Best Google Doodle Games Play in 2024

You will definitely notice the temporary adjustments made to the Google homepage logo if you are addicted to Google search. This is done to honour many occasions, such as festivals, anniversaries, and notable historical figures’ lives.

Another component of several of these occasions is a little game called Google Doodle Games. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for information about the top Google Doodle games. Some of the most played Google Doodle games have been compiled for you.

Google Doodle Games

Throughout the years, Google has included a number of interactive games on its homepage to celebrate important occasions, festivals, and anniversaries. The gameplay of these games frequently includes Google’s logo and other visual components, and they are designed to be easy and enjoyable.

Users may engage with Google’s homepage and learn more about various occasions and cultures throughout the world by playing Google Doodle Games, which are entertaining and interesting.

Popular Google Doodle Games in 2024

I cannot project the future because I am an AI language model, but I can tell you about some well-liked Google Doodle games that were launched in the past. Some of the most well-liked Google Doodle games from past years are listed below:

  • Pac-Man – It was featured on Google’s homepage in 2010 to recognize the video game’s 30th birthday.
  • Cricket – Google created a doodle game in 2017 to honour the ICC Champions Cup that let users bowl and bat against a cricket player.
  • Basketball – In 2012, Google released a doodle game that let users shoot basketballs through hoops in honour of the Summer Olympics.

Here are just a few illustrations of previous years’ well-liked Google Doodle games. While it’s hard to predict which Google Doodle games will be most popular in 2024, we can count on them to be imaginative, interesting, and enjoyable.

Best Google Doodle Games
Best Google Doodle Games

Best Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games are interactive games that are displayed on the Google homepage to honour notable individuals’ birthdays, holidays, and other noteworthy occasions. Some of the top Google Doodle Games are listed below:


In 2010, Google launched this entertaining Pac-man Doodle. It’s Pacman, which is why it continues to be one of Google’s most well-known and famous doodles and is still available online. The goal is to eliminate all the dots while avoiding the ghosts because if you are touched by one, the game is finished. This may be among the top Google Doodle games available to Pac-man fans.

Pony Express

Pony Express is the next game in our list of the most well-liked Google Doodle games. It is based on the Pony Express, a real-life letter transportation service that operated in the US between 1860 and 1861 from Missouri to California.

You must gather as many letters as possible throughout the game while avoiding obstacles like rivers, robbers, rocks, houses, thrones, and more. The game was basic yet fascinating, with players having to employ quick reflexes and good timing to finish the adventure successfully.


Google produced a cricket-themed doodle game in 2017 to recognize the ICC Champions Trophy competition. Every time you play the game, you assume the position of the batsman and attempt to set a new record. The game’s one-touch controls allow players to easily and addictively whack the ball. Even snails can outrun your ball. Grasshoppers and snails are available as players.


Play football in 2024. It would help if you manipulated your character with the mouse and hit the Spacebar secret on your keyboard at the right time to block the opponent from accumulating a goal. Easy, enjoyable, and captivating.


It is among the top Google Doodle games. This game, which was made available as a part of the interactive drawings for the 2012 Summer Games, tests users’ ability to toss the ball through the net as many times as they can in the allotted 24 seconds. It is simple to aim and shoot since players may manipulate the ball using the space bar or a mouse button.

Coding for Carrots

Coding for Carrots is one of the finest Google Doodle games for kids. In this game, players direct a rabbit along the right path by utilizing code blocks to define it. Children may learn about coding logic in a fun and instructive way with this game, which is likely to keep players of all ages entertained for hours.

Champion Island Games

One of the longest games in the collection of Google Doodle games is Doodle Champion Island. The 2020 Olympic Games were celebrated with the creation of the game. The game opens with a lovely story-style animation of the characters as your first greeting.

You control the figure in this 2D pixelated game across the environment using easy controls as you discover the difficulties that lie ahead. Make sure to carefully study the directions because controls differ from level to level.

