How to Use iMessage on Android

A sophisticated and favored messaging platform in order Apple iMessage offers you to communicate with as well as get secured or encrypted text, pictures, videos, voice memos, and even more. The knowledge that iMessage is unsuitable for Android devices is an important issue for an extensive number of folks.

To be more accurate or precise, iMessage absolutely cannot work on Android-powered mobile devices. There is, however, an alternative if one is granted the willingness. And several exceptionally intelligent people helped make it happen due to stated they absolutely wanted to be able to apply iMessage on Android mobile phones.

How to Use iMessage on Android?

Android smartphone owners are unable to utilize iMessage in any regulated method. To get iMessage to operate functioning on Android phones and tablets there are a number of third-party applications that are able to be implemented.

These programs perform by transmitting your messages to across a server to your Android phone or tablet. The most prevalent Android iMessage applications from third parties oroutside develoers are weMessage, TinCan, and AirMessage.

Use iMessage on Android
Use iMessage on Android

All regarding these applications necessitate a Mac computer having macOS 10.10 Yosemite or a subsequent version, and there was also the server side software to be updated on your Mac computer beforehand you were able to download the application on a smartphone running Android and start communicating with iMessage.

Extremely important for one to understand that such programs need consistency. They could occasionally not activate and they could not always be functional with every one of the iMessage functionality. If you must, they may constitute an efficient way for enabling iMessage functioning properly on Android phones.

The following are the requirements for taking advantage of AirMessage to connect to iMessage on a smartphone running Android.

  1. Obtain the macOS server software from the AirMessage homepage at
  2. The operating system on your Mac is supposed to have the server-related software activated.
  3. Begin the AirMessage server application.
  4. Make use of your Apple ID in order to sign in to the server that hosts the software.
  5. In order to ensure that your smartphone or tablet with Android can reach the AirMessage server, configure forwarding for ports on your Mac computer.
  6. You ought to download the AirMessage application for Android phones.
  7. Start the AirMessage program and insert your AirMessage server’s location and the username and password.
  8. On the Android version of your gadget, messaging with and receiving iMessages should now be accessible.

Listed below are some prohibitions for Android users with regard to AirMessage:

  • A computer equipped with a Mac machine executing macOS 10.10 Yosemite or another subsequent version needs to be installed.
  • Your Mac computer has to be constantly executing the AirMessage network.
  • It is possible that there might occur a few seconds during transmitting and receiving messages. Not each and every iMessage functionality is implemented.
  • Taking everything thought out, AirMessage is an effective means to enable iMessage to operate on Smartphones. When to making use of it, it’s of the utmost importance to be advised of its prohibitions or limitations.

How to Setting up AirMessage on an Android device?

AirMessage: having undergone previously been traditionally limited to these specific platforms as well Apple’s messaging program is growing increasingly common gradually. Even so, AirMessage is now making it simple to communicate with your family and friends through discussions in groups, photographs, videos, and voice messages.

Following you’ll find a short, sequentially instructional for activating AirMessage.

On your Mac computer, set up the server application from Being on your Mac computer, launch the server from Upload the newly downloaded program to your programs folder whenever it is finished being launched.

On your Mac, activate the internet server application: A message congratulating you will pop up and you are going to have the opportunity to modify your username and password. Currently, conform to the prompts on your gadget in order to give permission for the messenger program to retrieve and transmit messages.

On your computer, update the sleep mode settings: In order to move information repeatedly and the application will give instructions you regarding how to get around this.

Adjust your device’s USB forwarding port towards on: In order to do so it is able to create an automatic Wi-Fi association with your handheld device and the program is going to guide you on what to do so you can accomplish these.

  1. You ought to acquire the AirMessage application for Android phones.
  2. Run the application you just downloaded; simply participation the username as well as the password for the server that you are using.
  3. With an Android device, compose the inaugural iMessage.
  4. How to Use Using iMessage on your Android device?

Once you make use of a software program like AirMessage, you’re really receiving iMessages transmitted to your computer’s Apple PC. The correspondence will be sent from the computer using the smartphone application to Android-powered smartphones and tablets. As a result of this, your cell phone with Android isn’t properly operating iMessage.

You may have noticed that your iMessages reflect on different people’s phones because they’re generated from the email address you use compared to your cell phone number given that the conversations are being forwarded by means of your personal computer.

How to Set up weMessage to Use iMessage on Android?

WeMessage to communicate is a Mac software that uses of the iMessage technology for transmitting messages. These communications are all provided onto WeMessage in the same way. Then copied to iMessage for further usage enabling Apple’s protection for sending and receiving messages among iOS, macOS, and Android devices.

