Reverse Image Search? How to Search from your Phone

Depending on the mobile browser you use, it might not be obvious how to conduct a reverse image search from your mobile device right away. The simplest solution we’ve found is to download and use Google’s free Chrome browser for iOS or Android.

Reverse Image Search

The built-in capability of this particular browser makes it quick and easy to perform reverse image searches. With Google Lens, you may discover additional information about a picture or the surrounding items. Take a photo of a plant, for example, and use it to search for information or comparable images.

What you learn after searching…

Your outcomes may be:

  • Results of a search for the image’s features
  • The same pictures
  • Websites displaying the picture or one that is comparable

Google Reverse Image Search

You may search for related pictures by uploading an image or entering an image URL using Google’s “Search by Image” tool, which does a reverse image search. This is performed by analyzing the image you’ve uploaded and looking for similar ones using powerful algorithms.

  • On a PC is simple to utilise. Go to and click on the search box on the little camera symbol.
  • You may now drag a picture into the search box, upload an image from your hard drive, or input the URL for an image you’ve seen online.

Using a Mobile Device to Reverse Image Search

  • Download Google’s Chrome browser for iOS or Android if you wish to perform reverse image searches on your iOS or Android phone or tablet.
  • The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both provide the browser for no charge.
  • Now, all you have to do to search for a picture on your phone while using the Chrome browser app is tap and hold it when you discover it.
  • Simply hit “Search Google for This Image” in the menu that will display on your screen once you’ve done the long press, and Google will use its nifty “Search by Image” capability.

Use the Search results’ picture Search feature

  • Go to Google Images on your iPad or Android phone.
  • Look for a picture.
  • Tap the picture.
  • To search inside the image, press the upper right corner.

Search using a website’s Picture

  • On your Android smartphone or tablet, launch the Google app. Chrome app, Google app, etc.
  • Access the image’s website.
  • Touch the picture and hold it.
  • Tap Google Lens to search for images.
  • If a search button is present on the object, touch it to find the object in a picture.
  • Tap Select picture region then drags the box’s corners around the area you want to find in the image.
  • Scroll down to view the results of web searches.

Important Note: You must set Google as your preferred search engine in order to use a website picture in a Chrome app search.

Search with an image saved on your phone

  • Open the Google app on your Android device. App by Google.
  • Tap Discover at the bottom.
  • Tap Google Lens in the search box. The Google Lens symbol will appear.

Important Note: Android tablets currently do not support this functionality.

Take a Photo or Submit one to assist with your Search

Take a picture Use your camera to point at something, then select Search Search.

To submit a current picture: Select a photo by tapping the Photo Picker Gallery.

Select the Region for your search

  • Use an element from the picture: Tap Select if it’s accessible on the object.
  • Use a picture clip in part: Select a section of the image by tapping it, and then drag the box’s corners to enclose your choice.
  • To view the search results, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Note: Choose a smaller region on the image to narrow down your search results. and additional information about Google image search here.

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