How to Fix iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS 17

Standby mode on the iPhone is an introduced feature in iOS 17 that aims to extend battery life by reducing background activity when the device is connected and charging. By enabling Standby mode, the iPhone automatically adjusts CPU performance, limits background app refresh, and reduces network activity. This results in battery savings during overnight periods.

The standby mode is a function of iPhones as it helps conserve battery life and keeps the device operational when not actively used. It allows the phone to enter a low power state when the screen turns off, notifications are paused, and background processes are minimized.

However, some users have experienced issues with standby mode not functioning as expected on newer iOS versions like iOS 17. In this article, we will delve into reasons why iPhone standby mode may not work correctly and offer troubleshooting steps to address these issues effectively.

Fix iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS
Fix iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS

Why is iPhone Standby Mode Not Functioning Properly on iOS 17?

There can be reasons why the Standby Mode on iPhone may not function properly in iOS 17. Some common factors to consider are:

Standby mode might not be enabled: By default, iOS 17 has Standby mode turned on, but it’s possible to disable it. To verify if Standby mode is enabled, navigate to Settings, then “StandBy.” Ensure that the toggle switch is in the “on” position.

Low Power Mode might be activated: When Low Power Mode is enabled, it disables the Standby mode functionality. Therefore, Standby mode will not work as intended if you have Low Power Mode.

Using a third-party charger: If you’re using a charger from a brand not officially certified by Apple (MFi certified), the standby mode might not function correctly. MFi, which stands for “Made for iPhone,” indicates that Apple has verified the charger’s compliance with quality and safety requirements.

There is a bug in iOS 17: There seems to be an issue with iOS 17 wherein Standby mode may not function correctly. Apple regularly releases software updates to address bugs, so it is plausible that a future update for iOS will resolve the Standby mode issues caused by this bug.

How can Fix the “iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS 17” Problem?

To ensure the functionality of Standby mode on your iPhone, make sure it is positioned in landscape orientation and tilted at an angle. If your iPhone is running hot, it is advisable to refrain from using the Standby mode. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can attempt to resolve the issue of “iPhone Standby Mode Not Working on iOS 17”:

Restart Your iPhone: Sometimes, when you encounter software issues, a straightforward solution could be to restart your iPhone. You can try turning it off and then turning it back on again.

Update iOS: Make sure your iPhone has the up-to-date version of iOS installed. Apple often releases updates with bug fixes and enhancements that could potentially resolve any problems related to the mode.

Check Battery Usage: Look at your battery usage stats in the “Settings” menu under “Battery.” Watch for apps or services that seem to be draining much battery power while your device is on standby. If you encounter any activity, it might be worth disabling or removing the responsible app.

Use an MFi-certified charger: Standby mode might not function correctly if you utilize a charger from a brand that does not have MFi certification.

Disable Push Email: If you have email accounts with notifications, you might want to switch them to fetch or fetch. Push emails can result in background activity.

Reset Network Settings: To reset the network settings, go to “Settings, “then select “General, “and finally choose “Reset.” This option is useful if you’re experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi or cellular connection impacting the mode.

Disable and re-enable Standby mode: Head to the “Settings” menu, then select “StandBy.” Switch off Standby mode. Then, switch it back on again.

Factory Reset: If none of the methods proves successful, you can initiate a factory reset. Before proceeding, it is essential to back up your data, as this action will remove all content and settings on your device. To perform a factory reset, navigate to the “Settings” menu and then “General” choose “Reset “. Finally, opt for “Erase All Content and Settings.”

Background App Refresh: Go to “Settings.” Then, navigate to “General” and “Background App Refresh.” Take a look at the list of apps allowed to refresh in the background. If there are any apps that you don’t want to update, you can turn off the background option for those specific apps.

Check for Rogue Apps: If your device is experiencing levels of background activity, it might be worth considering uninstalling or updating any third-party apps that could be causing this problem.

Contact Apple Support: If the issue continues, contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for help. They have expertise in diagnosing and resolving problems.

Can iOS 17 Specific Updates Fix Standby Mode Issues?

Yes, Apple frequently rolls out updates for iOS to fix any software bugs and improve performance. It’s crucial to keep your device updated to benefit from issue resolutions.

Why is my iPhone not entering standby mode on iOS 17?

There are reasons for this, such as apps running in the background, incorrect settings, or a software error. Following troubleshooting steps can help identify the source of the issue.

How can I check if standby mode is working on iOS 17?

To ensure that standby mode works properly, you can verify its functionality by examining battery usage data and monitoring any background processes while the screen is inactive.

Why is my iPhone’s Battery Draining Quickly on iOS 17?

If the standby mode isn’t working correctly, it could result in the battery draining. To resolve this problem, you can investigate any apps or unnecessary background processes running.

Can third-party apps cause standby mode issues on iOS 17?

Yes, if you have third-party applications running excessively in the background, it can affect the mode of your device. It’s advisable to check. If necessary, uninstall or update any apps causing this issue.

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