Download Photos & Videos from WhatsApp Status? How to Do it

The WhatsApp status download is possible using the tools or applications on your smartphone. You don’t need a third-party application to save WhatsApp status videos or images on your Android or iPhone. But the third-party app is used to download Whatsapp status easily.

WhatsApp stories status information photos or videos on the phone. But, both are deleted within 24 hours. So, you may copy them out of a different folder and save them somewhere secure.

Photos & Videos on WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status lets you send pictures and videos to other users of the messaging app, which has become a popular social networking platform in India. WhatsApp used to be simply a messaging app. WhatsApp Status is an option that enables you to send status updates that are deleted after one day. You can send images, videos, text, links, and animated GIFs.

WhatsApp automatically uploads Status Pictures and Videos from your Contacts to a hidden “statuses” folder on your storage device. WhatsApp is status without being noticed or seeing the post. Simply, WhatsApp uploads certain status updates to your phone’s File Explorer even if you don’t read them. WhatsApp generally downloads the status of the person before and after the current state.

Whatsapp Status Download
Whatsapp Status Download

How to Save WhatsApp Status

You can save the WhatsApp status by following the below steps.

  1. To check your present status and the status of your WhatsApp contacts, open WhatsApp and click Status from the main screen.
  2. You will be unable to download WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos of your Contacts since WhatsApp does not give an official method for this.
  3. Choose and see the status video you want to save. The video is stored on your mobile device’s internal memory.
  4. If you have an Android phone, WhatsApp will automatically download Status Pictures and Videos from your Contacts to a hidden “.statuses” folder on your Android device’s internal storage.
  5. To Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Images on an Android Phone, just unhide the “.statuses” folder.
  6. Download the Status Video or Picture to a different location on your Android device. Copy the WhatsApp Status image or video you want to copy and paste into a new Folder.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos

To save WhatsApp status on Android phones, you may use third-party status-saver applications. Just seeing the WhatsApp status will allow it to show in status downloader applications. You can follow the below steps.

  1. Install any WhatsApp status downloader application. The status saver app is one of the easiest Whatsapp status downloaders.
  2. It’s a simple application that also allows you to divide large videos, and photos and send WhatsApp messages without adding numbers to your contacts list.
  3. Open WhatsApp, go to the status, and then click which status you want to save.
  4. Launch the Status Saver application. The previously viewed status may be seen in the app.
  5. Click the Download symbol near the photo or video you want to save to your phone’s gallery. This will save the image or video to your photo gallery.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Viewing It

Some users choose to keep their WhatsApp updates secret, but there is a method to check the status of what someone has been up to without their knowing. We will give some instructions below.

  1. The first option is to disable WhatsApp’s read receipts feature. This stops the person you’re messaging from knowing when you’ve read their message.
  2. Go to the Settings option and then Account, Privacy in WhatsApp. You can turn off the ‘Read Receipts’ option. This step is suitable for Android and iOS smart phones.
  3. When you see someone’s status, they will no longer receive notification that you have done this.
  4. If you’re offline, you can check someone does WhatsApp status without people knowing. The person’s phone number must be in your contacts list.
  5. When you change their status online, simply stop the internet before using WhatsApp.
  6. You will now save their most recent status update on your phone and be able to check it without their knowing.
  7. Now, you can download WhatsApp status without viewing It.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos by Google Files.

The entire procedure needs the use of a file manager on your Android smartphone. You can use the Google Files App file manager to download WhatsApp status videos and photos. You need to follow the below instructions.

  1. Launch any File Explorer app on your smartphone. By default, Google gives the ‘Files’ App.
  2. You can use the Files by Google app to open the menu in Google’s Files app and press the three-bar symbol.
  3. Then choose the ‘Settings’ option and Activate the slider beside the ‘show hidden files‘ option. Check for an option that allows you to view hidden files in any other File Explorer app.
  4. You need only complete the following three steps once. You can easily download WhatsApp status if you have hidden files activated.
  5. Open WhatsApp and click on the status which you want to download.
  6. Go to the WhatsApp folder in the Files app. It may be found under internal storage and check the WhatsApp folder.
  7. If the WhatsApp folder is missing from the internal storage. Go to Internal storage, Android folder, Media, com.whatsapp, WhatsApp folder.
  8. Enter the Media folder and then to the ‘.Statuses‘ folder. You’ll see that the colour of the Statuses folder is slightly different because it is a hidden folder.
  9. The most recently viewed status from the last 24 hours may be found in the. Statuses folder. See any photo or video by opening it.
  10. Choose Copy to by clicking the three-dot symbol beside the photo or video. Paste it into another folder you want to save it.

Other Ways to Save WhatsApp Status

To download the WhatsApp status on your Android or iPhone, simply take a screenshot. You may find the WhatsApp status video in the file manager app or by using screen recording software. You may be how to download WhatsApp status videos and photos by following the given ways.

Take Screenshot

  1. If you have an Android or an iOS phone, you may take a screenshot to save the WhatsApp status image.
  2. Open the WhatsApp status where you want to save the image.
  3. To capture a screenshot, press the Volume Down and Power buttons equally.
  4. Most Android users will need to press the volume down + power button, but iPhone users will need to press the power + volume up button.
  5. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, combine press the Touch ID and volume button to download the WhatsApp status image.
  6. Short-press the WhatsApp status image if you are worried that the screenshot captures the user name, timestamp, and other information.
  7. Take a screenshot so that you just got the WhatsApp status image.

Take Screen Recording

By recording the screen, you may download status videos. You do not need to download anything. Screen recording is one of the features on both Android and iPhone.

  1. Install any screen recorder app you want on your smart device.
  2. Start the app and provide it with the necessary permissions.
  3. Turn on the Enable specific app option. Next, choose WhatsApp from the list by clicking on Select App.
  4. To start recording, press the round record button in the bottom-right corner.
  5. WhatsApp will run immediately, and you must view the video status you want to save in order for it to be recorded using the app.
  6. Your selected information should now be available on your smartphone as a screen-recorded video.
  1. Why is my WhatsApp Status not downloading?

    If WhatsApp is just not downloading media files or any other application, then must perform a further necessary memory check. When you try to store media files, WhatsApp will display an error message if it does not have access to your phone’s storage.

  2. Which is preferable for downloading WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp online App, or the Website?

    WhatsApp Online App or Website is the best option for getting WhatsApp status because they are all simple to use and offer the same services.

  3. How can I Save WhatsApp Status without having to download an App?

    There are several methods for saving WhatsApp statuses without installing any apps. The method is to install a web browser extension. This extension will store all of your WhatsApp statuses in one location so you can access them from anywhere.

  4. What is the Duration of a WhatsApp status?

    Whatsapp status can continue for up to 24 hours before removal.

  5. Is the Status Saver Application available for free in the App Store?

    Yes, the status saver is available for free on the app store.

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