How to Use AirTags with Android

This article explains how to utilize AirTag on Android. An application like “Tracker Detect” may use AirTag with Android. On the Google Play Store, you may find this app. Thanks to it, you may use your Android device to track your AirTag.

The only catch is that using an iPhone or iPad is necessary to set up the AirTag. You may use the app on your Android device to track the AirTag’s location once it has been configured and connected to your iCloud account.

Does AirTags Work With Android?

Bluetooth detection is still possible when an AirTag is used with an Android handset. Android users who have set up and registered an AirTag with an Apple ID can use the Find My app on their devices to track the position of an AirTag. In addition, if the owner has configured it, an Android user who finds an AirTag can tap it with an NFC-capable Android handset to access the owner’s contact details.

Because Android devices don’t have the same level of deep integration as Apple devices, several capabilities, like Precision Finding, accessible on iOS, could not be available on Android. But you may still utilize the fundamental tracking and locating features.

AirTags with Android
AirTags with Android

How to Use AirTags With Android

Apple has made a new software that enables Android mobile devices to identify Apple AirTags or other trackers that may have been misplaced or exploited to follow the Android user. “Tracker Detect” is the program’s name; you can get it from the Google Play Store.

  • Your Android smartphone needs to have the Tracker Detect software installed and open.
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, a page with simply the word “Scan” as an option will appear. Just tap Scan now.
  • Any AirTag that has left the vicinity of its owner will be sought after by Tracker Detect.

How to Scan For AirTags on Android

You must download a Bluetooth scanner app on your Android device to search for AirTags. You may use a Bluetooth scanner app to hunt for an unidentified Bluetooth device made by Apple and using its signal strength to find it. Here is how to use Android to search for AirTags:

  1. Get the last known position of your lost AirTag using the Find My program on your Mac, then get there.
  2. Get a Bluetooth scanning app for your phone and install it.
  3. Find an unidentified gadget and examine its specifications.
  4. View the nameless device’s manufacturer-specific information.
  5. Move about in the same general area while watching the device’s signal strength that you believe may be an AirTag.
  6. The signal intensity increases as you approach the AirTag, and the signal strength decreases as you move farther away.
  7. Once you’ve located the AirTag, use your phone’s NFC reader to scan it and make sure it’s the one you’re searching for.

How to Scan an AirTag on Android

You can try the following actions to scan an AirTag on an Android device:

  1. Ensure your Android smartphone is using the most recent operating system version.
  2. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and type “Find My Device” by Google into the search bar.
  3. The “Find My Device” app should be downloaded and opened.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure and enable the app with the required permissions.
  5. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in the settings of your Android smartphone.
  6. Open the “Find My Device” app and seek for a button that says something like “Scan for Bluetooth devices” or “Scan for nearby devices.”
  7. Your Android device will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices as soon as you start the scanning process.
  8. If an AirTag is found nearby by your Android smartphone, it should show up in the list of accessible devices.
  9. To read additional information or carry out any applicable actions, tap the AirTag entry.

AirTag Alternatives for Android Users

Several solutions on the market offer comparable tracking features if you’re an Android user obtaining an alternative to Apple’s AirTag. Here are a few well-liked options:

Tile Mate: Popular Bluetooth tracker Tile Mate is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You may use the Tile app to find your items on a map or call the tracker to discover them.

Samsung SmartTag: Users of the Samsung Galaxy may utilize Samsung SmartTag, although it also functions with other Android devices. It offers location monitoring and various capabilities, including finding missing items using augmented reality and ringing the tag.

Chipolo ONE: The flexible Bluetooth tracker Chipolo ONE works with iOS and Android devices. To assist you in discovering misplaced items, it provides features including item finding, separation warnings, and community search.

Nutale Focus Smart Tracker: With support for iOS and Android, Nutale Focus is a small Bluetooth tracker. The battery is conveniently removable and offers real-time tracking and location history.

TrackR Pixel: Android and iOS smartphones are supported by the little and vibrant Bluetooth tracker known as TrackR Pixel. To assist in discovering misplaced objects, it provides item locating, separation warnings, and a crowd-funding tool.

  1. What is the working of AirTag?

    They may contact you with the lost item and AirTag when they bring their phone close to the AirTag to see your personalized message with personal contact information. The ability to return AirTags is available for NFC-capable smartphones; therefore, Android users may also use this function.

  2. How do Android users recognize AirTags?

    Each AirTag and Find My tracker discovered by the AirGuard software will be saved locally on the Android device using Bluetooth scans of the Android smartphone. The software will identify a tracker once it is found by it several times.

  3. Which AirTag tracker app is the best?

    There is now an app available if you have an Android phone and still wish to be able to find nearby AirTag devices. According to researchers, even Apple’s solution falls short when warning Android users about the presence of AirTags. This program is called AirGuard.

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