How to Pay your NJ EZ Pass Bill & Purchase E-Z Pass Online at

If you travel on New Jersey’s roads or bridges, possessing an EZ Pass might save you money and time. The NJ E-Z Pass is not difficult to obtain and lets you bypass toll booths. In this simple guide, We learn how to get started if you don’t know how to apply for an EZ Pass in New Jersey. You will go through how to apply and pay for an E-ZPass in New Jersey. 

NJ E-ZPass

The New Jersey EZ Pass is a transponder tag that is affixed to your vehicle to pay tolls while you drive the state’s paid-for roadways. It is also compatible with certain other states’ toll systems.

To utilize the transponder, you must first set it in your car. The needed amount of money is immediately deducted from your account as you pass through the automated toll booth.

How to Pay NJ E-ZPass Bill Online?

The procedure is fairly simple, and it should be noted that the same approach may be used to pay for missing offences. This should be done within a week of not paying your toll charge. The following is a curated list of processes for paying toll bills online.

ezpass login new jersey

  1. On the selected browser, browse the e-zpass official website www.ezpassnj.com
    • Next will be a login/register box.
  2. Users will find a button that says “click here to log in/register” Press the button towards the bottom of the box.
  3. When you click, a new page will open. Your NJ E-ZPass login, password, and security message must be entered.
  4. Choose the login option once you’ve finished entering all of your information.
  5. Afterwards, your E-ZPASS account will securely log in.
  6. After the registration procedure is required before proceeding to the next payment stage.
  7. After signing in, proceed to the left screen and select the one-time payment option.
  8. Next, select the amount that must be paid in dollars and tap the Make Payment button.

How to Purchase E-ZPass in New Jersey Online

There are several methods to obtain an NJ EZ Pass. Signup for a transponder tag is the simplest approach. Here is a more complete list of how to apply for an EZPass in New Jersey.

  1. Signing up for a New Jersey toll pass online is the most convenient option. The state’s webpage may be found at
  2. When you go online, You can select between an individual and a company account.
  3. You must provide the important information, choose a payment method, and agree to the conditions.
  4. You will receive the transponder in the mail.

Is it possible to get my NJ EZ Pass Name tag at Walmart, and how much does it cost?

Drivers interested in purchasing toll road transponders can now do so at Walmart. Sixty-three Walmart locations in the state will now sell E-ZPass GoPaks for $41 onwards (expectedly) at their customer service counters. E-ZPass users save 25% on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on average.

The price of the GoPak includes a $35 toll balance. Purchasers can also set up an automated replenishment account, which will automatically withdraw $35 from another bank account when the replenishment account falls below a $10 balance.

Walmart charges a $3 one-time convenience fee, while E-ZPass has an annual price of $3. The GoPak contains a transponder that may be used on toll highways, bridges, and tunnels in Pennsylvania and 15 other states, such as New York and New Jersey, right away.

How Can I Pay a Missing E-ZPass toll in New Jersey?

If you have an E-ZPass account, you may pay your tolls online at the E-ZPass NJ website. If you do not have an E-ZPass account, you can pay by mail to NJ E-ZPass at P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650. You may also pay over the phone by dialling 973-368-1425.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your New Jersey E-ZPass Toll Bill?

The state may file a lawsuit and secure a judgment lien on the debtor. The state may also suspend or limit the debtor’s license and/or car registration.

List of EZ Pass Violations

  • Lesser funds.
  • Toll Evasion.
  • Transponder Error.
  • Speeding.
  • Mismatch of Class.
    • and others.

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