Fastag Recharge via HDFC

Fastag HDFC: Fastag is growing rapidly right now with the launch date set to December 15, 2019, and the electronic toll collection has been made available at most of the prominent banks across India. Fastag is a very new way of making your toll booth payments without much hassle like previously by staying in long queues to pay for the tickets.

This used to increase the pollution and the waiting time a lot which made the government advent electronic toll collection which is now being made mandatory all across India.

Now once you have created your account on Fastag then you have to recharge your account with sufficient balance for your roadside trip when you go on National highways.

As we said earlier the prominent banks across India have started serving the Fastag balance payment and bill payment directly. One such bank is HDFC which has made all the bill payment services available for the Fastag electronic toll payment process.

Why use Fastag via HDFC Bank Service

If you are looking for a very stress-free ride on the National highways of India then you should be using the Fastag while recharging the account by using HDFC bank and mobile services for payment. The reason we suggest using the HDFC service to pay for the bill is that they provide you with a cashback offer of up to 2.5% on every bill and recharge payment which means a lot.

  • Transaction Alert: If you start using HDFC for recharge then you will start receiving SMS and also the alert notification when your account is going to run out of balance.
  • Web Portal: You can pay via an online web portal of the HDFC website as well which is quite easy to handle. So, that you can use both the HDFC app and web portal for the recharge.
  • Road Side Assistance Program: Through the registered app you can use the feature called roadside assistance where fleet drivers across India will be available to help you during downtime and roadside emergencies.
  • Online Instant Recharge: The most effective reason to use HDFC is that you can make instant online recharge via the app or web portal.

HDFC Fastag Charges

If you make your bill payments using the HDFC app then you can access the free joining tag which is a one-time fee that is waived while using this banking service.

But note that this offer is only available till 31st December 2019. While the re-issuance fee for the Fastag bill payment or the barcode is only ₹100 including all the charges. If you are using cred card then the charge will be 1.10%, for the debit card it will be 1.0% and net banking will only be charged ₹8.

Recharge Fastag HDFC

  • So if you want to use recharge then you can visit the HDFC official website from here.
  • After that, you have to log in with your User ID and Password.
  • Next, select Fastag as the recharge option and select the amount you want to recharge.
  • Then click on pay and enter the OTP to make the recharge.
  • Now it is the same process with the HDFC app from your mobile phone where you get to do the whole transaction via your phone.

If you are an HDFC user then you would really help to use the Fastag toll collection service since you would get additional benefits such as cash bank and instant recharge as well.

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