How to Create a ‘Go Home’ Shortcut for Your Android Phones Google Maps Navigation

Creatin a ‘Go Home’ Shortcut in Google Maps, it’s always the best choice to reach any destination or find any location in quick time to home. Google Maps and Navigation Has been an excellent feature that describes the direction turn by turn. The direction becomes easier when you save your Home Address in Google Maps. Individuals can save their home location and make it as ‘Home’ to save in the application.

Google Maps does decrease the time for searching the location which we frequently visit or try to locate regularly. One time process to add the preferred location in Google Maps Pin, with the respective Hint names will save your time in the future.

There is nothing much needed to create these Google Maps shortcuts, as the individual has to confirm the PIN location and name it with any preferred address. In case if you have multiple points to be covered in a day regularly or you’re trying to move to a new place, then you mark all newly visited places with their names in shortcuts.

Create a ‘Go Home’ Shortcut for Your Android Phone

How to create ‘Go Home’ Shortcuts in Google Maps

Let us go through in detail how to get the Google Maps shortcuts created in your Application and get the location saved for your future use.

  • Launch the Google Maps by and search for your desired location
  • Or pin the location of your home when you’re at exact location
  • Long press on the address and click on to save the location
  • Name the location as home or work or any desired name
  • Confirm the location and click on save to fix the mark

That’s it! The location mark will be saved in your Google Maps and it will always be available at the top in the search, to choose when you are on your way towards your home.

How to Create ‘Go Home‘ Shortcut on Mobile Screen

Google Maps does allow the individual to save the home location shortcut on your screen, which does quickly helps to fix the destination location from your current point.

  • Get the Google Direction Widget download form the App store
  • Fix the widget on your home screen by tap and hold on it
  • Now launch the widget and move the pin to location from Maps
  • Long press on it and name the location with any desired name
  • Or select any name form the list provided in the widget
  • Save the changes and your work to save your location is done

That’s it! Whenever you launch the widget, the widget will load the direction from Google Maps and navigate you to the home location from any point, without allowing you to enter the home location every time.

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