TSGLI Slips 2024, TSGLI Annual Account Slips 2024 PDF Download at tsgli.telangana.gov.in

TSGLI stands for ‘Telangana State Government Life Insurance’. It’s the plan to benefit Telangana employees by making it necessary for people employed by the state government. Employees invest a specific percentage of their salaries in this insurance. TSGLI was created in 2014, after serving as part of the Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund and the Andhra Pradesh State Government Life Insurance Fund. APGLI has become Telangana State Government Life Insurance after the separation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

TSGLI Policy, TSGLI Bond, TSGLI yearly slips, and TSGLI slips are all covered under the scheme. TSGLI Annual Slips 2024 are important documentation for Telangana insurance customers. These slips provide necessary details on the insurance customer’s policy details and payments. They also serve as confirmation of insurance for certain financial operations. Customers should carefully review their yearly slips, confirm their TSGLI status, and contact the TSGLI service if they have issues or questions.

TSGLI Telangana Portal

TSGLI Telangana Portal Insurance customers must carefully check these details to verify that their coverage has been maintained and that all premiums have been paid. Instead of providing important information about policy and payments, these yearly account slips serve as proof of insurance.

TSGLI Annual Account Slips 2024 PDF Download
TSGLI Annual Account Slips 2024 PDF Download

Customers may be asked to provide these documents as proof of coverage while trying to get loans, mortgages, or other financial services. It is necessary to note that if a policy customer does not receive their yearly account slip or includes any queries or issues about their coverage, they must reach out to the TSGLI scheme immediately. The customer service team is available to assist with any inquiries or problems.

Check TSGLI Basic Details

Telangana State Government Life Insurance (TSGLI) is a life insurance scheme in the Indian state of Telangana. The TSGLI Department sends yearly account slips, or statements, to policyholders annually. These slips provide necessary details regarding a person’s protection and payment of premiums, so policyholders should carefully read them.

The information on the yearly account slips includes the coverage amount, paid premiums, and the month and year of the most recent premium payment. The documents also indicate any overdue premiums and the payment due date.

TSGLI Annual Account Slips, Obtain Your Policy Details & Number

Employees and teachers can now download their annual accounting slips. It is suggested that you save these downloaded slips for future use. Report any mistakes or misplacements in your account slips to your manager or go to the office.

The TSGLI website allows you to download TSGLI yearly account slips and view your policy details, including the policy number. Employees can access and understand their TSGLI policy information directly from the website.

Complete TSGLI Information

Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department, or TSGLI Department, was founded to help its employees. TSGLI started working through ten district coverage offices during the formation of Telangana state, with the main office, the Department of Insurance, in Hyderabad.

TSGLI is a necessary life insurance plan for state government employees, along with two different required savings plans like GPF/EPF and GIS. Every state government employee who gets earnings from the Government of Telangana State’s 010 managing account is required to be protected under the TSGLI scheme.

TSGLI Annual Account Slips Download 2024

TSGLI employees may download TSGLI yearly account slips from the Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department’s official website. To download the TSGL yearly account slip, follow the steps given below.

  1. Visit the official website at https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/AnnualReport.aspx.
  2. Press the link that says ‘Download TSGLI Annual Account Slip’ on the home page.
  3. Provide your correct Policy number on the new page and choose the financial year from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Enter the captcha code and click the ‘View Report’ button.
  5. Next, the TSGLI annual accounts slip for the chosen financial year will be shown on your screen.
  6. You can now download or print your TSGLI annual account slips for 2024.

How to check TSGLI Policy Particulars?

TSGLI employees and teachers checking for missing credits on regularly confirm that your TSGLI account information is valid and up to date. Follow the steps to learn TSGLI Policy information at the TSGLI official website.

  1. Go to the official website at https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/PolicyDetails.aspx
  2. Find and press the ‘TSGLI Policy Details’ option on the home page.
  3. The TSGLI policy information will be shown on the new page.
  4. Next, enter your Policy number and your birth date.
  5. Then, type the captcha code shown in the image and select the ‘View Details’ option.
  6. Now, the TSGLI policy details will be shown on your screen.
  7. You can now download and print if required.

TSGLI Policy Number Search (Recover Your Policy No)

Follow the instructions below to find your TSGLI policy number on the TSGLI official website.

  1. Navigate to the official TSGLI website at https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/PolicyFinder.aspx.
  2. Locate and select the ‘TSGLI Policy No Search’ link on the main page.
  3. Enter your ‘Policy Holder Name’ in the required field.
  4. Next, enter your father’s name and enter your birth date.
  5. After, type the given captcha code and select the ‘View Details’ button.
  6. Now, your TSGLI policy number will appear on the screen.

TSGLI Policy Status Check

Checking your policy status keeps you up to date on the present status of your TSGLI policy. Follow the steps to check your TSGLI policy status at the TSGLI official website.

  1. Browse the official TSGLI website at https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/StatusofApplicant.aspx.
  2. After, locate and choose the ‘TSGLI Policy Status’ option on the home page.
  3. Next, provide your correct TSGLI Policy Number and enter the applicant’s name.
  4. Then select the proper category (Policy Issue / Loan / Claim) and choose the financial year.
  5. You need to submit the captcha code and press the ‘View Details’ button.
  6. The status of your TSGLI policy will be shown on your screen now.

How to Check TSGLI Missing Credits

To restore missed credits, the subscriber must provide information about their posts and also deduction information like month’s salary, premium/loan value, voucher or token number, and total APGLI plan validated by the DDO.

Once the challan makes the payment, the customer must provide information like the month, amount, challan number, challan amount, and date, which the DDO will confirm. Provide all policy numbers and employee names for which the Challan was paid. To get clearance for missed credits.

Prevention of Missing Credits

  • The Drawing Officers have to verify that the policy numbers in the list of policies match the policy numbers on the Department’s policy bonds.
  • When incorrect policy numbers are entered, premiums cannot be specific to separate accounts, causing missed credits.
  • Once the right insurance numbers have been entered, they cannot be changed on a monthly schedule.
  • More than once a year, employees must double-check their policy numbers in the every-month plan.
  • The policy number may be placed on the first page of the employee’s Service Register to generate a permanent document.
  • Drawing Officers can send organization employees to the District Insurance Office to correct the premium payments if any credits are missing. This provides proper documentation and correct premium crediting.

How may I receive my TSGLI yearly slip?

You may get your annual account slip by visiting the TSGLI official website at https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/AnnualReport.aspx or by calling the Telangana GLI Department’s customer service department.

Can I get another copy of my TSGLI slip if I misplace the original?

Yes, by calling the APGLI customer care department, you can request another copy of your yearly account slip. However, using your account credentials, you may get the yearly account slips from the Telangana GLI Department’s official website.

What are the advantages of the TSGLI policy?

TSGLI, the premium version, is protected from income tax under section 80C. The bonus rates are very interesting. The current bonus rates are maybe Rs 100/- for every Rs 1000/- Sum Assured annually. If you want exact information, visit the official TSGLI website.

When can I receive my TSGLI slip?

Annual account slips are available anytime if you pay your premiums on time. APGLI slips are available for policy customers to download from the official website.

What is the TSGLI customer care helpline number?

The TSGLI customer support number is 18772702162.

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