Easy Pay Login for APDCL Registration & Bill Payment at apdclrms.com

The government of Assam has introduced a Smart Revenue Management System through Mobile Application to Collect APDCL Bill Payment with Customer Bill Management through EasyPay. APDCL is a world-class organization dedicated to the development of the people of Assam in all aspects.

APDCL provides uninterrupted, reliable, safe, affordable, and quality electricity to our consumers at all times (24×7). They provide customers with more satisfaction than they expect by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with all our services.

APDCL Easy Pay

APDCL EasyPay is an application designed for easy, safe, and secure monthly revenue collection from APDCL electricity customers that can be operated from a Smart Phone through the use of a mobile app called “APDCL EasyPay” and the receipt can be instantly generated from a portable thermal printer, as well as payment billing acknowledgement and notification will be sent through the SMS instantly to the consumer’s registered mobile number.

The Agent is engaged and interlinked in the business of providing service related to bill collection from electricity consumers on behalf of APDCL, only with the help of an Android-based mobile app designed and maintained by APDCL named APDCL EasyPay. These services enable customers to make payments in close proximity.


The User or Customer of Assam Power Distribution Company Limited can log in to the APDCL EASYPAY Account Dashboard to view usage, monthly bills, payment status and etc.

  1. Visit the APDCL EasyPay Login Page at https://www.apdclrms.com/easypay/login.
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click on the login button.

After Successful login, you have redirected to the account dashboard linked with your connection.


APDCL RMS reflects Assam Power Distribution Company Limited Revenue Management System, and they generated APDCL RMS Login to manage all the state electricity distribution domain with presence throughout Assam.

Who Can Become an APDCL Easy Pay Agent?

The Agent is thus allowed to collect power bills from APDCL customers via the “APDCL EasyPay” mobile app.

  • The Agent lives in the working region permanently, i.e. within the jurisdiction of the concerned ESD with a valid electricity connection (self-certified, if in the name of an ancestor, and subject to verification by APDCL to its satisfaction) substantiated by the latest electricity bill.
  • There are no unpaid payments by the Agent of APDCL easy pay.
  • The Agent has or will set up a permanent contact point in the operational area (i.e. within the jurisdiction of the ESD)
  • The Agent is not an APDCL, AEGCL, or APGCL regular or permanent employee.
  • The TheEasyPay system will be emphasized in the rural areas (outside RAPDRP/IPDS ring-fenced areas) and in the areas with low revenue collection efficiency.
  • The regions operated by Collection Based Distribution Franchisees (CBDF) would be excluded from the EasyPay operation.
  • Only inside the appropriate ESD will the EasyPay representative be permitted to collect payments from consumers.
  • The system is solely designed for ESD retail customers.

APDCL EASY PAY Agent Registration

  1. Visit the APDCL Revenue Management System Registration Portal at https://www.apdclrms.com/easypay/agentRegistration
  2. Now agent gets the registration form.
  3. Enter the applicant’s Name and Residential Address.
    • Select the District.
    • PIN Code.
    • 12 Digit APDCL Consumer number
    • Mobile Number.
  4. Select the address proof type (choose one of the following documents Driving license, Passport, Bank passbook, or Adhaar card).
  5. Select the ID proof (choose one of the following documents Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, or Adhaar card).
  6. Now upload the address proof document.
  7. Now upload the ID proof document.
  8. Choose the option of Firm/Company Type: Option-I(Single App User), Option-II(Multiple App User).
  9. Upload Passport Size Photo.
  10. Is the consumer’s name on the electricity bill the same as the applicant’s name? select (Yes/No).
  11. Enter Company/Firm details.
  12. Tick mark on the Declaration.
  13. Click Save & Preview button

EASY PAY Agent Login

  1. Click on the below link or open it in the browser http://uat5yesmoney.easypay.co.in:5050/web-mpm/agentlogin
  2. Now enter the agent’s registered mobile number.
  3. Enter the Password and captcha then verify it.
  4. Click on the sign-in button.
  5. Now the agent will be directed to the dashboard


  1. Visit the APDCL RMS Portal and Select EasyPay Login at https://www.apdclrms.com/easypay/login
  2. Login as a User/Agent to reach the account dashboard
  3. Now enter the consumer number, then click on the take payment button.
  4. APDCL TMS EasyPay System Directed pending bill due amount and date will have appeared
  5. Click on confirm and make payment online using Debit, Credit, Net Banking, UPI and etc.
  6. Proceed with the Print receipt to take a copy of the easypay bill payment

Easy Pay App Download

APDCL Easy Pay is APDCL’s licensed mobile app for revenue collection by APDCL-authorized collection agents. This app’s targeted users are APDCL-authorized collection agents.

  • Download and Install the Easy pay mobile app from the google play store – Direct Link Here.

APDCL Easy Pay App Login

  1. After installation allows all permissions on demand.
  2. Now enter your username and password.
  3. Click on the Sign-in Button.
  4. now the user is directed to the Dashboard.
  5. From that make a payment by entering the consumer number and clicking on the take payment button.

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