How to Download eMails from GMail through

Google Takeout is a platform that allows you to export and download a copy of several sorts of data that are currently stored in your Google account, such as Drive or Mail. You have the option of storing the data locally on your computer or uploading it to another third-party cloud storage service. This guide describes how to download Gmail email data with Google Takeout and how to use it in common scenarios.

Emails Data Export from GMail

You may download and export your data from Gmail. Data that has not been removed can be downloaded. You can save the data in an archive or utilize it in another service. It’s a terrific method for Gmail users to preserve messages and download data.

How to Download or Exports your Emails from Gmail

  1. First, visit Google Takeout after signing onto your Google account.
  2. To stop all of your Google data from being exported, tap “Deselect all“.
  3. Mail” can be chosen from the list of Google products.
  4. Use the “All mail data included” to specify the information you wish to export.
  5. Then select “Next step” to continue.
  6. Send download link over email” should be selected as the default option.
  7. Let the Frequency setting at Export once.
  8. Underneath File type & size, you may change the file type and size of your export. The default settings are. ZIP and 2GB.
  9. Choose the Create export button.
  10. Follow the steps outlined above in the section Download your data using Google Takeout to get your data.
Gmail Download
Gmail Download

How to Download Single Email from Gmail

  1. Using your device, sign in to your Gmail account at
  2. Next, choose the email thread you wish to save. Emails may be downloaded from any folder or place in your Gmail account, even the trash.
  3. To open a pull-down menu with various email options, tap the three vertical dots tab.
  4. Next, you may download your email by clicking the “Download message” option.
  5. After selecting the download message command, a popup with a folder location displays.
  6. Then, choose the file location where you wish to store the email as. eml or pdf file and click “Save.”

How to Export Specific Labelled Emails in Bulk

Bulk email downloads from Gmail Users may export Gmail emails into MBOX file format by using Google Takeout, another built-in function of Gmail.

  • Sign in using your Gmail account at
  • Deselect all by selecting it, and Verify the Mail option as you scroll down the page.
  • Then choose Included in all mail data, then Use a particular Label for your export here, and then press OK.
  • Tap the Next step button after that. Should choose the file type, frequency, and destination, and then tap Create Export.
  • An export progress status message will appear. You will receive mail on your Gmail account in a few days.
  • Choose the Download your File option and the files are stored as a Zip file, try unzipping it.
  • Ultimately, you will understand. Your Gmail emails are stored in Mbox format.

How to Download Gmail Data through

You may use Google Takeout to export or archive outdated files to clear up space or keep them on hard drives or other cloud services. You may also get data from Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Dropbox, including information about your searches and travels.

How to Export Gmail Data to your Google Drive

You have the option to download all of your Google Drive files and documents or just a select few. Everything produced or stored in Google Documents, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Drawings, Jamboard, and Sites falls under this category.

  1. Then, visit Google Takeout after signing onto your Google account.
  2. Choose the menu to extend it, and select data to include.
  3. Swipe down to Drive (Google Drive).
  4. To access the Drive content settings menu, press the All Drive data included tab.
  5. Then choose the specific folders you want to download or select Include all Drivebox files and folders.
  6. By selecting the Advanced Settings option, which opens the Drive — advanced settings menu, you may add more details.

How to Export your Gmail Data to Dropbox

The steps listed below can be used to export your Google data to a Dropbox account that is personal (not affiliated with UM).

  • Adhere to the guidelines in the Initial Steps section.
  • Inside the Products category, in the top-right corner, tap Deselect All.
  • Track down Drive by scrolling down the page. There’s a tick next to Drive.
  • Check the boxes next to both of the Extra Files choices by clicking Advanced settings. Choose OK.
  • On the Entire Drive Data Included button. All folders in your My Drive will be shown by the tool.
  • You can choose to transfer individual folders by checking or unchecking the “Include all files and folders in Drive” option. Choose OK.
  • Choose the checkboxes next to each extra service you want to include in your data transfer and then adjust as necessary.
  • Tap the Next step when you have scrolled to the bottom of the page.
  • Again from the Destination drop-down option, choose to Add to Dropbox.
  • Next, keep the Frequency set to once for export.
  • Below File type & size, you may change the file type and size of your export. ZIP and 2GB are the standard options.
  • Tap Link Accounts, then export is created.
  • To allow Google permission to export your files to your Dropbox account that is not associated with UM, you will be sent to a Dropbox login screen.
  • To access your non-UM Dropbox, enter your personal email address and password, and then tap Sign in.
  • You might be prompted to choose which account to link if your personal Dropbox account is already connected to your U-M Dropbox account. Use the Personal.
  • Google is now authorized to transmit to that account as a result of this action. Your Drive export should either be finished or in process, depending on your browser.
  1. How do I Save my emails before they are deleted?

    Save your emails into an archive to store them before deleting them. The archived emails may then be saved to a location of your choice using Google Takeout.

  2. How do I get Labeled emails out of my inbox?

    When a label is assigned to an email, it will appear under that label (in addition to the inbox). The only method to remove it from the inbox is to archive it. Once you archive the email, it will still be visible if you click the label's name.

  3. How do I export and Import emails from Gmail?

    Enter your Gmail login information and select the setting option: When a new window appears, select View all settings. Get the Accounts and Import area from the “Settings” panel. The Import mail and contacts option is under “Accounts and Import.” Select it.

  4. Emails from Gmail may be moved to a folder.

    In the upper menu bar, press the Move to the button. A file folder is depicted on the button. To relocate the message to a different folder, tap create a New Folder from the menu or select the target folder from the drop-down menu. You'll receive a notice confirming the relocation of your message.

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