How to Download GST Registration Certificate at

A GST Certificate (GST RC) is provided to those who have registered for GST. Those who have a GST registration certificate are required by law to properly display the certificate at their place of business. The procedure for downloading a GST certificate is rather simple.

The simple guide help to get your GST Certificate or GST RC online from the GST Portal in a simple manner.

GST Certificate

Any taxpayer who has successfully registered for Goods and Services Tax receives a GST Registration Certificate (GST RC) under form GST REG-06. The registration certificate is only available for download on the GST Portal, and the government does not provide physical certificates to Regular taxpayers, TCS, and TDS are the GST applications.

Form GST REG-06

GST Registration Certificate (GST RC) must be displayed at the taxpayer’s main place of business, as well as any additional locations listed on Form GST REG-06.

How to Download GST Certificate

  1. Go to the GST India Official website at
  2. After pressing “Login“, enter your username and password. In the form, enter the captcha code, and then click “Login“.
  3. After successfully login in, proceed to the ‘Services‘ tab and choose ‘User Services‘. Click ‘View/Download Certificate‘ from the drop-down menu.
  4. To get the Form GST REG-06 certificate, press the ‘Download‘ option on the screen. The certificate provides all of the information about tax transactions.

Validity of GST Certificate

Regular taxpayers’ GST registration certificates have no expiry date. As a result, as long as the GST registration is not submitted or deleted by the GST RC authorities, it remains valid.

However, the validity of a casual taxable person’s GST registration or a non-resident taxable person’s GST registration is limited to 90 days. The taxpayer can prolong the validity of the GST certificate or renew it when it expires.

Fee for GST Certificate

Generally, there is no cost associated with registering your business for GST however, we may charge a small fee for the assistance of our team’s professionals in helping you with registration.

How to Change your GST Registration Certificate?

  1. Access the GST Portal by entering your password and login information.
  2. Then tap “Registration” and choose “Amendment of Registration Core Fields” under the “Services” tab.
  3. Confirm any necessary modifications to any essential fields.
  4. Choose the Verification check box under the Verification tab.
  5. Select the Approved Signature from the drop-down list under the name of the authorized.
  6. Enter the name of the location in the Location box.
  7. You must digitally sign the Registration Amendment application using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), E-Signature, or EVC when you’ve finished filling it out.

What are the Advantages of GST Registration?

  • Certified as an authorized Goods or Service Vendor.
  • Accounting for taxes paid on supply items or services that can be used to reduce GST payable on goods or services provided by the business, or both.
  • Legally authorized to collect taxes from users and credit taxes paid on products or services given to customers or beneficiaries.
  • Become eligible for a number of other GST-Related benefits and advantages.

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