How to Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

Resetting an Apple HomePod should only be done as a last resort, although it may at times resolve persistent issues and is strictly essential if you intend to sell or gift the speaker. Here are several techniques for resetting a HomePod or HomePod mini.

Resetting An Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini is a simple thing by following options from the settings of the device along with other ways. This simple guide explains how to reset the Apple HomePod using the Home App, iPhone, MAC, or PC Manually.

How to Reset HomePod and HomePod Mini with Home App

You may also try resetting your HomePod using the Home app on your iPhone or iPad rather than doing it directly on the device. This is an excellent option if your HomePod isn’t nearby or you want to do it remotely.

Using the Home app, perform the following steps to reset your HomePod:

  1. Use your iPhone or iPad to launch the Home app.
  2. Simply tap the relevant HomePod.
  3. To find the Settings, scroll below.
  4. Reset HomePod by tapping it.
  5. To say that choose Reset.

How to Reset HomePod on iPhone

You may reset your HomePod mini immediately from your iPhone or iPad after logging into the Home app using the Apple ID that was used to configure your HomePod.

  1. The HomePod small tile may be seen in the Home app.
  2. On the tile, apply pressure and hold it there.
  3. The Reset HomePod option may be found by scrolling down the menu.
Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini
Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

How to Reset a Mac or PC with a HomePod Mini

A Mac or PC may be used for restoring your HomePod mini. Select your HomePod mini in iTunes after connecting it to your computer using a USB-C connection.

  1. Using a USB-C data connection, join your PC and the HomePod. The finest one is the one that comes with the speaker.
  2. Choose it when your HomePod shows under Locations in Finder on a Mac. Then choose Restore HomePod.
  3. Activate iTunes on a Windows computer. Upon detection, select Restore HomePod and then choose your HomePod.

How to Reset the HomePod Without Using an iPhone

When you have trouble detaching the HomePod from your iPhone, you may use this approach to reset the HomePod mini. You must complete the following.

  1. Remove the power cord from your HomePod. Reconnect the plug once ten seconds have passed.
  2. Afterwards, hold down the HomePod mini’s top while waiting 10 seconds.
  3. Even after the white spinning light changes to a red one, keep your finger placed on the HomePod.
  4. The HomePod will then reset, as announced by Siri. Three beeps will then follow.
  5. The HomePod is now available for you to take your finger off of.

How to Manually Reset the HomePod or HomePod Mini

You may manually reset the HomePod or HomePod mini directly on the device if you need to reset it for whatever reason and are unable to do it through the Home App because it isn’t listed there or you don’t have the smartphone you used for pairing.

  1. Wait five seconds after unplugging your HomePod.
  2. Connect your HomePod once again.
  3. Lay your finger down on the Touch Panel and keep it there.
  4. Keep pressing the Touch Panel with your finger while the spinning Siri light changes from white to red. Don’t take your finger off.
  5. After hearing Siri announce that your HomePod is ready to reset and hearing three beeps, remove your finger from the device.
  6. All device settings will be reset as a result of this operation, and you will have to re-register your HomePod with your iPhone or iPad.

What Happens when you do a Reset Apple HomePod?

When troubleshooting or if you wish to give the speaker away, resetting your HomePod mini might be helpful. When you restore a HomePod mini to factory settings, the gadget functions just like it did when you first got it. The speaker will permanently delete all of your settings and preferences. If you wish to use it again, you must set it up as a new device.

How much time does it take HomePod to reset?

Unplug your HomePod, wait ten seconds, then connect it back in to reset it without a Mac or iOS device. After waiting for 5 seconds, plug it back in. Then, press and hold the device’s centre button until you hear three beeps. Wait 10 seconds after unplugging your HomePod.

How does the HomePod Mini reset work?

When you restore your HomePod mini, it is reset and updated with the newest software. Employing the included USB-C connector, connect the HomePod mini to your computer. Take a moment to wait. Whenever you use a Mac, open a Finder window.

How can my HomePod be entirely reset?

Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac while logged in with the Apple ID you used while configuring HomePod. Touch or click the HomePod. A settings button will appear; click it or scroll down to HomePod settings. Decide on Reset HomePod.

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