How to Make a “Go Home” Directions Shortcut on iPhone

Go Home Directions Shortcut on iPhone: Do you timely visit the same place numerous times and every time you do you need to enter the address on your iPhone maps? But do you know you can even create a map directions shortcut to your most visited place on your home screen?

Go Home Directions

So if you are interested in learning more about how you can preset your preferred locations like your home, office or nearby grocery store then you can follow the below instructions that will help you create a “Go Home” directions shortcut on your iPhone such as Google Take Me Home to Navigate me home.

Please note that though the process is shown for iPhone exclusively you can do the same for other iOS handheld devices such as iPad, iPad Pro and more.

Navigate me home

Make a “Go Home” Directions Shortcut on iPhone

Siri go home

Do you know that Siri with a voice note “Take me home” can open the directions to your home? But how does it do it? Well before Siri is able to take your commands, the iPhone has to recognize your location as home and in order to do so, you have to follow the below instructions to turn on Significant locations.

Turn on Significant Locations

  • Go to settings > Click on Privacy > Location Services > System Services
  • Under System, Services click on the “Significant Locations” option

Under this, you will find the location history that will group addresses that you have visited multiple times and you have to select the group name for these as Home, Office or Nearby Grocery Store.

In this, future, you can just tell Siri commands to “Take me home”, “Take me Office”, “Take me Nearby Grocery Store

Create Go Home Directions Shortcut on iPhone using Shortcuts App

In case you have issues with your Siri command or don’t like to use it much then it’s best to create a Go Home directions shortcut on your iPhone device.

You might have used the Shortcuts app on your iPhone device many times, we will be making use of the same Shortcuts app to create the Go Home directions shortcut.

  • Type in “Shortcuts” on your iPhone’s search bar and select the Shortcuts app.
  • On the Shortcuts app, click on My Shortcuts and click on the add icon (+).
  • Next, give the shortcut a name as “Go Home” and then add the action “Shows Directions”.
  • Under this select your destination location on the Maps as your home and then click “Add to Home Screen” option.

Now open your apps page and go to the last page where you can find the Go Home Shortcuts app which you can now move to either homepage or your selected page that will enable you to find directions to your home easily.

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