WhatsApp for PC

Yes, it is good news that Whatsapp can be downloaded for pc. WhatsApp is one of the best messaging services all around the web, which is prior released for mobile networks. It isn’t released for pc but using Blue stack software we can use it for PC. But you can also use WhatsApp using IntelAppup software.

Recently Facebook acquired the Whatsapp messaging service. Koum and Brian sold it to mark Zuckerberg for $19 Billion. So, why use WhatsApp only for Mobile? So we made this guide for users to use Whatsapp on Personal Computers.

Whatsapp for PC

Till now no official software or something is released for using Whatsapp on PC. But we can use software like Bluestack/IntelApp to use them. We will be giving a complete guide to installing Whatsapp on PC.

Blue Stack is an App player for Personal Computers. It can also be called a PC emulator to play many kinds of Applications. All you need is your Gmail account to use on your PC. You may use a new or old Gmail account for this process.

  1. Download BlueStacks App Players from the internet. Install it on your Computer.
  2. After installing it on your computer. Login with your Gmail account.
  3. After installing it, you have to search in APP search for WhatsApp Application.
  4. After searching, many Apps will appear with the same keyword but choose the Official Whatsapp application and then let the software do the job for you by searching for a location from where you can download your application.
  5. Now choose the application and it will be downloaded and installed later on your blue stack app player.
  6. Now from your Bluestack App players, you can open its App drawer. Ion which Whatsapp application will be found installed. So, now WhatsApp is installed on your computer for free online without much effort.
  7. After opening it, you can register your mobile number and other details as you do on your mobile. Just open the application and enjoy using it on your computer.
  8. Download WhatsApp for PC Directly here.

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