TS ZPGPF Slip 2024, Telangana ZPGPF Annual Slips 2024 PDF Download at zpgpf.telangana.gov.in

Zilla Parishad GPF Slips, also referred to as ZPGPF Slips, are important documents issued to government employees who are enrolled in the Telangana ZPGPF plan. When you work for the government in Telangana, you are surely aware of the TS Zilla Parishad GPF, which is a savings plan for government employees. Your yearly slip is a necessary record you receive as an employee in the TS Zilla Parishad GPF.

This slip includes important details regarding your GPF account, like your donations, interest earned, and balance. Employees who work as permanent employees with a regular pay scale, whether non-gazetted or gazetted or teachers, must enroll in the General Provident Fund (GPF) or Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund (ZPGPF). Lower-level employees with at least 5 Years of service or those with 10 Years or more of service can join the General Provident Fund.

Telangana ZPGPF Annual Slips 2024 Download

Telangana’s government has developed a new ZPGPF online service for state employees. This service was created to make it simple for every employee to check their ZPGPF annual slips. We have provided simple ways for TS employees to verify their General Provident Fund (GPF) slips on this website. Telangana teachers may also get their PF slips on annually.

ZPGPF employees can download account statements for the ZPGPF for the year 2024. This procedure applies to Telangana teachers and employees. Log in as a customer at epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/zpgpf/ and visit the website at https//zpgpf.telangana.gov.in/.

You can access and download your district ZPGPF slips from 2015 to 2024. These slips are also available at www.zpgpf.telangana.nic.in. Check the Telangana ZPGPF website for your Zillah Perished General Provident Fund’s yearly financial reports.

TS ZPGPF Slips 2024
TS ZPGPF Slips 2024

Telangana ZPGPF Portal

Employees can access their ZPGPF Telangana Slips via the ZPGPF Telangana web portal. The Telangana government’s only online gateway for downloading yearly account slips is the TS ZPGPF website.

This service benefits Telangana employees who want to view their ZP GPF yearly slips or GPF annual statements. The TS ZPGPF accounts are only available to Telangana State employees. To download the TS ZPGPF yearly account slips for any district where you work, you must first log in with the necessary information on this webpage. 

Employees utilize this TS ZPGPF online process because it avoids contacting district Panchayat offices to perform an offline method. Employees can easily access and check out their ZPGPF annual account slips for Telangana online.

Procedure to Retrieve ZPGPF Login Password

You were shown to have provided details about the default password for ZPGPF accounts, which is ‘emp12345‘, and recommended using ‘12345‘ with your account number. When this information is correct, given by ZPGPF employees, or available through the official website, follow the given steps.

  1. Go to the ZPGPF’s official login website at https://zpgpf.telangana.gov.in.
  2. Then, change ‘12345’ with ’emp’ followed by your ZPGPF account number as the password.
  3. After, log in with the default password.
  4. Now, you must have access to your ZPGPF account. It should be mentioned that using default passwords is usually not advised for security reasons.
  5. Once you successfully log in, it is suggested that you change your password to something more secure and different.

TS ZPGPF Ledger Cards

Telangana employees can also receive their ledger cards by visiting the TS ZPGPF website. Ledger cards are just an employee’s annual account slips. You must follow the easy instructions listed below.

  1. To visit the official website of the TS ZPGPF at https://epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/cs
  2. After, go to the main menu on the home page and check for the ‘ledger cards’ option in the drop-down menu. Select this option.
  3. Then, choose ‘financial year-wise ledger cards’ or ‘Annual Account Slips’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. You should now be able to access the ledger cards for selected financial years.

How to Download TS ZPGPF Annual Slips 2024 PDF

TS ZPGPF Slips are necessary for employees to verify their salaries and submit them to approved employees. The TS ZPGPF Annual Account Slips may be easily downloaded from the website. To finish the procedure, simply follow the steps provided below.

  1. Go to the Telangana ZPGPF website at https://epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/
  2. Afterward, select Zillah Praia Perished from the drop-down list on the home page.
  3. Then, get your GPF number and password from the required authority.
  4. Next, enter your Local GPF Number and Password In the given fields.
  5. After, type the given captcha code for verification.
  6. Once you click the Submit button, you’ll be sent to your TS ZPGPF account page.
  7. Select the selected year from the drop-down menu to download Annual Account Slips. Employees can access ledger cards for particular years online.
  8. Then, press on the ledger card for a particular year to display the report on the screen.
  9. Your ledger report for that year will show on your device’s screen.

Resolve Grievances on the TS ZPGPF Portal

Governments develop centralized problem-solving platforms. Check whether there is a government-wide platform for filing grievances, and if so, file your grievance there. Continue to save copies of any connections, including reference numbers, emails, or screenshots.

Suppose my information is current or has changed since my previous update. In that case, you should visit the official TS ZPGPF website or contact the appropriate authorities immediately for more recent and accurate details.

What is the password for the TS ZP GPF?

Telangana government employees in multiple departments have a TS ZPGPF Account Number. If an employee’s ZPGPF number is 123456, their password is emp123456.

What can I do if I find mistakes in my GPF slip?

If an employee finds any mistakes in their ZP GPF slips, they should download them from a website https://epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/ and then show them to the relevant authority.

How can I find out what my ZPGPF balance is?

Employees may regularly check their ZPGPF balance by visiting the official website https://epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/ or calling the correct department. The steps may need you to provide information such as your GPF account number.

What is the ZPGPF interest rate?

The government can set the interest rate on ZPGPF, which can change yearly. It is best to verify official notifications or call the relevant agency for the most up-to-date interest rates. Latest ZPGPF interest rates for following the official website.

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