Airtel Mitra Login for Payments Bank Retailer Dashboard (Airtel BC Login)

airtel mitra login

Airtel Mitra Login Portal Introduced for Airtel Payments Bank Retailer Account Login to manage transactions through Airtel Tez Portal as Airtel BC Login… Airtel maintains an extensive sales and distribution network covering both rural and urban geographies across India, with approximately 1.2 million retail outlets taking our range of product offerings to end consumers. These outlets are serviced by over 9,000 distribution partners. Retail … .

Google Fit to Track your Fitness Activity, How to Track your Activity


People in today’s society are increasingly becoming more health-conscious, appreciating the value of exercise, and incorporating various training styles into their routines. A comparable tool from Google, Google Fit Activity Tracker, collects data from fitness trackers and health-focused applications to provide a summary of daily and weekly exercise and sleep activity. Google Fit Google Fit Activity Tracker will either wow you or be much too … .

Best Way to Get Rid of the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge

There is a Bing button on Microsoft Edge in the top-right corner. You may use it to search more effectively when using the browser. However, there is a simple method to turn off the browser from the settings page if you don’t want to utilize it.  We will walk you through the procedure in this post for removing the new Bing button from the Edge … .

How to Repost a Story on Instagram


You may share Instagram videos in a number of ways. The simplest method is to upload the video to your Instagram Story, where it may be seen by your followers for a whole day. You may capture the video using a screen recorder and then publish it to Instagram just like any other post if you’d want a more lasting repost. By doing this, it … .

110+ Best Cool Captions for Instagram in 2023


In many instances, captioning an Instagram post might be helpful. Whatever your reason, using Instagram captions is a great way to engage your followers and add some personality to your feed. The clever Instagram captions we’ve supplied for you on this page will help your profile and caption gain more followers. Cool Instagram Captions Short Cool Captions for Instagram Cool Instagram Captions for Boys

How to Reset Fitbit [2023]

Resetting the Fitbit device can be a helpful troubleshooting step when a user encounters issues with its functionality or if the user is planning to give it to someone else and wants to remove personal data. Resetting a Fitbit device restores it to its factory settings, erasing all stored data and customizations. The process may vary slightly depending on the specific model of your Fitbit … .

346+ Best Funny Captions for Instagram in 2023


Everybody needs a little humour in their lives. Life would be drab, uninteresting, and plain without a few jokes. The internet gives us plenty of opportunities to laugh and release tension when we need to. There is no shortage of humorous stuff available to view online, from videos of funny to movies of people making fools of them. Additionally, Instagram hosts a lot of this … .

HDMI Splitter for TV, Here Best HDMI Splitter for TV [2023]

An HDMI splitter is very basic electronic equipment that allows you to transport visuals or audio data from one HDMI source to two HDMI receivers, without considering cable size (see our guide on the differences). This might be beneficial if you have a TV and an audio system that you want to connect to another source but don’t have HDMI ARC or eARC. It’s also helpful if … .

Cannot be Opened Because the Developer Cannot be Verified on MAC? Here’s the Fix

Apple maintains a process in place that requires programmers to register with the business and present their apps for testing. Following this procedure, the creators’ applications are going to be made available to Apple customers. The business has implemented these safety measures to keep harmful malware from infecting devices used by customers. To make a third-party application accessible through the iOS app store, the developer must … .

How to Use Photoshop’s AI Generative Fill Tool

Adobe Photoshop recently released a new tool called Generative Fill, which uses AI technology called Firefly to help users enhance their photos in exciting ways. This tool allows users to easily extend photos, add or remove objects using simple text prompts and gives more control compared to other tools like Content-Aware Fill. By integrating Generative Fill into Photoshop, Adobe has made AI picture editing accessible … .

How to Restart Apple Watch

Restarting an Apple Watch fails to remove the information or settings but instead returns the watch to a usable condition. The Apple Watches rarely lose control, but if you find that they do, restart it immediately and reset it to factory settings when every other option fails. When your Apple Watch fails to respond for any reason, there are a few solutions you may do. … .

How to Turn off Incognito Mode

Exit the Incognito browser window if you want to depart incognito mode and return standard viewing. the Chrome browser will begin operating regularly in public browsing mode after you reboot ore restart it. For apparent causes, parents sometimes feel forced to navigate through their children’s browser histories. The incognito mode facilitates navigating without collecting any data. Lots of parents of growing youngsters are experiencing inclined for … .

How to Get Bard AI in Google Search Results

We are going to take you through many ways to include Bard AI in your search result experience in this detailed guide. You may boost your search for knowledge trips by accessing an entirely new level of smart replies with Google Bard AI. We’ll now get started and look at all of the ways to get Bard AI to appear in Google search results. Understand that … .

My Activity Today! How do I See My Google Activity

google my activity delete

‘My Activity’ is the main portal where you can see your Google Activities, including searches, sites you’ve visited, and movies you’ve viewed. It is important to note that while utilizing Google sites, applications, and services. They are preserved in your Google Account indefinitely. You can view or delete My Activity Google History by heading to ‘My Activity‘. It is also possible to discontinue storing the … .