UBI Account, How to Open Union Bank Of India Account

Union Bank of India has offered various savings account schemes on regular basis with Zero Balance along with various schemes as per RBI rules. UBI Offered their account services for all domestic and NRI customers and they have offered the best interest rates for every individual.

Those Eligible Individuals or Organisations can open the UBI Account online & offline by submitting UBI Account Opening Form by attaching relevant Documents to open Savings Account, Student Account, PMJDY Account, Salary Account, Senior Citizen Account, Current Account and etc.

UBI Account

The Union Bank Of India savings account is a basic account at a bank where you may deposit additional money and earn interest based on the saving account interest rate. Every year, on a quarterly basis, the interest generated is automatically deposited to your account.

A savings account can help you manage your finances more easily. Opening a savings account is a quick and easy procedure that takes only a few minutes. Additionally, most banks use the same process. If you want to start a savings account in Union Bank of India the simple guide we will explain in detail.

Union Bank of India Saving Accounts

  • Savings Bank Account (SBGEN).
  • UNION MUSKAAN-Saving bank Account for minors.
  • Savings Bank Account for Pensioners (SBPEN).
  • Savings Bank Account for Students (SBZER).
  • Basic Saving Bank Deposits Account-Small Accounts (BSBDS).
  • Basic Saving Bank Deposits Account (BSBDA).
  • Union Super Salary Account (USSA).
  • Savings Flexi Deposit Scheme (SBNFD).
  • Savings Flexi Deposit Scheme (SBNFP).
  • Special SB Schemes Variant – I (SB Premium) SBPRE.
  • Special SB Schemes Variant – II (SB High Networth Customers) SBHNI.
  • Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA).
UBI Account Open
UBI Account Open

How to Open Union Bank of India Savings Account.

There are two ways to start a savings bank account, and everyone can apply at the helpdesk at their nearest UBI bank branch. It is a simple approach since you will be easily assisted by a bank staff who is especially committed to this task.

You may simply apply online, which is the most convenient option. Yes, this step is also quite simple and saves a lot of time. To begin the process of opening a Savings Account online, all you require is a mobile number and Aadhaar details. Instead of visiting the bank, simply submit the application and attach KYC documents.

UBI Account Open Online

The Below steps help you to open a Regular Savings Account with Zero Balances scheme online through the UBI Digital Banking Section.

  • Visit the Union Bank of India’s Official Website at https://www.unionbankofindia.co.in/english/home.aspx.
  • Select ‘Digital Banking‘ on the homepage, proceed with ‘Self-Service Banking‘, and click on ‘Online Account Opening‘ next choose ‘Saving Account‘ from the list of available options.
  • Finally, we reached the UBI Account Opening Form at https://icmt.unionbankofindia.co.in/account/AccountOpnVer1.aspx.
  • Before starting application registration for a UBI Bank Account Select the best interested Scheme of Account.
    • Saving Account.
    • Union Digital Savings Account.
    • Pension Account.
    • USSA1 Account.
    • USSA2 Account.
    • USSA3 Account.

Now start the online application registration by the simple steps for all sections of the UBI Account Opening Form Online.

  1. Applicant Details.
    • Enter your Aadhaar Number and Submit, then Verify with your Aadhaar OTP.
    • Your Aadhaar Data will be displayed on the felids.
    • Continue by Selecting your Name as per your Aadhaar or PAN Card.
  2. Address & Other Details.
    • Select Address as per Aadhaar or Chane if you are in a different location.
    • Enter other details as per required.
  3. Nominee Details.
    • Enter the Nominee Details as per your interest by Selecting Gander, Relation with you and etc.
  4. Document Upload.
    • Upload the supported document scanned copies such as Aadhaar, PAN Card and others or Address and Identification Proof.

Verify the details carefully and submit. a reference number is generated and displayed on the screen, and an SMS is delivered to the mobile number specified in the applicant details section.

Union Bank KYC

After submitting your application, please visit the branch with your unique reference number, the KYC documents listed in the online application in originals, photocopies of documents, and two passport-sized recent photos for verification and submission.

