Factory Reset Apple AirTag? Here are the Steps

Apple has recently introduced a new device called the Apple AirTag, which allows customers to track down their forgotten or misplaced personal belongings. In case you want to remove the first generated attachment while developing an alternate device, you can verify ways to completely factory reset Apple AirTag.

Sometimes, you may want to add it to another Apple account and remove it from the current one. You will have to start over if previous users relocated the AirTag from the username and password for Apple ID, but the person using it was beyond the AirTag’s range of Bluetooth devices.

However, after making a factory reset from the previous Apple ID, you could quickly add a gadget to AirTag.

AirTag Factory Reset

In general terms, the only proper justifications for resetting an AirTag are if you obtained one, although somebody neglected to disconnect it or intentionally put one on you without your authorization. A summary of something to do if you’ve decided to take the “resetting” path.

  1. Gently turn the stainless steel battery covering in the opposite direction when providing pressure to it to remove it. You can eliminate it whenever the component that spins pauses.
  2. Please take out the battery pack and subsequently refill it. Maybe today happens to be an excellent opportunity for adding something fresh.
  3. Hold the pack of new or old batteries gently until you notice an audible noise. You can determine that the energy source has been connected through this.
  4. Change out all components four more times while ensuring you detect audio every time.
  5. If you hear an entirely distinct fifth sound, the AirTag has been prepared to be attached and get set up all over again.
AirTag Factory Reset
AirTag Factory Reset

AirTag Factory Reset using Find My App.

Using the Apple Find My app, several methods exist to reset everything on your AirTag. The Apple ID you are using should have been free of the AirTag.

  1. Please use the Find My app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. The Items tab can be opened, and Press on the brand name of the AirTag you would like to reset following discovering it.
  3. Please press the ” More ” button, then push it up to bring it out.
  4. Find Remove Item.
  5. To remove the AirTag from your Apple ID, complete all of the instructions displayed on the screen.

Make use of the Battery’s Power to Reset the AirTag.

  1. The AirTag’s stainless steel battery cover can be released by applying power while twisting anticlockwise.
  2. The battery and cover should be separated.
  3. During a bit of interruption, replace the battery pack.
  4. The battery ought to generate a clicking noise as you increase pressure.
  5. Another time, proceed through five steps.
  6. We are going now to execute a complete system reset on the AirTag.
  7. Before associating or pairing it with your Apple ID, you must disconnect an AirTag previously connected with an additional Apple ID account if you want to reset it.

AirTag Factory Reset Manually

The instructions for manual factory resetting an Apple AirTag are outlined in the following order.

  1. Get off of the battery cover or cap. Your AirTag’s battery cover consists of polished stainless steel. Press downwards onto it to rotate it in the opposite direction to an anticlockwise orientation when it ceases to exist.
  2. Pull the battery away and Switch out the battery pack.
  3. The battery should make a clicking sound as you apply force. When the battery generates such a sound, it is interconnected.
  4. Another time, precede through five steps. Each time you pressure on the battery, there is supposed to be an audible sound, generating five sounds or noises. Compared to the first of the four, the 5th sound is distinctive or different.
  5. Set a new battery cover on. Connect the three slots or openings on your AirTag with the three tabs on the front of the surface. Release the body forcefully. The cap should be twisted in the opposite direction once it pauses.
  6. Since the device has been reset, your AirTag is set up to associate with an alternate device.

Listed below are a few other decisions worth considering while resetting an AirTag.

  • An AirTag that is not associated with a device must now be reset. Before attempting to reset your AirTag, it’s necessary to disconnect it from whatever device it is currently communicating with.
  • Whenever you reset an AirTag, every last of the stored data is erased, especially your customized sounds or noises, name, and position history.
  • Before activating an AirTag that has been reset, ensure you have correctly wiped all its original data. Each of the techniques outlined above may be utilized to undertake this.

How many AirTags are permitted?

Anyone can track no fewer than sixteen objects simultaneously with an ID issued by Apple with a maximum of 16 AirTags.

Is AirTags repairable?

Apple will offer an obligation-free diagnosis, inspection, evaluation, or proposal for maintenance expenditure, whatever the cause, whether the issue at hand is with your AirTag or whatever device you intend to pair it to.

Are AirTags WiFi required in order?

Apple AirTags cannot communicate with WiFi.

Waterproof AirTags, are they?

The answer is no is the reply that’s given. They are, but exceedingly water-resistant. This suggests that they can be performed outdoors in rainy conditions.

Why is my AirTag not going to connect?

Following this, activate your iPhone by opening it up. The moving picture ought to reappear after an absence of a maximum of fifteen seconds. Ensure that only one AirTag is constantly close to your device if you begin setting up multiple AirTags. Reset your AirTag if it cannot link to your device.

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