How to Sign Out Google Account’s

A Google account is now necessary to access any applications on Android phones by registering with the Google Play store, and it is also extremely advantageous to individuals who have a Laptop/PC and Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. It’s most important to sign out if you check your emails or access google services on another person’s devices.

Gmail Sign Out

The Google account is nothing but a Gmail account it contains your personal data, contact data, and google activity everything monitored by google search servers. This Simple guide will explain how to log out of single or multiple Gmail or Google accounts on PCs, Android devices, iPhones, iPads and etc. Finally, we’ll look at how to securely sign out of Gmail.

Why Should I Log Out of my Google Account?

  • Because Gmail Account is not only an Email service, it provides you with all Google Services.
  • It is related to changing your bank’s login and password.
  • Google Account is connected to all of your online payment wallet Usernames and Passwords.
  • Your Account is attached to your browser and might suddenly display your search history in activities.
  • When linked with your Android device, allowing you to quickly track your location and mobile information, most importantly your images in the gallery.
  • Your emails and search history could be a fantastic trail for hackers to find out what type of person you are and what interests you have.
  • It is accessible to our Google Contacts, where we keep the phone numbers of family members. They have simple access to our family members’ valuable information.

However, Google has a large, highly-trained security service that supervises its network and works to protect your data. The security team is constantly on the lookout for any signals of unusual traffic, so all basic methods of breaking in are completely covered.

Maybe just one cookie is enough to hack your google account and steal your personal data, pictures, wallets, etc. So it’s most important for everyone to Signout Google Account if they have used others devices.

How to Sign out of a Google Account on Chrome

It’s important to make sure you sign out of your Google account on devices that aren’t yours or share computers in your household to make sure people without permission don’t get access to your account it’s best to always sign out.

  1. When you leave the computer navigate to google and locate your profile picture in the top right of the page and click on your profile picture.
  2. Then choose sign out from the context menu, then sign out.
    • If you have multiple accounts listed some browsers won’t allow you to only sign out of one, in this case, click on the sign out of all accounts button and that’s it.

How to Sign out of Just One Specific Google Account (Desktop)

When you open a web browser or Google chrome default asks you to Stay signed in. At that time you will sign in with your Gmail ID and Password. The details are automatically saved in your system, and the browser always keeps you sign-in or log-in.

  1. Log into your account on any web browser.
  2. On the upper right of your Browser, click on your photo or alphabet image.
  3. Then click “Manage your Google account“.
  4. You may now see Home, Personal details, Data & Personalisation, and so on your left-hand side.
  5. Click on “Security” and Scroll down to the “Your Devices” area.
  6. Select the device from which you wish to log out and then click “Sign Out“.

How to Sign out of a Google Account on Android?

This is very simple, Android devices manufactured by anyone have the same method, and there are two ways available to log out of your account as follows.

Method 1:

  1. Go to Settings on the device and Choose Accounts.
  2. Choose Google and Remove Account.
    • If you have linked multiple accounts, just remove them one by one, that’s it.

Method 2:

  1. Launch the Gmail App, and Click on your Profile Picture or alphabet image.
  2. On this device, choose Manage Accounts and Choose Google.
  3. Select and proceed with the Account which you wish to log out of.
  4. Tap the Menu button in the upper right corner (three dots) and Click on Remove Account.

How to Sign out of a Google Account on iPhone

  1. Launch the Gmail App on your iPhone.
  2. In the top right corner, click on your Profile Picture.
  3. Choose Manage Accounts and Select Security.
  4. Scroll down and select your devices this will show you all the devices that you’re signing in to.
  5. Clicking on the three dots you just have to sign out of your iPhone.

Important things to remember while Signing in to Google Accounts

  • Whenever the user Signs in – Google Accounts ( to get started. This page displays the devices that are presently registered to your account. Sign out if you don’t recognize it. If your Google account is logout then try safe sign-in.
  • Change your Google account password. (Do this second, because simply changing your password will not prevent someone from accessing your account.)
  • Configure Two-Factor Authentication to Enable 2-Step Verification.
  • Frequently open your Google account and check your web activity, if needed log out and erase data from all devices.

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