Hip Hop

In this Doodle game, you can both create mix tapes and listen to your favourite music. The game was launched in 2017 to highlight the 44th anniversary of the beginnings of hip-hop. With the help of this game, you may combine several excellent albums to make your own music.

Base Ball

The Baseball Doodle, one of the finest sports-themed Google Doodle games, was unveiled on June 4th, 2019, to honour American Independence Day. Players’ goal in this game is to accumulate as many points as they can by running the bases and striking the ball. This Google Doodle is sure to keep you entertained for hours, whether you love baseball or just sports in general.

Cute Pizza

Cute Pizza is one of the most widely enjoyed and admired fast meals worldwide. And today’s Google Doodle has an animated, interactive game to celebrate pizza. Google created a fun game that can be played on a laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone as a means of marking the occasion. To advance to the next level of the interactive pizza doodle, you must virtually cut the slices.


Another entertaining and difficult game you should play is hurdles. In order to win, the player must get to the finish line as quickly as possible. To make him run more quickly, you must utilize the side arrow keys.

The player will run more quickly the more you hit the key. It would be best if you hit the spacebar in order to hop over obstacles. It might be difficult to use these two features at first. But you get used to it eventually. The player’s speed reduces when they encounter a barrier.


The Scoville scale, developed by Wilbur Scoville, rates the spiciness or heat of peppers. This video game is available for players to enjoy in honour of the pharmacologist, chemist, and educator who established this pharmacy on his birthday.


Loteria, a traditional card game from Mexico, is similar to bingo. The announcer will display a card, which the player must mark. The player must achieve the criteria in order to win the game. Take all the cards in a row, all the cards in a column, etc.

Slalom Canoe

You’ll enjoy this Doodle if you’re interested in boating. When you approach the boat, use the arrowhead shortcuts on your keyboard to manage obstructions.

Pangolin Love

To recognize Valentine’s Day in 2017, Google published the video game, Pangolin Love. In order to spread awareness about these threatened animal species, Google’s Doodle includes an animated animation of two pangolins. In order to win the game, you must collect blossoms from a female species. Once you’ve completed that because the game moves quickly, you try to beat your previous best.

Magic Cat Academy

One of the rare doodle games that Google has released twice—once for Halloween in 2016 and again for Halloween in 2017—is Magic Kitty Academy. With the abilities of the mystical cats, you must defend the academy against ghosts and other paranormal entities. To defeat ghosts, you must draw the appropriate forms. This makes the game a quick-paced activity that is simple to learn yet difficult to master.

Quick, Draw!

In the doodle game Quick Draw, AI is used to instantly detect drawings. You must sketch the thing on the empty page once the game tells you the name of the item. To determine whether what you’re sketching matches the real thing, the AI employs a neural network that was trained on a big dataset of hand-drawn sketches. This might be the ideal Google Doodle game for you if you want to test your sketching abilities.

Rubik’s Cube

At some point in their lives, everyone has tried to figure out how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Google published the Rubik’s Cube puzzle game to honour the toy’s 40th birthday. Even if the interactive version is no longer available, you may still play the game thanks to Chrome Cube Lab.

Doctor Who

Here is a sweet little game for fans of Doctor Who. This Google Doodle game was unveiled in time for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. You can play as your preferred Doctor in the game by selecting him. Users of the game must manage their movements to avoid enemies and benefit from the surroundings.

Bubble Tea

Taiwanese bubble drinks are gaining popularity faster and faster. The most recent Google Doodle we noticed was Bubble Tea. The objective of the game is to make the ideal cup of bubble tea that “a collection of famous doodle characters” want. The game is entertaining and simple to use. The ideal cup of tea has to be made.

Jerry Lawson Game

The Google Doodle game created in honour of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson honours the late engineer and programmer who made important contributions to the video gaming sector. To recognize Jerry Lawson’s 82nd birthday, which would have occurred in December 2022, the Doodle was made.

You play a variety of game types in this pixelated game where you control a character and lead them through obstacles and difficulties. Also, you may modify those modes and make your own levels. Thus, this game has infinite levels and is interactive, making it one of the most well-liked Google Doodle games.

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