Bharat Brand Rice at Rs. 29/- Per KG

Today, the budget was introduced in Parliament by Finance Minister Sitharaman. However, the budget has disappointed many sections, as it did not include any significant decisions. One noteworthy announcement made in this budget concerns rice.

The government plans to sell rice at Rs. 29 per kilogram through retail outlets, and an official announcement will be made soon. Before the general elections, Modi Sarkar presented an interim budget, but it too lacked any major announcements.

The government also announced a new housing scheme that will enable those living in rented houses and slums to buy or construct a house at affordable prices. The Ayushman Bharat scheme will also apply to Anganwadis and Asha workers.

Bharat Brand Rice Price 2024
Bharat Brand Rice Price 2024

Additionally, the budget clarified that up to 300 units of free electricity will be provided to one crore houses under the rooftop solar scheme. Finally, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also mentioned Bharat Rice in the budget.

According to reliable sources, the government has decided to sell subsidized rice under the brand name Bharat Rice through retail outlets starting next week, in an effort to control the rising prices. It is expected that an official announcement will be made soon regarding the sale of 29,000 kilograms of rice.

Currently, the prices of rice have skyrocketed, with small grain rice selling for Rs. 50 to 60 per kilogram in the retail market. As a result, the government has taken measures to curb the price hike by selling rice at a subsidized rate.

The government is currently selling Bharat Atta (wheat flour) at a price of Rs. 60k and selling it for Rs. 27.50k per kg. As part of this initiative, Bharat brand rice will be sold at a lower price.

The issue of rising rice prices has been a concern in India for some time, and the government has recently taken several measures to address it, including a ban on non-basmati rice exports and a ban on basmati rice.

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