My eBay Summary & How to Customize eBay Summary Home Page

The My eBay Summary page displays information about nearly every part of your eBay daily existence, such as your purchase history, a list of your most recently seen items, the status of your requests and offers on sale items, an overview of your buying history, the items you’re observing and the sellers and looks you have saved.

Your eBay homepage also features three separate sections at the top of the page that follow the eBay Activity, Messages, and Account. When you move using the mouse pointer above the Account tab, a drop-down menu appears.

The Account Settings drop-down menu takes you to sections where you can change your contact details, preferred payment and shipping addresses, notification and other communication options, and other website preferences.

eBay Summary

Once you go to my eBay on the eBay website, you will see a page containing details about your purchasing and selling activities, such as your history and the things you have available. This part is the eBay summary, and it is customizable, so you may order the information and view only what you prefer to see.

My eBay is where you can customize and control all of your eBay activity. Following registration, you’re customized My eBay profile allows you to keep track of the things you’re looking at and buying, as well as those you’ve previously purchased and sold. You may get to your My eBay homepage at any time by using the My eBay link in the top menu bar.

eBay Summary
eBay Summary

How to Customize My eBay Summary Home Page

Following the list provides a quick summary of everything you can do on your My eBay page, which includes how to track what you’re purchasing and selling, calculate how much you’re spending, and add categories to your customizable list.

Making a Personal

Before you start customizing your My eBay summary page, drag your mouse above the My eBay link in the top right-hand corner of any eBay page and select Summary from the drop-down menu. You may add, hide, or change features in each section of your My eBay summary page, as well as choose what types of information you want to view first every time you visit My eBay.

On the top left-hand side of your summary page display, you’ll see three tabs marked Activity, Messages, and Account. Each of these tabs may also be customized.

Selecting a Homepage and Customizing the Activity Tab

  • Selecting the menu on the left on your Activity tab will take you to sections like Purchase History or Saved Searches, and you may choose to make the provided page your My eBay summary home page.
  • This option is available by choosing a link in the top-right corner under “Tell Us What You Think” which says “Make Purchase History Your My eBay Homepage” or “Make Saved Searches Your My eBay Homepage“.
  • After that, whenever you access My eBay summary, this page is going to be the first to show. This allows you to find all of your bought items or saved searches using just a couple of clicks. Just click on the arrows in the menu bar on the left side of the display to customize your Activity tab. It enables you to make visible or hide the Buy, Lists, and Sell drop-down menu options.

Quickly Access Your Personal Account Information

  • Once you click on the Account tab on the top left side of your My eBay summary page in the standard manner, you’ll see an extensive amount of important information shown in different information fields.
  • Each field has two arrows, with one going up and the other pointing down. You may reorganize the data boxes using these arrows so that you can quickly view the information that is most valuable to you while pressing unnecessary data to the bottom of the page.
  • Just click the downward or upward arrow as many times as necessary to move the provided box to your selected page location. Your My eBay summary view will be saved and will stay the same every time you sign in for viewing your eBay account details and status.

How To Download Financial Statements on My eBay Summary

While every document will be accessible for download in Seller Hub, your financial statement, tax invoice, and Form 1099-K are also going to be available on eBay. These documents can be used to verify your own records with eBay’s records.

For the financial balance of this information, we advise that you speak with your financial advisor. The documents that are available in Seller Hub are shown below, along with directions for downloading every single one.

Your financial statement gives details of your monthly account activities. This is in PDF format. Every month, you’ll get an email notifying you that your financial statement is ready for download. Within your financial statement, you’ll identify an overview of your sales activities as well as a complete account of your transactions for that month, providing information on orders, complaints, refunds, payment issues, payments, fees, credits, and more. To get your financial statement from Seller Hub or My eBay, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Payments tab in Seller Hub or the Payments tab in my eBay at
  2. Choose the Reports option.
  3. Statements should be selected.
  4. Choose Download after the statement you want to download.
  5. Select from the Summary or Full statement.
  6. Now you can download financial statements on eBay.

How to Add & Delete on My eBay Summary

While removing an eBay listing page summary is simple, it is critical to follow the appropriate process to avoid any complications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to deleting an eBay listing.

  1. Go to your Seller Hub after logging into your eBay account.
  2. View your active listings by selecting “Active” from the Listings menu.
  3. Find the listing to be deleted and select the box with a checkmark next to it.
  4. Select “Actions” from the dropdown menu and then the “End listing” option.
  5. Select the cause for the listing’s deletion and click the “Continue” button.
  6. If the product has bidding or deals, you must cancel them before deleting the listing. You need to perform and follow the on-screen directions.

How can I modify my eBay homepage summary?

Selecting a homepage and customizing the activity tab and selecting the left-hand menu on your activity tab will take you to separate pages like purchase history or saved searches, and you may choose to make the provided page your My eBay summary home page.

How can I create a seller account on eBay?

Sign in or create an eBay account, then navigate to the My eBay tab and click the Selling option. To begin, go to the Selling Overview page and click List a Product.

When must I delete a listing from eBay?

Here are many reasons why you would want to delete an eBay listing. Such as selling the product on a fresh website, being not able to sell the item due to storage damage, or trying to sell the item in an alternative listing format than at first published.

How can I get in touch with eBay customer service?

Visit to customer service link, scroll to the bottom of the website, and click Contact Us. Call 18669619253 if you find fraud on your eBay account.

How can I remove my eBay history?

You are unable to completely remove products from your purchase history; however, you may hide anything purchased within the previous 60 days. Here, select the More Actions menu next to the thing you want to hide. Select hide this particular thing.

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