How to Unblock a Number on iPhone/iPad

You may prevent a number from reaching you through calls, texts, and Facetime by blocking the number on your iPhone. But it’s possible that this isn’t always the goal. Sometimes you could unintentionally block a number you weren’t intended to, or you might block the number of the person closest to you because you and

How To Use NameDrop to Share Contacts on iPhone

You can share your phone number and other info about yourself with NameDrop on iOS devices, a compatible tool with or working with AirDrop. Place your iPhone closer to a different person who owns the iOS operating system to start using NameDrop. The two individuals or users must download the latest version of iOS 17 before being

How to Fix iMessage Doesn’t say Delivered on iPhone/iPad

Sometimes, iMessage will cease functioning, which is not unusual. Usually, the problem is minimal and is resolved quickly, but occasionally, communications are delayed for a considerable amount of time. A little red exclamation point appears next to messages that are unsuccessful in getting through. To start with, check to see whether the iMessage servers are

Apple Military Discount 2024 How to Avail it

As a gesture of gratitude to the brave men and women who serve in the Military, Apple goes the extra mile by offering a special military discount. This discount extends to a wide range of Apple products and services, including the popular music streaming service Apple Music. Through this initiative, military members and veterans can

Apple Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

The Apple student discount program on Apple gadgets is a fantastic opportunity for students to save on their coveted Apple devices. Apple recognizes students’ financial strains and aims to make its products more accessible. With the Apple Education Store, eligible students can enjoy exclusive discounts on the latest iPhones, Mac computers, iPads, and watches, ensuring

How to Fix iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS 17

Standby mode on the iPhone is an introduced feature in iOS 17 that aims to extend battery life by reducing background activity when the device is connected and charging. By enabling Standby mode, the iPhone automatically adjusts CPU performance, limits background app refresh, and reduces network activity. This results in battery savings during overnight periods.

How to Turn Off Contact Sharing in iOS 17 on iPhone

Contact sharing on an iPhone can be useful when exchanging information with others, but sometimes you may not want to share your details with everyone. In the iOS 17 update, Apple introduced a new feature called Name Drop which allows you to easily send or receive your contact information by placing the top of your

How to Fix Desktop Widgets Not Working on macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma Desktop Widgets is a feature Apple introduced in their macOS operating system. It aims to improve user productivity, accessibility, and customization. In the Sonoma release, Apple has integrated Desktop Widgets to allow users to conveniently access information and interact with apps directly from their desktop. There can be factors causing these widgets to

How to Fix the ‘AirPods Connected, But Sound Coming from Phone’ Issue

Apple AirPods are good wireless earphones, but they have issues like all other products. Many people who have used AirPods have problems with them from the beginning. These issues include AirPods connected, but the sound coming from the phone issues, the earbuds not maintaining a charge for an extended period, problems with the Bluetooth connection, and difficulties

Factory Reset Apple AirTag? Here are the Steps

Apple has recently introduced a new device called the Apple AirTag, which allows customers to track down their forgotten or misplaced personal belongings. In case you want to remove the first generated attachment while developing an alternate device, you can verify ways to completely factory reset Apple AirTag. Sometimes, you may want to add it

How to Create iPhone Mockups

Designers and developers find it crucial to create mockups for iPhones as part of their design process. These mockups provide a way to visualize and present their ideas before developing an iOS application or website. These representations aim to show how the final product will appear on an iPhone device, conveying design concepts, user interfaces,

How to Fix MacBook Battery Draining in Sleep Mode

Experiencing battery drainage while your MacBook is in sleep mode can be quite frustrating. It significantly decreases the amount of time your device can stay on standby. Sleep mode is meant to save energy by putting the system into a low-power state, making it easy to resume operation when you wake it up. By understanding

How to Customize Your Contact Poster on iPhone

iOS 17 and greater versions introduce several new features, including “Customize Your Contact Poster.” This feature allows you to personalize your contact image to your liking. You have the option of selecting a photo, choosing a font, and picking colors that appeal to you. Here’s how it works: If someone with an iPhone calls you

How to Set Up Your New iPhone

Set up a new iPhone is an exciting experience that ensures you can fully tap into the power of Apple’s cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s your first time unboxing an iPhone or you’re upgrading to a model, the setup process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. This initial configuration does not personalize your device. Also

How to Backup Your iPhone

Backup means recovering your files or data on your iPhone when it is lost, stolen, or not working for a long time. You can protect the files or data of many businesses and organizations with backup. Data backups should be done frequently, and the backup process should take time. If the iPhone is not working,

How to Customize Running Workout Display on Apple Watch

Customizing the Run Workout Screen on your Apple Watch enables you to personalize the information displayed while you’re running. This feature lets you choose which metrics and data you want to see at a glance, making your running experience more convenient and tailored to your preferences. By customizing the Run Workout screen, you can easily