Steps to get your free Credit Score by Whatsapp

The credit report of any applicant is considered the most important factor of this financial life. It denotes the detailed information regarding the payment history of an applicant. Almost 90% of the lenders check the credit score of the consumers before making decisions regarding your loan approval, so it becomes of utmost importance for you to check your credit report at least once a year. In case the consumer wants to have an unsecured personal loan then lenders can judge your creditworthiness on the basis of your credit score only. 

Let us discuss some ways by which the consumers can check their credit score for free. –

1) Online credit Report 

1. The 1st step is to visit an official site of credit report & enter your personal details. Make sure that the details you enter must match your ID proofs. The details include your name, residential address, PAN No, email id, and mobile no 

2. Now you have to confirm the OTP sent to your   mobile number and email id after verifying your identity. 

3. After Submitting the OTP, the credit report will be sent to your previously verified email ID in 24 hrs. After getting the personalized credit score, the applicant can check out the best loan offers customized for him.

2) Check your Credit score by PAN no. only: The applicant can check his credit score by using PAN number also. The following steps needs to be followed

  • 1. The applicant needs to visit the official website & enter his name which is written on PAN Card
  • 2. Also, he has to mention – his date of birth, gender, and PAN card number.
  • 3. The applicant needs to agree on terms & conditions & click on Submit button 
  • 4. The credit score will be shown on the screen. 

3) Check your Credit score on Whatsapp for free: -the only site which provides a facility to check the CIBIL score through WhatsApp is within. 

The steps which need to be followed are as follows –  

  1. First, you have to give a missed call to +91-8287151151.
  2. As the consumer gives the missed call, his number will be added to the WhatsApp chat
  3. Now you have to mention your Name, date of birth & gender.
  4. Enter the PAN number & complete residential address 
  5. After entering the valid email id, the latest CIBIL score of an individual will be reflected in the Whatsapp chatbox. 

The CIBIL score lies between 300-900, 300 is the lowest score. Higher the score, it is more beneficial for the applicant to get the personal loan especially the unsecured as the lenders always see the credit score for the good financial health of applicant. The lower score does not mean that you can’t avail the loan but it will be at higher rate of interest.

The Credit score must be lying close to 750 as it makes the Consumer readily available for personal loans by potential lenders & banks. 

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