How to Fix Windows 11 Update Error Code 0x8007007f

Updating your computer is crucial for maintaining security and optimal performance. However, encountering the error code 0x8007007f can be a frustrating experience while updating to Windows 11. Such errors could be caused by outdated graphic drivers or insufficient space on your computer to install Windows 11. In this article, we will guide you on how

How to Use Background Removal Tool in Windows 11 Paint App

Microsoft started rolling out updates for Painter version 11.2306.30.0 in Windows 11. This version has the tool “Background Removal.” Using this tool, you can remove the background of any picture with just one click, leaving a smooth cut out of the subject. This tool can easily detect the subject from the entire picture by using

How to Check SSD Health in Windows 11

It is important to check that your SSD is functioning properly on your Windows 11 PC or laptop. Over time, SSD performance may decrease, which can slow down your system or cause it to fail. Checking the health of your SSD is crucial to identify any issues. By doing this, you can verify if all

How to Fix Microsoft Family Safety App Not Working Issue

Microsoft Family Safety is a free app for parents to protect their children in the digital world. You can use this app on your computer, Xbox, Android phone, or iPhone. It helps parents ensure their kids are safe using the internet. This Microsoft Family Safety app can also help you create safe and healthy digital

How to Fix Srttrail.txt BSOD Error in Windows 11

SrtTrail.txt BSOD error means Startup Repair Trail Blue Screen of Death error. It can also be known as the MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD error. The Srttrail.txt BSOD error in Windows 11 can be a real headache. If your screen looks like a blue screen that pops up and says your computer has a big problem and needs

How to Enable Copilot on Windows 11

Copilot is an integrated artificial intelligence assistant in Windows 11 that enhances productivity and creativity. By working alongside Bing Chat and ChatGPT plugins, Copilot eliminates the need for app switching or allows you to stay focused and in your flow. With Copilot’s assistance, you can obtain answers, find inspiration, and discover solutions for your questions,

How to Download and Install the Windows 11 Update

The latest update for Windows 11, also known as version 23H2, is a significant improvement made by Microsoft to enhance your PC experience. This update introduces various concepts that utilize artificial intelligence and offers a modern look, better security, and enhanced performance. Windows 11 is an operating system that comes with several activities and applications.

How to Fix High CPU Usage by Modern Setup Host in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s computer system. It comes with a modern look and new features. But sometimes, like older versions of Windows, it can have problems that slow down your computer. One common issue is when the “Modern Setup Host” uses a lot of your computer’s power, making it run slowly.

How to Turn off Copilot in Windows 11

Every time Windows 11 has a new update like Copilot. Windows Copilot is an integrated AI assistant in Windows 11 23H2. Copilot in Windows is a helpful assistant that makes doing things on your computer easier. It helps you change your computer’s settings and arrange your open windows so that you can work faster and

How to Password Protect Files & Folders in Windows 10/11

On Windows 11/10 computers, many people create a password when logging into their accounts. This helps to avoid access by others. However, simply having a login password may not be required if you wish to provide security for files or folders. If you want to check that specific folders on your Windows computer remain inaccessible

How to Reset Windows 11 to Default Factory Settings

Resetting Windows 11 to its default factory settings is a troubleshooting and maintenance technique that can help resolve a range of issues and bring your computer back to its original state, just like when you first got it out of the box. This process involves wiping all your files, apps, and customizations, essentially giving your

How to Increase Virtual Memory Size in Windows 11

In Windows 11, a special “Virtual Memory” helps your computer work better. It is like extra memory that is stored on your hard drive. Windows uses this virtual memory when your computer runs out of its standard memory RAM. You can change the size of this virtual memory to make your computer run faster or

How to Add Custom Pattern Lock to Windows 10/11 PC

You can set up a pattern lock for multiple Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11, similar to what you do on your smartphone. You may use a ‘Pattern Lock’ on your Windows 10 & 11 PC. This is different from the standard password or PIN. Many people protect their Windows PCs using passwords

How to Turn Off Widget Notifications in Windows 11

Widgets are a feature in Windows 11 that provides you with quick access to information and news. Widgets Notifications on Windows 11 can provide useful information and updates right on your desktop. However, if you find these notifications distracting or wish to disable them, you can easily do so. Once you have disabled widget notifications,