Cell phones running Android aren’t able to function as iMessage, and this makes it one of the most significant differences between iPhone and Android. WeMessage, a tool, is a single means of working around Apple’s oversight over iMessage, meanwhile.

  1. WeMessage demands the Java language be enabled on the operating system of your Mac. By navigating to Applications and then tapping Utilities, followed by setting up the Terminal app certain is installed by default on the machine you’re using, you may confirm that you installed it. Once loading the Java programming language, push return.
  2. Once you have done that, download the operating system’s version of weMessage.
  3. To get started with WeMessage, double-click the run. command document situated in the weMessage folder. Tap the Apple logo in addition to System Preferences over Security & Privacy compared with General, and then choose Open Anyway if you find a message stating that the program may not be performed due to the programmer is unclear.
  4. The second thing to do is in order to make sure your Mac’s availability capacities are available. Pick the Privacy tab from the System Preferences in addition to Security & Privacy screen, followed by choosing Enabled or Accessibility.
  5. To gain access to the settings on your device, tap the security lock logo in the far lower left corner. Insert the username and username that you want to get into your Mac while offered.
  6. Pick the plus icon, and subsequently go to Applications in addition to Utilities on your hard drive disc.
  7. Access or Open through the choice of Terminal.
  8. To begin running the application, simply double-click run.command twice another time. When you accomplish this, a Terminal window will pop up.
  9. The electronic mail deal affiliated with your iMessage membership.
  10. Provide a password following.

How to Configure weMessage on Mac?

The following guidelines will help you how to configure weMessage on your Mac

  1. Through the weMessage internet presence, obtain and install the weServer program.
  2. Run the weServer application and enter in using your Apple ID.
  3. Copy the secret Internet Protocol (IP) address of your Mac. Navigate to System Preferences in addition to Network over to Advanced and then follow to TCP/IP to identify it.
  4. On your smartphone or tablet with Android, run the WeMessage application.
  5. Put the private Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of your Mac in the “Server Address” provisions of the weMessage program.
  6. Sign In” ought to have been tapped.
  7. If contact synchronization has been set up, you will be invited to permit the weMessage software authorization to get to your list of contacts.
  8. The contacts you have are going to sync with the weMessage application soon after you consent to accessibility.
  9. On the Android version of your gadget, messaging with and receiving iMessages ought to now be authorized.

Listed below are several additional configuration or customization considerations regarding WeMessage:

  • Access the weMessage smartphone application, tap Settings, and then press the “Contact Sync” item or option to enable Contacts information synchronization purposes.
  • Validate that your Mac and Android smartphone has been assigned to the precise same network of things if you are having complications communicating with the weServer.
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that your initial Internet Protocol (“IP”) address is unobtainable, you might also use a failover IP address to access the Internet.

How to Set up weMessage on Android?

  1. Retrieve the weMessage program or application from the Google Play Store onto your smartphone or tablet running Android.
  2. Run WeMessage on your smartphone with Android.
  3. Press Continue.
  4. To allow this application to view your device settings, tap OKAY on the Permissions Error dialogue or message box.
  5. To authorize weMessage connectivity, tap the button opposite Allow altering system settings whenever Settings occurs.
  6. If you want to return to the smartphone application, press the back arrow at the top of the page.
  7. Pick WeMessage afterward Set as standard or default whenever required about choosing a default text message or SMS application. Upon the “help” box, press OKAY.
  8. If you want to enable interactions between the program and your computer’s operating system, put the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of your computer inside. If you have any questions, investigate the procedure to identify your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address.
  9. Type the password you picked during the activation before combined with your iMessage email address to complete the setup.
  10. If everything has been configured or set up accurately, you’re going to receive a display with a listing of your previous conversations. If the text bubbles are blue each time you text an iPhone in order to determine if you can send and receive iMessages from the Android operating system, that means it’s operational.
  1. Is it attainable to iMessage on an Android device?

    SMS, which stands for or simply text messaging, is the company’s official name for delivering iMessages from an iPhone to a smartphone featuring Android in addition to vice versa. Any other type of phone or gadget on the market is capable of transmitting SMS text messages to a smartphone running Android.

  2. How do I acknowledge onto iMessage?

    If you possess an iPhone, enrolling for iMessage seems very simple. Using a Mac, all you’re required to do is simply log in to your iMessage account through your Apple ID to get started.

  3. My iMessages aren’t delivering; why?

    Apparently, you have tried to get in touch with someone at the wrong phone number or email address you entered. Refresh once more beforehand continuing to send out a message. Or probably all your device needed is a restart or refresh or reboot. Inspect your computer’s internet connection alongside.

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