Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement [Guide]

Replacing the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with a few simple steps. If the filter needs to be replaced, the indicator on the fridge will blink or change color. In the event of any issues, troubleshooting the Samsung refrigerator or fridge water filter can help resolve the problem.

Drinking fresh and flavorful water would make you crave more. Moreover, it keeps the consumer’s body free from diseases caused by chemicals and bacteria. Tech innovations have come up with incredible water purification gadgets like water filters. Water filters promote good-tasting and quality water by changing its odor and removing unwanted bacteria.

They are simple gadgets, anyone, even electronically unskilled individuals, can install in the fridge. This article contains guidelines on replacing and resetting the water filter and some of the issues that may occur together with their solutions.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung products are among the most efficient and preferred products in the market. Samsung refrigerator water filters are remarkable gadgets that reduce water contamination by removing impurities. In them are suitable physical barriers that cleanse water to great extents through sieving and absorption of chemicals and bacteria present in water.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter
Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung refrigerators have three different types of water filters depending on their model. Consulting your refrigerator’s user manual would enlighten you on the suitable water filter for your refrigerator.

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How to Change or Replace Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Do you know you can replace your Samsung refrigerator water filter in a snap? Your Samsung water filter will need to be replaced after six months. It is vital to replace your refrigerator water filter to consume good quality, harmless, and sweet-tasting water. Moreover, failure to replace a water filter may damage your fridge by causing buildup deposition and scaling in the water and ice machine.

 If you are unsure of the months your Samsung refrigerator has lasted, you can always check the indicator light on your fridge. It may turn red or light up if it was unlit before. However, if the speed at which the water dispenses changes, replace the filter even though there is no light indication on your refrigerator. To replace your Samsung refrigerator water filter, follow the mentioned steps below;

  1. Switch off the water supply and locate the filter using your user manual.
  2. Remove the filter’s cover and unlock the filter by rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Drag the filter to the outer side to remove it from the filter compartment.
  4. Remove the upper casing of the new filter and insert it in the filter housing.
  5. Firmly fix the filter by rotating it in the clockwise direction.
  6. Ensure your lock symbol alights with the indicator line.

How to Reset the Water Filter on a Samsung Refrigerator

The filter light indicator will inform you about your filter functioning. A blue or green illumination signifies that your filter is in good working condition, while an orange, red, or light pink hue would indicate that your water filter needs replacement. If your filter indicator light illuminates, but the filter is in good working condition, you can reset using the guidelines indicated below;

  • Under your refrigerator’s control panel, locate the Ice maker or Water filter buttons.
  • Press either of the options depending on your refrigerator’s model, for three seconds.
  • The filter indication will automatically be reset.

After the water filter replacement in the Samsung refrigerator, you need to reset it by following the simple steps below;

  • Progress to the Control panel on your refrigerator.
  • Locate the Filter Reset button.
  • Long press the Filter Rest Button for three seconds until the usual color of the light is restored.

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Light or Indicator

It is frustrating to see the light indicator on your refrigerator illuminating even after replacing the filter. You do not need to worry since you can reset the indicator light within seconds. However, if there is a light indication on your refrigerator, but the water pressure and the ice production is normal, note that your filter is in good working condition.

Do not replace it but instead reset the light indication. The filter indicator light should turn off or change its color to blue immediately after resetting.

Perform the task below to reset your water filter indication light after replacement;

  • Consult your user manual and move to the control panel of your refrigerator.
  • Find the Alarm button on the left side of the control panel
  • Press on the Alarm button for approximately 5 seconds until the indicator light turns off

Samsung Refrigerator Rater Filter Troubleshooting

Your water filter may not be as swift as you want. You may encounter some issues during its installation and reset. However, you can solve them without replacing the filters. Some of the problems water filter users experience and their solutions are stated below.

  • The filter light indicator illuminates, yet you have not replaced the filter. The filter may have been installed correctly or needs replacement. Move to the filter housing and check whether the filter has been installed correctly. If it is well installed, consider replacing it with a new one.
  • The light indicator of the filter hues even after replacing the filter. The Filter reset button may be having an issue. Long-press the filter reset button for approximately three seconds to solve the problem.
  • The filter reset button fails to work. Your filter reset button may be having a fault. Contact the Samsung customer service for a replacement.
  • The filter light indicator still hues even after replacing the filter and pressing the reset button. This indicates that the filter and your Samsung fridge are not compatible. Consult the owner’s manual to ensure you use the correct water filter.
  • The filter light still illuminates even after trying all the above options. Your Samsung fridge may be having a fault. Contact the Samsung helpdesk for assistance.

What are the most suitable places to purchase a replacement filter for my Samsung fridge?

You can purchase good-working and quality Samsung water filters from major retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more.

When is the best time to replace your Samsung refrigerator water filter?

A Samsung refrigerator needs to be replaced after six months or after dispensing approximately 450 gallons of water. A water filter will be worn out for places with hard water after four months. Therefore you will need to replace it after four months or earlier.

What happens when the Filter light indicator flashes red?

Your Samsung fridge will display a red flash on the filter light indicator when the water filter needs to be replaced.

What happens if you fail to replace your Samsung water filter?

Failure to replace a water filter may damage your fridge by causing buildup deposition and scaling in the water and ice machine. The water quality fluctuates, and the consumer gets exposed to harmful bacteria.

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