Samsung Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

Samsung Student Discount 2024 is from the Samsung Education Store with great deals. It’s accessible for current full-time or part-time students or education workers of accredited educational institutions with a valid email address ending in Customers can claim their Samsung offer by including all essential information like device IMEI number and purchase date.

Samsung offers a student discount on Galaxy devices, including smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches, and monitors. Users are given a new digital student ID in their Wallet app. Galaxy users can pull up their campus cards on Samsung, particularly with A, S, OR Z series devices. This allows them to access facilities and food at a tap around supported institutions, similar to using Samsung Pay.

Samsung Student Discount

Samsung Student Discount is offered by Samsung as a support system to students and education workers. It helps students access some of the products they couldn’t have accessed. The offer provides affordable products to numerous students, and they can save.

Students enjoy up to 30% off all their purchases, including Galaxy phones, 4K TVs, Chromebooks, etc., which makes schooling more affordable. With the Samsung student discount, students can save up to 10% on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Samsung Student Discount 2024
Samsung Student Discount 2024

Students can log in with their student email IDs and get themselves a hold of the Samsung student discount. They can access student-only discounts with no-cost EMIs and instant bank cashback on Samsung laptops. Using the program, students can also enjoy:

  • Student-special discount.
  • Bundle offers.
  • Samsung Exchange Program.
  • Free insurance.
  • Dedicated support.

How to Get Samsung Student Discount

Students can log in with their Student email IDs and grab the Samsung student discount. They can also sign up for student IDs at UNiDAYS or Student Beans. The following tips should guide students, parents/guardians, and educational workers to get the Samsung Student Discount Offer 2024.

  • Students should visit the Samsung website.
  • Now, input the student email ID.
  • Key in the OTP sent via your email.
  • Browse through and shop any range of Samsung products offered at a discount after validating your OTP.
  • Next, select a program for you to get limited-time deals by signing up with an existing Educational Program, or you can also register for a new one.

How to Apply for Samsung Student Discount

Students should have an online account to access the Samsung Student Discount. The account is redeemed online, from where the discount is applied automatically during checkout.

Students can use their personal or educational email addresses to sign up for Samsung accounts. The signing-in for students under 18 years old is done with the parents’/ guardians’ consent.

  1. Login into the Samsung Education Store portal at
  2. For unregistered users, sign up for the Samsung account, while the registered users should log in to their accounts.
  3. Provide the school email address- to validate access to the store.
  4. Next, verify your account using the link sent to the confirmation email.
  5. Navigate to the store using the Samsung account after a successful verification to start shopping.

Who is Eligible for Samsung Student Discount 2024?

Samsung Student Discount is valid for all students aged 18 years or above and parents/ guardians of students under 18 years who are currently enrolled in private or public higher education institutions.

Recent graduates or persons with a Totum card via the old version should acquire an alumni card. The alumni card helps them access all the same discounts without having to be enrolled in the educational institution.

How to Verify Student Status for Samsung Student Discount 2024

Students can use sites like UNiDAYS or Student Beans to verify their student status for the retailer. The Samsung Student Discount allows students to use smartphones, tablets, websites, televisions, etc., on a Samsung Account, which is a built-in membership service.

  • Sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Key in your ID and password.
  • Navigate to security and choose two-step verification.
  • Hit the Authenticator app to continue.
  • Type in the verification codes sent to your registered phone.
  • Tap verify to complete the signing-in process.         

Does Samsung Offer Student Discount in 2024

Yes. Samsung offers student discounts worth between 15%-30% to students, educators, and students’ parents. The discount covers 15% off Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360, free earbuds, and 30% off Samsung Care.

Does Samsung Student Discount limit customers on how many products to purchase?

 Samsung student discount limits customers to up to four sets of home appliance accessories, four mobile accessories, and six smart things products. One can purchase up to two products per product category, email address, or shipping address within 12 months with exclusive offers provided by the Samsung program.

Can all students get Samsung student discounts?

Yes. You can prove your student status if you are enrolled at any institution. One can easily sign up for a UniDAYS account, which gives you access to the Samsung student store. You’ll need a university or personal email address to prove your student status with the UNiDAYS. Both full-time, part-time, and distance learning students should be able to sign up and enjoy the offers.

Can I get my products delivered freely?

Samsung Education Store offers free delivery on Galaxy smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches. Free delivery on TVs and monitors applies to specific areas. The customer should review the delivery details at checkout.

What payment methods does the Samsung student discount accept?

Students can pay for orders on Samsung student discount through cash on delivery (COD), credit card, Gcash, and microfinancing.

Can one transfer the discount on the Samsung Education Store to someone else?

No. The Samsung Student Discount can’t be transferred to someone else since the discounted prices are for the sole benefit of the eligible student or employee of the education institution. The email addresses of the eligible users ending in to access the Samsung Education Store.

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