My Activity Today! How do I See My Google Activity

‘My Activity’ is the main portal where you can see your Google Activities, including searches, sites you’ve visited, and movies you’ve viewed. It is important to note that while utilizing Google sites, applications, and services.

They are preserved in your Google Account indefinitely. You can view or delete My Activity Google History by heading to ‘My Activity‘. It is also possible to discontinue storing the majority of your activity at any moment.

My Activity Today

My Activity Today is a piece tracking or recording user activity that collects information whenever users with a Google account use Google services daily, such as today, yesterday, weekly, monthly, and yearly, for entire activities from the account generation.

These My Activity recording or collection services include YouTube, Google Maps, and other Google apps, as well as your search history when using the Google Chrome browser or doing a Google search.

google my activity delete
Google My Activity Delete

How to View My Activity in the Google App

There are several methods to access the Google My Activity feature on Android, so there isn’t going to be a single approach that works for everybody.

  1. Visit the Settings menu on your Google App.
  2. Navigate to Google and choose to manage your Google Account.
  3. Choose the Data & Privacy option, then Go down to History Settings and select My Activity.
  4. You may view the recorded activities on your Google Account by scrolling down.

How to Use a Web Browser to Access My Activity Google

The Google mobile app can help you find the options, but you must use a web browser to view and manage the activity.

  1. To begin, browse your Google account’s My Activities page.
  2. You may view all of your activity across many services from this page and search for something specific.
  3. You may locate all of your recent activity by scrolling down and filtering them based on the product/service you use.

How to Use My Activity to Control Your Google Account History

It is important to first understand what sort of attitude Google saves, which can be divided into three categories: browser and app activity, YouTube search history, and location history.

Google saves this user data because they feel it improves the user experience. Everything under My Activities is cataloged, from your Chrome activity to the areas you visited while granting Google location access and your YouTube history.

Web & App Activity History

As said before, Google Web & App Activity tracks your activity when using Google services. Google utilizes the information to create personalized adverts and present them to you for profit.

While customized advertising might assist you in selecting a product or service based on your preferences, they are also a violation of privacy if we look past Google’s carbohydrate explanation of why it obtains user data.

When you begin utilizing any Google service, the tech giants consider it a yes to gather data, so you must switch off Google web and app activity.

  1. On your browser, navigate to
  2. Select Data & customization on the left, then scroll down to Activity and Timeline.
  3. There is a Delete Activity box. Check All Time.
  4. Choose which services you want to delete activity from, or select All to delete activity from all categories. Next, click the button.
  5. Choose Delete in the confirmation window to permanently remove your Google activity.
  6. You can see what Google has recorded about you by selecting the icons for each service under “View and remove an activity,” you may erase data manually if it bothers you.

Location History

When you enable Location History, you may notice a variety of advantages across Google products and services, such as personalized maps, suggestions based on locations you’ve visited, assistance in finding your phone, real-time traffic updates throughout your commute, and more helpful adverts.

You have complete control over what is recorded in your Location History. You may change or erase your Location History by seeing the places you’ve been in Google Maps Timeline.

  1. Do the following to activate the location history function for your Google account.
  2. Access your Google Account and go to the “Location History” option.
  3. Choose your account, or your devices may provide Location History to Google.
  4. Next, turn on the Location History.
  5. Touch got it to complete here.

YouTube History

When you sign in to YouTube with your Google account, YouTube keeps track of everything you do on the site, including what you watch, search for, and even preview. This enables the website to propose new videos based on your preferences.

Yet, YouTube is owned by Google, creating concerns about who has access to your data. You can still use YouTube if you disable this setting, but you won’t have access to the extra features.

  1. Just visit Google’s MyActivity page and click on YouTube History.
  2. Go to the Delete section.
    • Delete is disabled by default.
  3. To stop the YouTube History option on your Google account, use the Pause button.
  4. Choose a frequency for clearing or deleting your YouTube history from the drop-down menu.
  5. Depending on the time you specify, your YouTube history will now be removed on a regular basis.

Google Search History

This includes “My Activity” settings, profile information, and personalized advertising if you have a Google account. Google’s default settings prioritize data collection above personal privacy, but the Privacy Checkup makes it simple to review your selections on the Data & Personalization page.

This provides you greater control over your Google account, which is beneficial because personal data and privacy are critical to our online safety.

How do I Pause Tracking My Activity on Google?

  1. Just go to on your Desktop. If you haven’t already, sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to the “Data & Personalization” menu on the left side of the screen. Google collects information and allows you to opt out, or you may self-manage it under the “Activity Controls” option.
  3. You may also adjust your selections by clicking the manage activity link
  4. If you choose not to opt-out, all of your activity will be marked as “Paused“.

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