upload, click and drag it into the file browser, choose New, and then press Upload a file.
  3. You may see the file in your docs as it uploads.
  4. To read the preview of the PDF you’ve submitted, tap on it. Use Google Documents to open.
  5. The PDF will then be instantly converted into an editable Google document by Google Docs.

Note: Remember that PDF editing is not available in Google Drive. In other words, you cannot fill out the form or convert the PDF to a Word document. The PDF can be converted or viewed as a document file. Just that. To edit PDF files, there are third-party applications that can link to Google Drive. First, open the PDF file and select Connect Other Applications from the Open with the menu.

  1. With an iPhone, how do you edit a PDF file?

    Search for the PDF you want to attach and modify, then select the Camera or Document option. Choose the grey arrow symbol after selecting the attachment. In order to edit the PDF, use the Markup button. To add a signature, text, and more, press the Plus button.

  2. Can I use my phone to edit a PDF?

    The Acrobat Pro tool provides a greater variety of customizable settings along with more intelligent and searchable capabilities. You and the people you collaborate with will find it easy and time-saving to be able to edit PDFs while on the road from your Android device, whether for work or personal usage.

  3. On iPhones, is Adobe PDF free?

    The open-source method for securely reading, marking up, and signing PDFs. Join to do more. Every paper document may be digitally captured and converted into a searchable PDF with high-quality text. With only your finger or a pen, you can complete, sign, and email any form from anywhere on any device.

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