Best PC Software’s forever

Here is a list of the best pc software which is frequently used by average PC users worldwide. We will also be describing the particular software in an easy way. We use a number of software in daily life. So having a list of essential software would be a good option. This software’s chosen by worldwide daily Personal computer users and their average use of all the software.

This list consists of the 10 most popular software.

Microsoft Office

This software can even make your office life easy. A number of sub-software deals in it.
MS Word, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS Excel and other sub software’s which surely helps a lot of people in daily life deals in it.

Note Pad

A simple note’s saving device. It is easy to use and does not require many skills which makes it easy for everyone.

Internet Explorer

A powerful web browser developed by Microsoft. Most new-gen people considered it as slow but it’s far more efficient. It was developed a decade before and is still being used.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a powerful PDF-type document and notes editing, and reading software. Adobe Reader by its name suggests that it reads many kinds of documents.


Another Adobe product used by millions of daily PC users. Every year its being developed and new versions are released. You can download or buy licensed software from their website.
It is used to edit pictures. Anyone can colour enhance a picture/crop it or resize it.

Windows Music Player

Windows music player is developed by Microsoft. It plays music. Videos of many types. Even this software is being developed for a decade.

VLC Media Player

Another Audio/Video player which is said to be more efficient than a Windows music player. It can also play Videos and music.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser which is used by a huge amount of daily pc users. It is not so complicated to use. But it performs better than internet explorer. Another rival to Google Chrome is Mozilla Firefox.


Skype was recently bought by Microsoft. It is used to call, chat and have lots of conversations online. You need to recharge your number to use Skype and make online calls. It is free to download.

Google Desktop

Google Desktop allows Google users to connect to their preferred Google service from their desktops. Google services like G drive, G mail, and many other services can be used from a desktop.

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