How to store data online for free using Google drive

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to store tons of data online for free by using Google service called G drive option which allows Gmail users to have 15 gigabytes of free space online. They can upload/save/delete any kind of data using G drive. Earlier Google used to allot less than 15 Gigabytes of space but it changed it policy and started giving 15 Gigabytes of space from long time.
I’ve been storing my data online using this service. The only thing required for this is a Gmail account. One can sign up for his Gmail account and later get his G drive space from Google.
You can also upload or open your Google drive from your desktop .So; Google offers you an valuable application to start G drive directly from your desktop. By this method, you need not to go to browser and follow a lengthily process to start your G drive.

What can you upload online?
You can upload anything in your G drive but the stuff you upload should not be an obstacle to Google G drive policy. They also give you a special feature to upload files together/one-by one or upload the whole folder. Google folder upload option is only available in Google chrome browser.


Go to your Gmail if you have one or else sign up for a Gmail account.
After creating a new Gmail account, go to Google Drive option. It’s simple to understand and ease. This will be your first step, not too hard.


Above image shows you how to use G drive easily.
All the steps to be followed are numbered in sequence, so follow them to upload data online using G drive.
Can we increase storage capacity beyond 15 Gigabytes?
Yes you can obviously increase you G drive allotted space to given packages.
Google also allow users to increase their storage capacity by paying to Google directly. Below two images shows you various plans that buyers can get. even their prices and ranges are given.

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