How to DeLink Aadhaar from Paytm Account

As per RBI guidelines, mandated to Indian citizens are to link their Aadhaar information to their digital wallets, bank accounts, and mobile numbers, according to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Aadhaar is no longer required to be displayed for opening bank accounts, using mobile wallets, or getting a new mobile number, but it is still a valid identification and address proof document.

DeLink Aadhaar from Paytm

Aadhaar Linking with Digital Wallets and Payment Apps operated by Private and Government organisations. The Account holders of Paytm and Paytm Payments Bank can delink or unlink their Aadhaar Card Numbers with their account in a simple manner by the following below steps.

How to Delink Aadhaar Number with Paytm?

The Supreme Court made it very clear during the Aadhaar card inquiry that linking an Aadhaar card to a bank account, SIM card, or digital wallet is not required. You must have connected your Aadhaar card to Paytm earlier to the Supreme court’s decision.

Today, we’ll explain to our users how they can delink their Aadhaar cards from Paytm while at home. Now that you have full knowledge of the essential steps to delink Aadhaar from Paytm, let’s proceed.

  1. Call the Paytm customer service executive (customer care) at 0120-4456456 in order to delink Aadhaar.
  2. To choose a language, press 1.
  3. To access the KYC query area, press 2.
  4. Press 1 if you have another KYC query relevant to the number you are dialling from.
  5. Press 2 and then the relevant phone number if you wish to run a KYC check on another number you are calling.
  6. To reach customer service, press 1.
  7. Now, enter your Paytm account’s passcode.
  8. To reach a customer care representative, press 9 once more.
  9. Inform the customer service representative that you want to delete the Aadhaar card information associated with your Paytm account.
  10. Your identification will be verified by the customer service representative by providing information such as your DOB, registered email address, and more.
  11. You will then receive an email on your registered email address asking you to send a photo from your Aadhaar card for additional verification.
  12. You will receive another email to validate the request after sending the picture of the Aadhaar card.
  13. Your Aadhaar details will be delinked from your Paytm account after 72 hours.

Take a look before delinking your Aadhaar number with Paytm

  • You already know how to delink your Aadhaar card from Paytm. However, you will currently also need to deal with some issues. Your account will stop being validated as soon as it is unlinked from your Aadhaar card.
  • You won’t be able to send money from Paytm to anyone else in this situation. 
  • In order to use a PAN card, voter id card, passport number, driving license, or NREGA job card, you will need to validate your Paytm wallet once more. 
  • However, this function is not yet functioning correctly.
  • A Paytm customer service representative explained the procedure to us and mentioned that other documents for KYC are not currently accepted. 
  • This is still under construction. In this case, we advise you to delink your Paytm account from your Aadhaar number after considering your options. Furthermore, since we wish to solve this issue, asking Paytm for the same picture of the Aadhaar card again to complete this process sounds crazy.

Why We Linked Aadhaar Number with Paytm?

  • All pre-paid wallet providers (like Paytm) are required under new RBI rules on prepaid wallet instruments from 11th October 2017 to get their users to link Aadhaar to their accounts.
  • A business can identify and confirm the identity of its customers by linking Aadhar to an account. This procedure helps in preventing service overuse.

The Significance of linking Aadhaar

  • A required document under government rules
  • RBI Guidelines for any business dealing with consumer money
  • It is carried out in order to stop identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, and financing of terrorism.

The Benefits of Linking Aadhaar to your Paytm Account

  • Users of Paytm who have an Aadhar link can seamlessly transfer funds to other wallets and bank accounts, and their wallet limit will increase to Rs. 1 lac.
  • In addition, only these users are eligible to open a savings account with the recently launched Paytm payments bank and receive interest on their savings.

Why do we unlink or Delink the Aadhaar Number with Paytm?

  • India’s citizens are no longer required by the Supreme court judgement to link their Aadhar numbers to a variety of services, including bank accounts, mobile sims, digital wallets (Paytm), passports, etc.
  • The supreme court directed the government to implement more security safeguards and shorten the term of data storage even though it accepted the validity of Aadhaar and claimed that sufficient security measures were taken to secure data.
  • Last year, having an Aadhar card and quickly attaching it to your account meant you could use both public and private sector services.
  • After all, there have been numerous questions posed over the right to privacy and the right to avail of basic services, which should not be stopped due to the lack of an Aadhar card number.
  • Aadhaar data cannot be requested from users by digital wallets like Paytm or Amazon Pay Balance in order to do verification and keep them from misusing the services.

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