You will get a welcome kit along with a starter guide after successfully verifying by submitted documents through the branch manager.

How to Open Union Bank of India Zero Balance Account.

The Union Bank of India Offered Zero Balance Accounts through Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA) scheme. By selecting UBI Digital Savings Account Scheme on the online account opening form everyone can open UBI Zero Balance Account online easily.

To open a Union Bank of India Zero Balance Account online follow the above simple steps, otherwise, visit the nearby UBI Branch by carrying a set of identification & KYC valid documents and fill in the Zero Balance Account Opening form and submit it.

The Branch Manager will issue a welcome kit, that contains the account number, debit card, online banking registration user guide and etc.

How to Open Union Bank of India PMJDY Account.

PMJDY was launched as part of the National Mission for Financial Inclusion over a four-year term. It targets universal banking access, including at least one basic banking account for each family, financial literacy, credit, insurance, and pension access.

The Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), and Atal Pension Yojana (APY) have all been built on the PMJDY platform (APY).

The Union Bank of India Customers can open PMJDY Account by submitting UBI PMPDY Account Opening Form by filling in the relevant information of the applicant by attaching valid KYC Documents at the nearby UBI Bank Branch.

How to Open UBI Student Account

Union Bank Of India introduced a Minor Account scheme such as Savings Bank Account For Students (SBZER). Students above 10 years and up to 25 years of age and are pursuing regular courses can open these accounts.  The account will be automatically converted to normal SB after 25 years. 

Those Minors who are below 10 years also can apply for a basic minor account by submitting the guardianship of Parent/Guardian. Below are the steps to open UBI Student Account.

  • Visit the Union Bank of India Bank and request a minor account opening form or Student Account opening Form from a bank officer.
  • Fill out the form with information such as your name, address, father’s name, mother’s name, and so on.
  • After completing the form, attach KYC documents and submit them to the bank’s official.
  • After successful processing, you will be notified by SMS of the account opening status.

How to Open Union Bank of India Senior Citizens Savings Account

This UBI SCSS Account plan is known as the Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme, An individual who has reached the age of 60 on the day the account is opened (Except NRIs and HUFs).

Those who have 55 years for individuals who retired under a voluntary or special voluntary program and invested within one month of receiving retirement payments.

Retired service members (excluding civilian Defence employees) who reach the age of 50. In general, single and joint accounts are permissible, but only spouses will be permitted to create accounts jointly with dependents.

To open this open UBI Senior Citizen account visit your nearest UBI bank branch and submit the UBI SCSS Account opening at the bank help desk.

How to Open Union Bank of India Salary Account

The Union Bank Of India offered a Special salary account package for Government employees. The Salaried employee/employee of the Central Government and its different Ministries, the State Government and its Ministries, Boards, Corporations, Autonomous Bodies, and other related institutions must have this wage package can opening UBI Salary Account.

If the Salaraied Employer or Employee who already has a UBI Savings account can change their account status to Salary Account by just informing the branch manager.

Those who have no account in UBI can open a new savings scheme account and maintain it in the salary account in the account opening form, that,s it.

The advantages included in the special pay package fall into two categories:

  • For workers with monthly net salaries up to Rs. 50,000.
  • For those with monthly net salaries above Rs. 50,000.

How to Open Union Bank of India Current Account Online.

Those Small Bussiness, Merchants, startups and other business holders can open UBI General CD Accounts. By contacting the nearby UBI Branch helpdesk can open UBI Current Account.

The UBI Current Account Scheme is designed for every eligible Resident Individual, Sole Proprietary Concerns, Partnership Firms, Illiterate Individuals, Visually Impaired Individuals, Limited Companies, Associations, Clubs, Societies, etc.

For more and complete information, please visit the nearby UBI Bank Branch channel or contact the 24*7 helpdesk number at 1800 22 22 44 / 1800 22 22 43 / 1800 208 2244 / 1800 425 1515.

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