TSGLI Policy Number 2024, TSGLI Bound Download at tsgli.telangana.gov.in

Employees of various Telangana state government organizations who are covered by the Telangana State Government Life Insurance (TSGLI) Scheme can now access their TSGLI Annual Account Slips for the year 2024 on the TSGLI Departmental official website at tsgli.telangana.gov.in.

They can view their policy information and download the yearly account slip from any location. To access the information, employees can use the ‘Policy Number Search’ option to retrieve their policy details and policy number, and the ‘Policy Status’ option to verify the status of their TSGLI Policy. It is important to keep your policy number updated as it is required for actions such as filing a claim or updating your personal information.

The TSGLIS is a life insurance policy specifically designed for Telangana government employees.

TSGLI Policy Number 2024
TSGLI Policy Number 2024

How to Know TSGLI Policy Number?

Following are a few methods to find your Telangana State GLI policy number.

  • You can also verify your policy number online if your company provides an online service for TSGLI. To retrieve your policy number, simply provide the information on your employee ID, name, and date of birth on the official website.
  • Refer to your insurance bond or document to get your policy number. Look for a document identified as ‘TSGLI Policy’ or ‘Government Life Insurance Policy’, and search at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Your policy number is shown on the pay slip. Check your recently issued pay slip for the TSGLI policy number.
  • When you are unable to identify your policy number, please contact the TSGLI department. Submit details about yourself, like your name, date of birth, and employee ID. Once confirming your identification, authorities will assist you in getting your insurance number.
  • This is necessary to keep your TSGLI plan policy number safe and secure after you have received it. These details are useful and may be required in the future. With this account number, you may easily access your insurance data, to confirm you are current to date on your coverage and advantages.

How to Know TSGLI Policy Number?

The Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department has enabled the ‘Find Policy Number’ or ‘Policy Number Search’ feature on its official website, tsgli.telangana.gov.in. By applying their login information, customers may view data and get their TSGLI policy number via the website. Customers may find their policy number by following the simple instructions listed below.

  1. Go to the Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department’s official website at tsgli.telangana.gov.in.
  2. On the TSGLI Department website, look for and choose the ‘Find Policy’ option in the Menu homepage.
  3. Then, you will be taken to the Policy Number Search page after clicking. Next, enter the required information on this page like your name, father’s name, birth date, and the given captcha code.
  4. After entering all of the necessary information, press the ‘Retrieve policy number’ option. The screen then shows your TSGLI Policy Number.
  5. Now, check all of the information on your TSGLI plan account. Then download and print the details, then save it for future use.

TSGLI Policy Number Updation

The Joint Director of Insurance Warangal released important guidelines for changing TSGLI Policy Numbers on the IFMIS website on January 18, 2020. The Employee Masters webpage will be updated accordingly, and the necessary directions and requirements are outlined in JD of Insurance Office Letter No. 07.

These guidelines apply to all District Officers in Warangal (Urban), Warangal (Rural), Jalgaon, Mahabubabad, and JS Bhupalpally to ensure proper insurance coverage. The aim is to simplify the services provided to policyholders by the Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department. For more information, you can visit the following website http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in.

Guidelines for TSGLI Policy Number Updation

The TSGLI Insurance office submitted instructions to the Honourable Minister for Finance. By using these instructions, preparations have been made to move TSGLI customer information via officially authorized transfers. Policyholders’ complete premiums will be electronically updated, replacing the previous laborious approach. This change wants to improve the efficiency and accuracy with which TSGLI subscription information is managed.

The received premiums are currently placed in inactivity until the subscriber takes corrective action. This is because the legal action amounts are regarded as unauthorized, which affects the validity of insurance coverage. Failure to send in a proposal form may result in a financial loss for the employee since it changes insurance benefits eligibility. To correct this problem, the customer must complete the proper corrective steps. In this case, the DDO is simply required under TSGLI Fund Rule 19 and government regulations published from time to time.

  • Send the correct application form for each employee to the District Insurance office.
  • Deduct the premium amount from each employee by the set percentages.
  • Simplify the issuing of employee policies based on the submitted request forms.
  • To provide accurate records, update the right policy numbers on the IFMIS website.

The following are the important points given by TSGLI Policy number upgrading.

Eligibility Based on Age:

  • Registration is open to everyone aged 19 to 56.
  • The maximum insurable age is 56, while the minimum is 19.

Process of Enrollment:

  • The first payment, premium, and proposal are all necessary.
  • Check and conform to the premium payment slab rates.
  • To avoid missing credits, correct insurance numbers must be indicated in the Schedule.

Premium Proposals and Submissions:

  • When the TSGLI premium increases, applicants submit request forms to get additional insurance.
  • Request forms must be submitted before the age of 56.

Premium Fees:

  • The premiums are low-cost.
  • Section 80C allows TSGLI premiums from income tax.

Contribution Limit:

  • Employees of the state government may give up to 20% of their base salary, depending on the slab rate.

Extension of the Scheme:

  • The TSGLI Scheme has been increased to involve municipal employees and teachers.

Importance of Policy Number:

  • A TSGLI Policy number is required to recover salary expenses.

What are the documents required for the TSGLI Policy?

To be eligible for the First Premium, the employee has to provide certain documentation. The documents are as follows:

  • Employee identification number
  • The current mobile phone number Xerox copy of the first page of the savings bank passbook
  • Employee’s Bank Account Number
  • Bank Branch Name
  • Bank IFSC Code

Important Instructions to TSGLI policyholders and DDOs:

The Drawing and Disbursing Officers are advised to collect the necessary TSGLI premium as specified in the Government instructions. This deduction should begin the day the employee receives his or her first salary, which should be the day the person begins working for the government.

  • TSGLI department rules apply to employees aged 21 to 53, including those who are newly hired and earning their first salary.
  • Employees can pay a premium of up to twenty percent of their money based on their health history, as per Government Order No.26, Finance and Planning Department. It is necessary to understand that insurance coverage for the risk of death will not be given until the premium increases and a request is made.
  • A required monthly premium is removed from their salary by Government Order No. 49, Finance Department. Each request form with deductible premium data is verified by the DDO.
  • If this fails to happen, coverage is a contract between the applicant and the department. As such, if the maturity/death happens, the insurance benefits are not paid.
  • If the policyholder is still on the current policy, proposals must be provided by the higher amount.

Instructions to be followed by policyholders/ DDO:

  • Check the policy number on the TSGLI monthly schedule for correctness. On the top page of the Employee’s Service Book, write down the policy number.
  • To get higher premium securities, submit a completed request form, approved by the DDO, to the related District Insurance Office every time the premium is increased.
  • DDOs are completely responsible for any possible legal issues if the requested document is not received and delivered to the Department on time. In these cases, the insurance agency is not responsible for any financial impacts.
  • Policyholders must get and verify the TSGLI annual account slip on a regular schedule from the website. If you are missing money, contact the proper district insurance office for assistance.
  • The policyholders can keep their policy number in their phone book using the name TSGLA for the convenience of remembering.

How can I verify TSGLI policy details?

All of this information may be found on the official website https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in, which provides information such as the policy number, date of birth, and phone number.

Where can I get my TSGLI policy number?

Your TSGLI policy number is usually printed on the policy bond or document you got when you signed up for the plan.

Can I get my TSGLI Annual Account Slip by entering my policy number?

If you know your policy number, you can usually connect to the TSGLI official website at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in to download your Annual Account Slip.

What are the advantages of the Tsgli policy?

Section 80C allows the TSGLI Premium to be deducted from income tax. Bonus rates are interesting. The current Bonus rate is Rs 100/- for every Rs 1000/- Sum Assured every year.

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